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img s.gifCatholic Daughters Court St Pius X #1866
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mary_mission.jpgWelcome CDA Members   

 P.O. Box 243953

Anchorage, Alaska 99524-3953  


Catholic Daughters of the Americas strives to embrace the principle

of faith working through love in the promotion of justice, equality,

and the advancement of human rights and human dignity for all.

To become a member, contact our Regent listed on the left side of screen. You can also print out our application below and mail it in

to the address above. You can contact any of the officers listed on the side of this website.

we will get you the National Application. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Click to print out our court membership form

Court membership Form


Legislative ProLife update


OUR NEXT MONTHLY MEETING will be on May 13,2019. 7pm at Holy Rosary Academy.

It is good time to invite a friend to join. GOD Bless!

Wishing all a very Blessed Happy Mothers Day...

And a Special Pray to our Blessed Mother!!


click to read Father Whitney's presentation at Court Meeting March 16, 2019

download THIS Adobe PDF file ************************************************


winners of this years Camperships

Winners are:

Isaac Davidson 5th grade

Kate Deering 7th grade

Giovanni Moceri 5th grade

Sophia Woyte 6th grade

Julia Reiman 5th grade

They will be invited to our meeting in June. Along with their families. Contratulations to these wonderful students and we will be looking forward to hear your essays.

God Bless



CDA 2018 Raffle Winners


National Council of Catholic Women, Anchorage, Ak.

Women helping women and their families through information... education and Prayers.

for more information on this group contact Kerry at


Prayer for Children

> O God, send Your blessing on Your Children, through the Holy Spirit,

guide us to teach them well and to show them Your Love so that they may grow in Christian maturity and become Christ's witnesses in the world.

We ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen

> "For ProLife Issues"

> check our newsletter for info.




Thank you once again Father David..First Class Relic..Pope Pius X..for

Feast Day: August 21 Born: 1835 :: Died: 1914

This great Pope was born in Riese, in Italy. His father was a mailman and named him Joseph Sarto, although he was affectionately called "Beppi."

Joseph felt that God wanted him to be a priest, and had to make many sacrifices to be able to study so he could be a priest. But he didn't mind. He even walked miles to school barefoot to save his one good pair of shoes.

After he became a priest, Father Sarto labored for the people in poor parishes for seventeen years. Everybody loved him. He used to give away everything he had to help them. His sisters had to hide his shirts or he would have had nothing to wear.

Even when Father Joseph became a Bishop, and later a Cardinal, he still gave away what he owned to the poor. He kept nothing for himself.

When Pope Leo XIII died in 1903, Cardinal Sarto was chosen pope. He took the name of Pius X.

He became known as the pope who loved the Holy Eucharist. Pope Pius X encouraged people to receive Jesus as often as they could. He also made a law permitting young children to receive Holy Communion too. Before that time, boys and girls had to wait many years before they could receive the Lord.

He believed in and loved our Catholic faith and taught the people more about the faith. He wanted every Catholic to share in the beauty of the truths of our faith. He really cared about every single person and their spiritual and material needs. He encouraged priests and religion teachers to help everyone learn about their faith.

When the terrible World War I broke out, St. Pius X suffered greatly. He knew so many people would be killed. He said: "I would gladly give my life to save my poor children from this horrible suffering."

Toward the end of his life, he said: "I have lived poor, and I wish to die poor." He did so much to help the poor that people wondered where all the money came from. He never kept anything for himself, right to the end of his life. Pope Pius X died on August 20, 1914.


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2011 --we are celebrating our 50th year as a court. started in June 16th of 1961. We have been challenged to get 50 new members. We are not there yet.

Have you asked your sister, friend or neighbor to become a member and enjoy all the benefits of being a Catholic Daughter.

Court St Pius X #1866

Stay tune for more information and history of our court.


a little history from Helen

Msgr. Gallant was our leader in those days to get CDA going, it was at his encouragement that we named our Court St. Pius x. Also we had like 20 officers, monitors at each door and officers galore! Have to try and remember how all that went!!! We had Natali Riendle for the good of the order, I think I learned more from her then any classes I took. I am encouraging her to come to our meeting. I would love to have her say something for the "good of the order"! Our new members always entered the room in the dark and then we gave them candles and had this long initiation that the Regent had to do. there's more!!!

*********************************************** A note about our court by Helen Vik and Linda Fleener.

The Catholic Daughters of the Americas is one of the oldest and largest organizations of Catholic women in the Americas Court St. Pius X #1866 was formed in 1961 at Holy Family Parish in Anchorage, Alaska. The Court was chartered on June 16, 1961 with 55 members. The membership grew by December of that same year with another group of women eager to join CDA. In the early years of membership, CDA was also a social escape for many young mothers. Great friendships have been formed all through those early years of living in remote Alaska. Young women away from their families in the “lower 48” formed friendships that have sustained all these 50 years. Anchorage has grown, and the addition of more parishes in the Archdiocese has made our court a combination of members from many parishes. In the early days of our court, funds were raised to furnish a mission priest with a snow machine so he could travel to visit villagers in the winter months. Many boxes of warm clothing were mailed to various Alaska Missions. The court donated the marble ambo for Church of the Nativity of Jesus in Magadan, Russia. Funds were donated for a beautiful original design tabernacle for the chapel at Providence Horizon House. We support the National Charity projects which are the Disaster Relief Fund, Apostleship of the Sea, Covenant House, Catholic Relief Services, Mother Teresa, SOAR (Support Our Aging Religious) Scholarships for Teachers of Exceptional Children, Habitat for Humanity, Smile Train and North American College On a local level, we support our Archdiocesan seminarians and religious, library books for Alaska Catholic Schools, Covenant House, Kid’s Kitchen, Beans café, Alaska Right to Life, Crisis Pregnancy Center, Mary Magdalene Home Alaska, Charlie Elder House, Clare House, McAuley Manor, Pregnancy Support Service St. Francis House and others We strive to serve in our archdiocese whether it is with financial support, food for receptions, Greeters for airport arrivals, or Gifts of Appreciation for our priests, Always a variety of service. Through all this, we enjoyed the social aspect of CDA bringing spiritually-minded Catholic women a chance to come together for prayer, activities, charitable endeavors and spend quality ‘women time” together.


One of our members. by Eleanor Spernak.




These prayers have been requested to ask for help and intercession.

You can call or email one of the officers for to mail a card.


****Please Prayer for Elaine Snowden.. health issues

**** Lets Prayer for our two new courts in Fairbanks and North Pole.

****continue praying for our Military where ever they are. Pray and give thanks for their dedication and protection

** continue praying for all the souls of the faithful departed. Especially friends and family members.

**** Pray for all the friends and family that are mentioned at the meetings and for those people in our hearts that needs prayers. May they be healed, spiritual as well as physically.

** and Let's give special Thanks for all our answered prayers

Pray to Mary Our Blessed Mother

Dear Mother of Jesus and our Mother our fervent, wholehearted thanks for the inspiration of your example.

For the thrilling picture of you responding quickly to the angel's message "God's will be done." --our thanks!

For the great help this message brings to me and all other Christians, weak and faltering in our hour of trial--thanks.

For every victory we have won over indecisions and unfaithfulness, over fear and moral weakness and for every victory we shall ever win through the influence of your example, we thank you, Mother of Jesus, and we thank the good God--WHO MADE YOU OURS.


Gather all of the ingredients together,

So that they are close at hand!

Get a clean cloth and wipe the bowl clean of any lingering *dust* from the past.




and stir gently.

Add unlimited amounts of COMPASSION and KINDNESS,

And mix well.

To this, add CARING by the handfuls,

and fold in TRUST.

Continue stirring gently,


and large amounts of COMMUNICATION.

Slip in some DREAMS,GOALS,

And firm pieces of KEEPING PROMISES.

Bake in a home filled with PEACE, BEAUTY, and SERENITY.

Before you taste the finished product,

sprinkle liberally with PATIENCE, LOVE,

and a touch of SPICE.

Serve very hot, with IMAGINATION on the side.


Do not stand at my grave and weep

I am not there I do not sleep

I am a thousand winds that blow

I am the diamond glint on snow

I am the sunlight on ripened grain

I am the gentle autumn rain

When you awake in the morning's hush

I am the swift uplifting rush

Of quiet birds in circled flight

I am the soft stars that shine at night

Do not stand at my grave and cry

I am not there, I did not die.



May their soul and the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace.

Rita Droege March 2018

*** Mary Digney, April 2018

*** Sister Luecke, May 2018

***Patricia Nightingale, RIP. January 2018

*** Mabel Hopp March 2017

*** not CDA member, but Jim Curro who was our representative for Prolife with his wife, Ann Curro passed Jan 2017

Edna Martone Past Regent January 2017

Maria Vandenbos January 2017

Eleanor Spernak January 2016

Sister Arlene Boyd June 2015

Elsie Stefun, September 15, 2014-Elsie was involved with Catholic Daughters for many years.

Joy Burr June 2014

Frances Malcom, CDA member of many years February 2013

Mary Monaghan January 14, 2013

Marjorie Nyman December 8, 2011

Betty Libby September 19, 2011

Helen Hopp Jadack Oct 12, 2011 long time member

Esther George July 19, 2011

Carmen Brewster, June 28th 2010, a long time member

Elsie Hrubes, August 31, 2009- a long time and active member of our court. See in the Spotlight.

Sister Patricia Collins, R.S.M., July 19, 2009, Sisters of Mercy of Alaska

Sheila Burgh, July 25 2009 - one of the first members of Court St. Piux X 1866, when it was organized.

Dorothy Vonderbeck one of the early Regents of Catholic Daughters, July 14, 2009, past regent

Mary Louescher - 2009, Ice Skate Sharpening business, special interest in young ice skaters

click on nameMaybelle Hooper - 2009

Barbara Gill, dedicated worker for Cancer Asso.

Julie Skule,remembered for he "poppy seed cakes

Barbara Hopkins, member for a short time and returned home to Oklahoma

Ettie McGregor, long time member, one woman phone committee in her day

Josephine Bertuzzi,= long time Alaskan

Nafla Michael, anchorage business woman

Lourdes Dawag, always helpful at CDA functions

Dorothy Paul


 •  Anchorage, AK

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