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Executive Board Meeting Executive Board Meetings are held the first Thursday of the month unless otherwise posted.

Professional Development Event
The next Professional Development Event will be held on Thursday 11 October 2018 Trinity Methodist Church, 607 Airport Road SW Huntsville, AL 35802 Hope to see you there!

Alabama the Beautiful


October 2018
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2018-2019 Chapter Officers:

Jeff Bacon
Vice President:
Debbie O'Neal
Audrea Edwards
Assistant Treasurer:
Daphne Turner
Recording Secretary:
Audra Hessler
Corresponding Secertary:
Lisa Lowry

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Chapter Presentations
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August 2018 GAGAS 101: Government Auditing Course - Ms. Lori Cordell-Meikle, Chief, Internal Review, US Army Corps of Engineers
GAGAS101-Government Auditing Course
Day1 2.2 Peer Review Report Crosswalk Sheet

July 2018 - Dr. Harry Hobbs, Florida Institute of Technology
Generational Differences in Leadership Slides

Mini PDI 2018
Speakers and Sponsors Slides

Mr. Bill Hicks, NASA

Col. Thomas Holliday, Garrison-Redstone

Mr. Vincent Boles, DAU

Dr. Patricia Gore, MDA

Dr. Harry Hobbs, Florida Institute of Technology

Mr. Mike Cook, SMDC

Ms. Susan J. Goodyear, AMC

February 2018 - Ms. Laurie Morton, MDA FM Certification Component Administrator
FM Certification Program CETS Slide

Mini PDI 2017
COMPTROLLER TRENDS - Ms. Susan J. Goodyear, AMC G8
MENTORING - Mr. Thomas Olszowy, AMCOM LIFT Program
FM Certification-Mr. Anson Smith, AMC CP11 and FM Certification

January 2017 - Path Act Tax Talk H&R Block - Ms. Starla Hamlet
Path Act Tax Talk H&R Block

August 2016 - United States Army Security Assistance Command (USASAC) Overview - Mr. Clifford Crivello
USASAC Overview

Mini PDI 2016
THOMPSON GRAY Presentation

February 2016 Luncheon - Mr. Chris Darden

FM Certification Part 2 - Mr. Bill Fowler
FM Certification Part 2

TSP Help - Mr. Drew Chapman
TSP Presentation
Life View Client Profile Short Form
TSP Funds
TSP Summary - Sept 2014

Mini PDI 2015
Comptroller Career Management - Ms. Sue Goodyear
DoD Financial Management Update - Dr. Pamela Clay
Certified Defense Financial Manager (CDFM) Overview - Mr. Christopher Paz

Feburary 2015 - Creating Opportunities through Audit Readiness - Mr. Eric Lampkin
Audit Readiness Opportunities

August 2014 - DoD FM Certification Breifing - Ms. Rhonda Bennett-Martin
FM Certification Breifing

July 2014 Luncheon - Empowering the Analyst - Mr. Scott O'Hare
Empowering the Analyst
Windows7 Tips
DCO Cheatsheet file
DCO Set Up
Pivot Table - Power For You!

March 2014 - Mini PDI Presentations
Complete Presentations
Getting Fiscally Fit
LifeCourse Capital, Inc.

September 2013 - Mr. Eric Lampkin
Fostering Relations in an Audit Readiness Environment

June 2013
DoD FM Certification Brief Slides

September 2012 - Ms. Christina Ridgeway
Charting your Comptroller Career Path

Redstone/Huntsville Chapter 2011 Mini-PDI
The A. S. M. C. ís of Leadership
MG Rodger's Briefing
Managing the Zero-Sum Game

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