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Executive Board Meeting Executive Board Meetings are held the first Thursday of the month unless otherwise posted.

Professional Development Event
The next Professional Development Event will be held on Thursday 20 June 2019 Trinity Methodist Church 607 Airport Road SW Huntsville, AL 35802

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2018-2019 Chapter Officers:

Jeff Bacon
Vice President:
Debbie O'Neal
Audrea Edwards
Assistant Treasurer:
Daphne Turner
Recording Secretary:
Audra Hessler
Corresponding Secertary:
Lisa Lowry

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The American Society of Military Comptrollers (ASMC) offers the Certified Defense Financial Manager (CDFM) educational program and certification designation to those persons desiring to demonstrate proficiency in the core aspects of defense financial management.The DoD Authorization Act FY2012 signed by President Obama empowers the Secretary of Defense to " … prescribe professional certification and credential standards" for the financial management community. The CDFM is one of the professional certification programs recognized by the DoD.

While most candidates in the CDFM program are civilian or military/reserve members of the Department of Defense, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps or employees of defense contractors or suppliers, the CDFM program is open to all candidates who have a high school diploma (or equivalent) and meet the following work experience qualifications:

Have the required number of years of defense-related financial management experience outlined below:

  • Two (2) years if you hold an Associate’s degree or higher; or
  • Three (3) years if you do not have a degree.


    Do not have defense-related financial management experience, but can meet the following criteria outlined below:

  • Four (4) years of Federal government-related financial management experience; and
  • An Associate’s degree or higher.

    There are three steps involved with earning your CDFM:

  • Enroll in the CDFM Program. Your enrollment is valid for two (2) years, during which time you must take, and successfully pass, the three CDFM module examinations.
  • Submit Your Verification of Financial Management Experience Form. This form, which must be signed by a supervisor who can verify your work experience, must be returned to ASMC after enrolling in the CDFM program. You do not have to submit this form prior to taking a CDFM examination, but it is required prior to the awarding of the CDFM designation.
  • Purchase and Schedule the CDFM Examinations. Be sure to carefully – and completely – read the criteria associated with each testing option for the CDFM examinations. Failure to do so can result in the purchase of the wrong CDFM examination and/or the inability to test at your preferred location.

    All individuals earning the CDFM designation must adhere to the ASMC Pledge of Professionalism to retain their credential. Additionally, they must renew their CDFM every two years.

    Please see the ASMC CDFM Page for more information

    Redstone - Huntsville Chapter wants to congratulate all who have passed their required CDFM exams.

    All active CDFMs are listed below as of 20 November 2018. If your CDFM is suspended or inactive, you will not appear in this listing.

    Katie Bailey, CDFM-A
    Eddie Baker, CDFM-A
    Marticia Banks-Booker
    John Bankston
    Carol Bates, CDFM-A
    Dee Benson
    Avina Birt
    Theodora Bone, CDFM-A
    Terri Bradley
    Herb Bridges
    Curtis Brooks, CDFM-A
    Matt Brown
    Tami Buckey Buckey, CDFM-A
    David Buckhannon
    Mary Burnett
    Ava Caldwell
    Aria Campbell
    Tracy Cauffman, CDFM-A
    Kari Childress
    Bobby Clark
    Michelle Cobb
    Amanda Cole, CDFM-A
    Sally Common, CDFM-A
    Valerie Cortez
    Michelle Cummings
    Earnest Daniel
    Mark Daniel, CDFM-A
    Danita Daniels, CDFM-A
    Darrell Davis
    Tina Davis, CDFM-A
    Farrah Derusseaux
    Russ Demoss
    Gwendolyn Dingle, CDFM-A
    Gary Dissette
    Charles Dunaway
    Chad Durrance
    Daphne Edwards, CDFM-A
    Tyrus Edwards
    David Egli, CDFM-A
    Miae Elkins
    Debra Fay
    Christina Freese
    Doug Galloway, CDFM-A
    Archella George, CDFM-A
    Shannon Gernon, CDFM-A
    Sharry Gilliam, CDFM-A
    Peter Gilreath, CDFM-A
    Gordon Gipner
    Susan Goodyear
    Timothy Goosman
    Clif Gordon, CDFM-A
    Latonia Grant
    Hal Green, CDFM-A
    Richard Griffin
    Stephenye Guerrero
    Cary Hale, CDFM-A
    Margaret Hanlon
    Brad Harris, CDFM-A
    Dan Heinzelman, CDFM-A
    Tracy Henke
    Jay Hernandez
    Audra Hessler, CDFM-A
    Tina Hinze
    Beth Hodges
    Sha-tamara Hopkins
    Nancy Howe
    Lisa Hughey
    Erica Ignont
    Angela Inmon, CDFM-A
    Elle Johnson, CDFM-A
    Pamela Johnson, CDFM-A
    Rick Johnson
    Jesse Johnston, CDFM-A
    Emily Adline Jones, CDFM-A
    Janette Joseph
    Debra Kaleponi, CDFM-A
    Jay Knight
    Karl M Kraus, CDFM-A
    Jennifer Kupec
    Eric Lampkin
    Jesse Lecroix
    Debra Ledlow, CDFM-A
    Jodi Lemley, CDFM-A
    Jasmine Liburd
    Mercedes Lomax, CDFM-A
    William Lomax, CDFM-A
    Melissa Long Gummer, CDFM-A
    Mark Lutz, CDFM-A
    Rhiannon Mayfield
    Frank Mayhall
    David Mazenko, CDFM-A
    Shameka McCoy, CDFM-A
    Ginger Miller, CDFM-A
    Tracy Minor
    Amanda Navas, CDFM-A
    Stephanie Nelson, CDFM-A
    Rhonda Norris, CDFM-A
    Jerame Paul
    Christopher Paz
    Jason Petesch
    Christie Pinkard, CDFM-A
    Luann Poniatowski
    Brandi Prosser, CDFM-A
    Vicki Quigley
    Marjorie Reed
    Wayne Robertson
    Martin Roggio
    Michelle Ross
    Ray Rowland
    Paul Ryan, CDFM-A
    Jeremy Schreiber
    Mike Schultz
    Patty Seals
    Daniel Sebring
    Kandy Shell, CDFM-A
    Ida Shelley, CDFM-A
    Deborah Sivyer, CDFM-A
    Michael Smith
    William South
    Jennifer Stephenson, CDFM-A
    Felicia Stepman, CDFM-A
    Dana Stewart
    LaDonna Stewart
    Betty Stokes, CDFM-A
    Kristina Strobach
    Wayne Sullivan
    Dave Tagg, CDFM-A
    Nancy Talley, CDFM-A
    Kari Jo Tiede
    Narry Tillman
    Timothy Tolbert, CDFM-A
    Marc Tonsmeire
    Michael Toole, CDFM-A
    Kathryn Van Scoy, CDFM-A
    Jodi Vandeberg
    Jennifer Varga, CDFM-A
    Cynthia Varnado
    Jeffrey Votroubek
    Morgan Warden
    Mark Warren
    Keith White
    John Williams
    Susan Williams
    Tammy Williams, CDFM-A
    Ted Williams
    Carroll Wood
    Wendy Woods

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