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July 9, 2016
9:00am or earlier till...

Forecast is:
(Best Guess) Sunshine and clouds mixed. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. High 98. Winds W at 5mph.

We've had approximately

33 Nirvana's

join our fleet over the years...where they all are is a enigma...

There are usually a few at every club sail.

IMPORTANT!!! (Read Below)

The following Nirvana Class sail/hull numbers are registered within this Class and should not be duplicated within this club:

#13 Vulture
#28 Chubasco
#34 Miss Sunshine
#57 Wendee
#88 War Eagle

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Crackerbox Boats
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Welcome to Montgomery Model Boat Clubs (MMBC) newest class of racing boats, the Crackerbox! In an effort to attract more members and still operate the club in a fun, inexpensive and safe manner, effective May 2008, we expanded MMBC to include a class of semi-fast electric speed boats. This boat is based on a real class of boats. Several RC Clubs already include this class within their club…the closest to us being near Atlanta. It is a "drivers" boat, meaning you have to slow down in the turns to keep from rolling and if you go too fast down the straights, you might blow over. This adds to the challenge and fun. We adopt the below rules to begin with and can make adjustments as needed.

HISTORY: The California Cracker Box is a racing runabout design popularized on the American west coast shortly after the Second World War. The design places a 283 ci. small-block Chevy engine (originally cannibalized from wrecked Corvettes) in the middle of a 15ft flat-bottomed boat, with driver and engine man sitting behind it with their backs almost against the transom. Power hits the water by way of a straight propeller shaft exiting the bottom of the boat. As the class developed boats got faster, and presently race in the 80 to 90 mph range. In recent years the Cracker Box hull has become a favorite with radio-controlled boat modelers.

Disclaimer: (The above information is from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cracker_Box and may/may not represent a complete and/or accurate history of this boat).

Full size fun!

Vac-U-Boat "Vac-U-Cracker" 1/10 scale model (available as kit only)

Danvo "Cracker Jax" 1/10 scale model (available as kit or Almost Ready to Float (ARF)


In the spirit of racing a 1/10th scale model of the American Power Boat Association Crackerbox One Design Runabout, yet to make the boat as fun, competitive and inexpensive as possible; the following are the MMBC rules for this Class.

1.) Hull Specifications

a.) Hulls must be within 1/8th inch of the appropriate 1/10th scale hull. Boats may be made of any material and can be a pre-assembled, kit or scratch built boat.

b.) The deck/hatch must resemble that of the full scale hull.

c.) Two drivers of scale-like appearance must be used in the driver/rider compartment. The driver must have orange colored helmets and live jackets.

d.) The dead rise of the transom must be 3/8ths of an inch in total (3/16th of an inch per side), with a transom width of 6 3/8th inches.

e.) The hull must have “P” numbers (example: P-100) displayed, but may be painted/decorated in any other way desired.

2.) Drive Train

a.) A single motor must be coupled directly to a straight drive shaft. A flex shaft may be used in a straight tube.

b.) The propeller must not extend beyond the back edge of the transom.

c.) Steering must be by a rudder mounted under the hull or attached to the transom.

3.) Power Specifications

a.) Power must utilize any “brushed” stock, 27 turn, 540/550 can motor. Cooling systems are permitted.

b.) Batteries must be NiCad or NiMH “Sub C” size cells (6 pack) or a single, 2 cell, Li-Po of any amperage may be used.

4.) Race Format

a.) Heat racing format will be used.

b.) The Contest Director shall determine the scoring format, i.e. total points or a "winner take all" final heat format.

Below are links to boats and kits: boat plans are also available upon request to the Club Commodore.


Boats currently in the fleet or in the building process:

P-49 "Claim jumper" (Stock Class)(Vac-U-Cracker)(running)
Driver Capt. Sunshine

P-51 "No Wind Situation" (Modified Class)(Danvo)(running)
Driver Capt. Doodah

P-88 "NAVY" (Stock Class)(Scratch Build)(running)
Driver Capt. Crash

P-28 "ˇAy, caramba!" (Stock Class)(Vac-U-Cracker)(Running)
Driver Capt. Murphy

P-40 "Yea! Baby!" (Modified Class) (Danvo)(running)
Driver Capt. Murphy

P-1 "Get Squirrelly" (Stock Class)(Scratch Build)(running)
Driver Capt. Will


The above stock racing boat rules still apply, however; any motor/battery combination (including brushless) is allowable in this class.

"Claim jumper" ready to rumble.(Follow the build-up of "Claim jumper" in the "Shipyards" section.)

P-88...the first of 2 boats for "Team NAVY"

"Yea! Baby!" a Danvo boat ready to go.

"No Wind Situation" another Danvo boat.

If running a fast boat, please be kind to wildlife and remember SAIL BOATS HAVE RIGHT OF WAY!)

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