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July 9, 2016
9:00am or earlier till...

Forecast is:
(Best Guess) Sunshine and clouds mixed. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. High 98. Winds W at 5mph.

We've had approximately

33 Nirvana's

join our fleet over the years...where they all are is a enigma...

There are usually a few at every club sail.

IMPORTANT!!! (Read Below)

The following Nirvana Class sail/hull numbers are registered within this Class and should not be duplicated within this club:

#13 Vulture
#28 Chubasco
#34 Miss Sunshine
#57 Wendee
#88 War Eagle

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Photographic Memories
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Club mascot...Missy Lou...standing watch over the goodies

Pre-sail inspection by Captain Murphy

Getting ready to race.

Future skippers plotting strategy


Just push that thingy to go right!

The race is on!

"War Eagle" passes the "Crimson Tide" on the windward leg

Rounding the mark

Here's how ya do it!

Club Co-founders Capt. Murphy and Capt. Crash

Co-founder/photographer Capt. Sunshine

Whew...guarding those treats was hard work!

Two new sailors, Junior Capts. Brian and James

Capt. Crash helps Capt. Scotty get a new boat ready for sea trials.

A "Kingfisher" hitches a free ride while looking for dinner.

"War Eagle" running with the wind.

Elvis crusin the pond.

Another great photo by Capt. Crunch

MEDIA DAY 1-27-2008

Capt. Scooter sailing on Media Day

Capt. Crash getting ready to rumble.

Capt. Crunch entering the fray.

Capt. Scooter hard at play.

Capt. Crash makes the tug "Belinda" ready for rescues.

A young admirer of Capt. Murphy's tug.

Some of the yachts at rest.

The "War Eagle" makes her way around the course.

Racing on this most beautiful winter day.

More racing action.

Capt. Crash, Capt. Crunch and Capt. Courtney...the looks on their faces tell it all!

Capt. Scooter's "EZ One" becalmed.

Capt. Scooter and Capt. Crunch look on as the battle continues.

Capt. Crunch's Nirvana racing around the pond.

Elvis is rescued as onlookers enjoy the scene.

Capt. Scooter's Chris Craft "Freebird" gets a little help.

WSFA Coverage of our Club Sail.

Capt. Will takes a turn at the helm of one of the racing yachts.

Capt. Crash talks about the club.

Here's how ya do a sail protector boyz!

Capt. Blaze's first moments sailing "Life's a Breeze".

Capt. Blaze looks like she is enjoying sailing.

"Life's a Breeze" sails past Capt. Murphy's tug.

The start of a race.

A beautiful day to race.

"War Eagle" leads "Chubasco" around the last mark.

The South Hampton testing her engines.

Batman goes fishin

Batman gets chased by thugs!

Security visiting with Capt. Crash

Capt. Doodah launches "Miss Magic" for the first time.

Capt. Doodah relaxes.

"Crimson Tide" gets rescued.

A nice shot taken by Capt. Will

It's a little crowded at this mark.

Capt. Scotty enjoying the day.

Young skipper Capt. Brian racing his Nirvana.

Capt. Crunch gets ready to race.

Looks like were havin fun!

Capt's Murphy and Crash laughing it up.

Capt Sunshine and Missy Lou.

"Prince" harrasing the racers.

The fleet is becalmed.

Launching the "Motley Crew".

Setting sail on a 3 hour cruise!

Another great day to sail.

"Ragtime" and "EZ One" beating upwind.

Batman speeds by in his new "Batfisherman".

Joker is lookin to bushwack Batman.

Another beautiful day at the pond.

The start of a race.

"Crimson Tide" leads the pack around the first mark.

Capt. Tom sails his new Nirvana.

Capt. Crunch's Nirvana "Black Hawk" getting ready to race.

A good turn out today.

A couple of new Cracker box boats and the Batfisherman.

Capt. Doodah's "No Wind Situation" after it had a engine failure.

A low flyby from Pilot Jamie.

Capt. Crash driving the P-88 "NAVY" on her maiden.

P-88 "NAVY" Cracker box testing on a calm pond.

Capt. Tom's Nirvana testing the wind.

Capt. Morris and his Newport 12M check out a new place to sail.

Capt. Crash's Wilga.

Fly by

"Belinda" doing her first air/sea rescue.

Capt. Rudy brings his bird in for a landing.

Capt. Morris drives his "Cat Girl"

Racing on a hot summer morning.

"War Eagle" and "Wendee" on a nice day to sail.

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