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July 9, 2016
9:00am or earlier till...

Forecast is:
(Best Guess) Sunshine and clouds mixed. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. High 98. Winds W at 5mph.

We've had approximately

33 Nirvana's

join our fleet over the years...where they all are is a enigma...

There are usually a few at every club sail.

IMPORTANT!!! (Read Below)

The following Nirvana Class sail/hull numbers are registered within this Class and should not be duplicated within this club:

#13 Vulture
#28 Chubasco
#34 Miss Sunshine
#57 Wendee
#88 War Eagle

Links Section

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Nirvana Yacht Thread @ RC Groups

Nirvana Class Rules

American Model Yachting Association

Warship Models Underway

Scale Ship Modelers

Prince de Neufchatel

SC&H Ltd Model Sailing Ships

Scale Shipyard

Loyalhanna Dockyard

Central Alabama R/C ships, subs & sails

Off Shore Electrics

Micro Mark Tools

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Pro Boat Models

Sail Numbers

Tower Hobbies

Harbor Models
img s.gifMMBC...home of the "Arrr Sea Pirates!" AMYA Club #259
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The Montgomery Model Boat Club is located in Montgomery, Alabama. Founded in October 2007. Wynton Blount Cultural Park is our home port. The park is very beautiful with several ponds to choose from, but the Vaughn Road pond is where you will find us (see map at the bottom of this page).

In an effort to be environmentally friendly, we sail wind powered and/or electric types of radio control (R/C) boats as well as fly small, light weight, electric sea/float planes and flying boats. These are small inexpensive runabouts to expensive scale and sail models. Whether you're experienced or a novice...if you're looking for a place to play, please come on out to the pond or contact us.

Our club is informally structured and we have no officers, mandatory meetings, or dues. We're just a small group of like minded folks who meet/play a couple times a month. This does not mean "anything goes". We all chip in to insure pond side safety. Anyone not operating safely will be asked to take their toys and play elsewhere.

Sailing times, dates and other valuable information can be found under the "CLUB NEWS" section in the column to the left.

Photos/videos and other information like meeting times changes will be posted at the MMBC thread at RCGroups as they are made available. (Go to the purple links section on the below left side of this page, 1st link.

R/C Boating 

We are promoting the awareness of R/C boating by introducing people to sailing, scale boating and building. You don't have be a R/C'er to enjoy boating, static builders are more then welcomed. The knowledge of building and building techniques that the static builder has, will be a great asset to the novice builders as well as the seasoned sailors. We enjoy boating almost as much as we enjoy the camaraderie. We do not tolerate mean-spirited actions or foul language on the pond and safety rules are always followed. If you would like to bring a boat out and join us or wish to try your hand at sailing please drop us a line or stop by and see us.

The VULTURE looking for prey.

On board the "War Eagle"

Atlantic Harbor tug "Belinda" on rescue duty.

Scooters shovel nose gets on plane.

Murphy's hydro tearing up the water.

Racing the Nirvanas

Let's go fishing.

Capt. Joes' Coast Guard Boat

Scooters' "Liberty" tug to the rescue.

Small, lightweight, electric sea/float planes and flying boats are welcome too.

Sail Boating

The Montgomery Model Boat Club is affiliated with the American Model Yachting Association (AMYA). We promote radio controlled model sailing with the goal of educating members on sailboat building, rigging, handling, racing rules and sailing tactics.

Our club is informally structured and we have no officers, meetings, or dues, but if a person wishes to race, they are encouraged to become an AMYA member. AMYA membership is $35 per year, which includes a subscription to Model Yachting quarterly magazine. The AMYA membership is not mandatory.

The current MMBC racing yacht classes are the "Nirvana","Footy" and the "Open Class". The entry level Nirvana racing yacht is 32" long and (subject to change) around $200.00 complete with radio. Information about the sailboat is in the "Links Section" to the left of this column. Click on the link titled "" for the place it can be found. Once you have been assigned a sail number, you can purchase the numbers for your boat at the link to the left titled "Sail Numbers".

Our models work just like the full size sailboats and use the same racing rules. As a matter of fact the AMYA is affiliated with the United States Sailing Association. To learn more about the AMYA click on the AMYA link in the link section. If you are not a racing type and just want to sail with others, please join us and enjoy the fresh air and sailing. Just bring a lawn chair, maybe an umbrella, something to drink and relax!


Missy Lou looks relaxed.

 Scale Boating

Scale boating is for those who enjoy building a part of history. The models are smaller versions of real ships, either military or civilian. A builder can choose from tugboats, to pleasure craft and cruise ships. Scale boating can be challenging, yet also rewarding, once you see your ship sail across the pond on its maiden voyage.

If you like the tall sailing ships, there are numerous kits available that will challenge even the most skilled builder. The scale at which the builder wishes to build is only limited to time and patience. Military ships are very popular with the scale modelers. The World War Ships offer the chance to re-create a ship that helped to change the world.

Some builders prefer to have their models remain static displays, others like to add motors, sirens, lights, engine sound, steam, smoke, fire monitors, working guns...etc. Some submarine models even have working torpedoes and missiles. Most R/C models are built from wood and/or fiberglass but plastic and composite models are becoming popular both as static display and R/C. Click on the "Warships Models Underway" link in the left column and view the gallery photos to see craftsmanship. Some of these models took years to build. If you are interested in how they are built, just browse though the how-to-section.

Many hobbyists just like to play and not build at all. That is where the "Ready To Run" (RTR) boats come in. This is a boat that usually requires just the addition of batteries to get on the water. The boat and radio are ready to go out of the box. You can modify it or not. Most of the boats on this page are of this type, as are the Nirvana yachts that we race.

If any of this sounds interesting and/or you have questions, please contact us.

Elvis Sighting!
Open Class Racing

The following yachts/channels are now sailing in our "Open Class".

Yamaha Round the World 1 meter/2.4Ghz
Vela 1 meter/2.4Ghz Tippecanoe

(Read Below)

Any sail boat can race in the "Open Class", to include the Nirvana and Footy; but when a specific class is racing, channel priority is given to the boats racing in that class, whether it be in the "Nirvana Class" or the "Open Class". Once the race is over, it is up to members to share time on conflicting channels.

 The Boating Rules

SAFETY! SAFETY! SAFETY! Please be sure to keep things safe at all times. Be sure that your models are not a potential hazard to bystanders or anyone who may be looking at or handling them while your attention is elsewhere. Operate in a safe manner and please help us keep the pond safe for everyone.

These boats are a labor of love, some with many hours of work! Please remember that this is NOT DEMOLITION DERBY! Incidental contact with another boat is at times unavoidable; but purposeful damaging contact is unacceptable behavior.

For complete Nirvana rules, go to the links section in the column to the left under "Class Rules" for rules on Nirvana Class Yacht, and go to the American Model Yacht Association "AMYA" link, and scroll down in the link section there to the Rules of Sailing.


Wynton Blount Park

X marks the spot we meet at.

To find the park, click on the "MAP QUEST" button below.


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