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December 2018
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Queen Fizzy Bubbles:
Teri Champine
Vice Queen Lady Shops-Alot:
Connie Shull
Vice Queen Sunny LuLu:
Lucille Sunde
Lady of Creative Hats:
Fay Raftery
Mistress of Medicine, Baroness of Bedpans:
Carol Wherrity
Chef Cooks-Alot:
Pat Lutes
High Priestess of Picture Taking:
Peggy Townsend
Duchess Desert Rose:
Donna Vetromile
Lady Glassy:
Carolyn Beebe
Lady of Travel:
Carole Duran
Lady Bucket:
Jan Beckett
Lady Bird Quail:
Linda Corona
Mistress of Diamonds:
Jan Heintz
Lady Francheska:
Fran Welch
Lady Gladiola:
Gladys Burk
Singing Rooney:
Annie Gerling
Lady Rosa:
Martha Jann
Lady Nan-Chalance:
Nancy Kastor
Ready Betty:
Betty King


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Desert Babes of Meadview
Chapter 49081
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Chapter Founded
January 8, 2005



 The Red Hat Society is based on the poem "Warning" by Jenny Joseph. The founder of the Red Hat Society is Sue Ellen Cooper, who gave a red hat to a friend, Linda Murphy(in 1997)for Linda's 50th birthday. Others expressed an interest in receiving the same gift as they reached their 50th birthdays. So on April 25, 1998, Sue Ellen and four of her friends dressed in purple and red hats and went out to lunch and dubbed themselves the Red Hat Society. They decided to continue to get together wearing the same colors for the sole purpose of having some fun. Linda told a friend in Florida, Nancy Manning, about the little group and she started a similar one in her small town of Homosassa. In 2000,an article was featured in the July issue of "Romantic Homes" magazine entitled "Growing Old Playfully." From there on it is history!

A found photo of Jenny Joseph

by Jenny Joseph

When I am an old woman I shall wear purple
With a red hat which doesn't go, and doesn't suit me
And I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves
And satin sandals, and say we've no money for butter.

But maybe I ought to practice a little now?
So people who know me
Are not too shocked and surprised
When suddenly I am old,
And start to wear purple.

To read the poem in its entirety,go to the Red Hat Society website. (Link in left hand column.)

"By putting on a Red Hat, I have instant sisters. Everywhere I travel, there is always a group of like-minded women that I can instantly relate to. With my sisters, my inner child feels free to come out and play...Yes, I am of age to wear a red hat, and proud of it."

Queen Linda Leopold
taken from The Red Hat Society "Fun and Friendship"

Desert Babes welcomes our newest sister(s)that have come to join us in the "Fun & Frivolity" of our Gatherings.

Jan Heintz aka Mistress of Diamonds

Desert Babe Outside Events and our Gathering(s) for the month of

 Read what fun we had in our Herstory for the month of.....

Attended the 3rd Rally and won the Spirit Jug. We also celebrated our Fourth Anniversary.

Dressing up in all our "BLING-BLING" and having our pictures taken by Duke Larry.

We hosted the Queen's Quarterly Luncheon for Mohave County by serving a buffet.

April 13th was our "picking up Trash along Stockton Hill Road" and celebrating Easter.

This was our 3rd IWO (Iron Woman Olympics. We crowned our 2009 IWO VQ Dame Lady Shop Alot

We had a nice easy Gathering at the Crow's Nest.

Was dark

Was dark

A few of the ladies went to the Fair in Kingman. We had a nice lunch at our Gathering

A Halloween Party for our Gathering,hosted by High Priestess of Picture Taking and Lady Glassy.

Our Gathering for November was a trip to the Historic Brunswick Hotel in Kingman, AZ. Hosted by Lady of Travel and Chef Cooks Alot.

Our Christmas Gathering was hosted by Lady Bucket (Bouquet) and VQ Lady Shops Alot and was held at Yesterday's Restaurant in Chloride, AZ.


Jan. 11 - Dame Lady of Travel

Mar. 18 - Dame Singing Rooney
Mar. 9 - VQ Dame Lady Shops Alot

April 29 - Ready Betty
April 28 - Dame Lady Franscheka that Slots Alot

May 26 - Mistress of Medicine, Keeper of Bedpans

June 1 - Dame Lady Bucket (Bouquet)
June 27 - Lady Bird Quail

July 10 - Dame Lady Gladiola

Aug. 24 - Dame Lady Rosa
Aug. 4 - VQ Dame Sunny LuLu (celebrates May 4)

No Birthdays

Oct. 15th Dame High Priestess of Picture Taking

Nov. 7th Dame Chef Cooks Alot
Nov. 23rd Dame Lady of Creative Hats

Dec. 13th Lady Glassy
Dec. 27th Queen Fizzy Bubbles
Dec. 29th Mistress of Diamonds



Red Hat Rally
January 16, 2010
Riverside Resort Casino
Laughlin, NV
TIME: 11:00 AM to ??? PM

Meadview, AZ

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