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April 2015
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Doug R.

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Buckhorn_Lodge.jpgBuckhorn Ski and Snowboard Club                                                                                         

The Club is a backcountry/off trail resort for downhill skiers, snowboarders, and cross-country skiers. Our dwelling is a frozen in time 1950's ski lodge that's run along the lines of a co-op. The lodge is a two story rustic hut that sleeps up to 40 people with full kitchen facilities. Buckhorn has a gripper tow that gives you access to over 40 acres. Low cost memberships are available. Once members learn the open & close up procedure, they have year round use of the lodge. We have pool parties, beach parties, canoe trips on the Colorado River, hikes to a 60' Kodak moment waterfall, low cost trips to Mammoth, a yearly weeklong trip to a ski resort out of state, and whitewater rafting on the Kern River. The rafting equipment is supplied by members, so members only pay for camping and meals (contact us for more details). To try out our resort costs $10 per adult and $5 per child, and you must sign a waiver of liability. This cost includes your lodging & lift-ticket. Check us out on Wikipedia at: Buckhorn_Ski_and_Snowboard_Club

Buckhorn Report, as of November 16, 2014:

Waiting for snow!!

Buckhorn Calendar of Events 
  • December 14, 2014: Christmas Party at Alan and Paula's house
  • January 2-3, 2015: Mammoth Condo Weekend
  • February 28 to March 7, 2015: Skiing Trip to Canyons, Utah.
  • April 10-11, 2015: Mammoth Condo Weekend
Notes from the Board

2014-2015 Dues are Past Due - This is a reminder that the dues are past due. We have lots of expenses this year, so its is critical to get your dues in. Please send to treasurer Bob M. at:

3134 Killybrook Lane
Costa Mesa, CA, 92626-2614

The membership form can be downloaded from this web site - click the link on the left. Full membership: Family $175. p/yr.; Single $125. p/yr.; Social: Family and/or single is $75. p/year. Send dues/roster changes to Bob M.

ANSI Inspection - Lift inspection is due soon. Thanks to a lot of hard work by Jeff, Dan, Paul, Mike, Don, Rod, and all the others that contributed their time and effort to get the rope up and test the system. We're still waiting to hear from the USFS. Let's hope for an incredible season!

Gripper T-Shirts - We have unique T-shirts for sale - "Get a Gripper" with Buckhorn's ski trail map. T-SHIRTS , LONG SLEEVE SHIRTS, SWEATSHIRTS. Place your order with Russell D. for T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, and sweat shirts with our three official Buckhorn designs. Colors are khaki and white, please specify size. Very nice and unique and only $15. For more info., call Russell D.

"Get A Gripper"

Comments from the Board -
1) Please always complete a lock up check list. This must ALWAYS be done when closing up. We have had items left unlocked or open and we need to know who needs help!!
2) If you need a new Lodge Proceedure please call or email Rod and he will send you one.
3) Every guest MUST sign a release form. NO EXCEPTIONS. Insurance requirement!!!
4) Mobile equipment that is used on the road or elsewhere other than for exclusive Buckhorn maintenance and rescue is owner's full responsibility for liability and insurance. Our insurance does not include any personal cars, bikes, snowmobiles, etc.

Parking Passes - The Forest Service is now requiring us to post the Adventure Pass when parking outside of Buckhorn property. They will be issuing new passes to us so make sure your dues are paid up so we can foreward one to you.

In the Pines

The Lodge from Above

Hangin Out!

Fun with Friends by the Lodge Fire

The "Dummy" Team

 What's Happening

Holiday Party December 14th: This season's Christmas party will be at Alan and Paula's house in Huntington Beach on December 14, from 4:00 to 8:00 PM. Last names A to M, bring an appetizer and N to Z, bring a dessert. The annual White Elephant gift exchange will, of course, take place.

2015 Skiing Trip to Canyons, Utah: This season's week skiing trip will be to Canyons, Utah from February 28 to March 7. Contact Barbara M. for details.

Buckhorn Ski Video - Here’s a little Buckhorn video that my son Sören and his friend Patrick put together: Buckhorn_Ski_Video - Tim W.

2015 Mammoth - The Buckhorn 2015 Mammoth weekends are January 2-3 and April 10-11. The condo sleeps 13 people and has three bathrooms. The bus stops at the condo and takes you to the mountain - you don't have to use your car to get to the ski area. Also, you are two blocks from several restaurants and the Von's Grocery Market. The condo is $100./per person. Contact Terry S. for reservations.

Wine in The Pines: The Wine in the Pines September 13th event turned out very well as 31 people make the trek up the mountain! The weather was much cooler at 7,000 ft, yet with 19 bottles of wine to sample, we were all warmed up a bit during the tastings! Prizes were given for the best red, best white & there was a Grand Champion that earned points above them all. I'm not sure what this says about our group - the Grand Champion that was points above all the others was a bottle of red blend 2 buck Chuck!!!! We all had a great laugh about that and no one would claim bringing it at first. Much later in the evening we learned a new member prospect won the tasting! Dinner was bountiful and the party ended around 9 PM. The cabin looks wonderful!

Buckhorn Mountain Topkoverfest

Powder and Smiles!

Boarding at Buckhorn on January 22, 2005

Web, Flyers, Cards ... Business cards are complete with the following beautiful picture of skiing at Buckhorn to advertise our web site.

First Tracks at Buckhorn

Call Rod R. if you would like some cards. The web site has been revamped and we are going to be using it more for schedules, announcements, and communication. If you have pictures or info, please send to: The Buckhorn phone is no longer in service. Click on the Club Poster link (in the left column) to download "The Buckhorn Club Poster" in .pdf format.

The Bunny Hill - February, 2006

More February, 2006 Skiing

The Lodge Four Days Before Christmas

Skiing Buckhorn on January 29, 2005

Winter, 2005

More on What's Happening

 More on Buckhorn

Do you like to ski, snowboard, water ski, cross-country ski, hike, canoe, or do other outdoor events? Would you appreciate free passes and discounted prices for all of the above activities? Would the use of a cabin in the mountains, big enough for a family or group (it sleeps 40) appeal to you? Would you enjoy the company of other fun families and singles for snow ski trips, ski programs, bike rides, water ski trips, and parties?

If you answered YES to any these questions, the Buckhorn Ski/Snowboard Club is for you! We are a non-profit group of enthusiastic families and singles from Southern California who operate our own ski area in the San Gaberial Mountains high above Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

Carl N. at Buckhorn

Our members pay nominal yearly dues and receive unlimited lodge use and special skiing discounts. By acting as a group and working together we are able to enjoy many extra activities at minimal expense! We want to expand our actvities, so we invite you to grow with us! We are sure that you will agree that the above benefits, for both winter and summer, are too good to miss! As a member, you can enjoy the privileges of our lodge and ski area, the use of free equipment for cross-country skiing, our own Bunny-Slope for kids and beginners, yearly trips to famous ski areas (Colorado, Canada, and France have all been past destinations), monthly weekend trips to Mammoth, and seasonal events and parties.

If you have any questions or would like to "check us out" please send an e-mail or send a letter to:

Buckhorn Ski/Snowboard Club
3134 Killybrooke Lane
Costa Mesa, CA 92626-2614

To Send New Content for the Web Site: - If you have additional content for this Buckhorn web site, like photos, information, stories, links to other sites, etc., please email to

Directions to the Lodge
Travel north on the 5 freeway. You will pass the junction of the 5, 101, and 10 freeways, but stay on the 5. Next you will pass the Harbor freeway 110. At this point, start looking for Route 2 to La Canada. Go north on the 2, which eventually goes to an off ramp. Turn left onto the Angeles Crest Highway. The Lodge is about 37 miles from this point. When you pass the Newcomb Ranch restaurant/bar you have about 7.6 miles to go. Next, watch for the sign marking Cloud Burst Summit, elevation 7018 feet and you'll be 1.3 miles away. Start looking for the Buckhorn Campground sign. At this point, you're ¼ mile away. Now look for the Buckhorn Ski Club sign on your right. If it's summer, drive through the gate. If there's a fair amount of snow on the ground, park across the street in the parking strip. REMEMBER WE'RE BETWEEN WATERMAN & SNOWCREST SKI RESORTS. Just some more help: Look at the small white highway signs, placed every couple of hundred feet on both sides of the road-- the ones with the little reflectors. The Lodge is just past the 58.33 mile marker. If you get to any sign higher than 58.45 you have passed it. If you're coming from the Riverside area, please note that the road from Mountain High is closed when the snow gets too deep.

Buckhorn Directions

3134 Killybrooke Lane * Costa Mesa, CA  •  , 92626-2614

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