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Margret Lady Lighthouse Pearl
Anne Cheyne
Eileen Cliff
Shirley Fraser
Shirley Harvey
Margret Herbers Butcher
Jean Hodgson
Christine Jones
Barbara Kritikos
Betty Montgomery
Denise Pepper
Lizzy Reed
Nina Richards
Helen White
Margaret Wood

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Debonaier_Dress_smal.jpg Welcome!!                    
We are a chapter (#83353) of the Red Hat Society since the 6th of July 2011.

We are a group of women who get together to have fun and friendship, as is the aim of the Red Hat Society of which we are all members.

We love to spend time together and we welcome any lady over 50 who wants to join us in fun and friendship!

We welcome pink hatters - ladies under 50 - with open arms too!

The only two rules in the Debonaires are:
You must wear purple and red and you must be a Supporting Member of the Red Hat Society!!

And if you want to see what we are up to have a look on our calendar, which you will find in the "links" section on the left!!

Come play with us !!!

Look at the Calendar 

In the list of links at the bottom left, there is a link to the Debonaires' Calendar ... ... I promise to try my best to keep it up to date!
The Debonaires' Calendar

And if you have any suggestions of dates to put in there, let me know!

Regular Meetings!!!!

We will meet at 10:30 AM on every first Wednesday of the month for coffee and chat at in Weston-super-Mare the Bay Cafe in the Tropicana

The afternoon meetings will be on the 3rd Wednesday every month at the Nightjar Pub, Mead Vale at 2PM.

We'd love to meet you! Come and see what we are about!

We now have a Flickr acount and so you can find our pictures here:
The Debonaires Pictures
Hope this works for you all! Please let me know if there is a problem!

 Di on Telly

Wow the landlady of "our" pub had a great time with Noel Edmunds

Noel Edmunds at The Nightjar (Noels Christmas presents 2011)

Best Present for friends = gift membership

to give the gift of membership please follow these instructions

Ramona, CA

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