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Membership Building
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Founder District Division C Area C2 8/11/2009

Founders District Division E

Membership Building How to’s


Joy Nishijima, CTM Membership Coordinator



People seek out Toastmasters for self improvement and for help developing speaking and communication skills. As President of Cypress Communicators, I have found people discover our club from the following sources:


  • Toastmaster International.com
  • CypressCommunicator.com
  • FaceBook – We invite people to be our fans
  • Flyers posted at local colleges or other venues
  • Printed Business Guest Cards that our members distribute
  • Information about our Club in Local Newspaper periodically
  • Toastmaster Magazines left with our contact information at local library, dentist and medical office


Once we get guests at our meeting, let’s keep them coming by:

  • Greeting the Guests, make them feel at ease
  • Asking how they heard about us
  • Giving them a gift packet which includes:
    • Toastmaster Magazine
    • Brochures
    • Business Guest Card
    • Pen
    • small Gift


Follow Up with guests is equally important. At Cypress Communicators we mail a thank you card which includes another business card, or in my case, I send along an Origami Keepsake, a folded Heart, frog or shirt. If no address noted, we follow up with a phone call to invite them to our next meeting.


Our club’s main objective is to have FUN while LEARNING too. We follow the meetings agenda but mix it up a bit to keep the atmosphere light and entertaining.


  • Our SAA sets up the room varying the head table
  • We’ve had a speech given out in the parking lot – Tail Gate Party
  • We once had a recorded song playing about “ Fear of Speaking”
  • After an Ice-Breaker  - The following week I asked one or two True/False questions about the speaker’s life to check if the members were listening or if they could recall the information.
  • We have Impromptu Awards: Go the extras Mile, Best attendance




Membership Building Contests


Club Contests:


Smedley Award
Program Dates: August 1 – September 30

Add five new, dual, or reinstated members

A special discount code for 10% off the next club order


Talk Up Toastmasters!
Program Dates: February 1 – March 31

Members to invite guests to a special meeting to discuss Toastmasters' many benefits.

Add five new, dual or reinstated members

"Talk up Toastmasters!" ribbon

A special discount code for 10% off the next club order


Beat the Clock
Program Dates: May 1 – June 30

Toastmasters are taught to run meetings on time, finish speeches on time and make membership goals on time.

"Beat the Clock" is about finishing the year on schedule

Adding five new, dual or reinstated members

Beat the Clock" ribbon

A special discount code for 10% off the next club order


Individual Awards:

Individual Member Sponsors

Program Dates: July 1 – June 30, of the following year

Membership growth is important to ensure club success

Sponsor five new members - receive a unique sponsor's pin

Sponsor 10 new members  -  receive a special star pin

Sponsor 15 new members  -  special discount code for 25% off your next product purchase from Toastmasters International World Headquarters


Membership Drive



Conduct a local membership-building contest

  • Invite all your friends in advance
  • Assign a sparkling host as Toastmaster of the day
  • Schedule a variety of speakers, from beginners to experts
  • Make Table Topics fun (with easy questions for the guests!)
  • Schedule friendly evaluators
  • Put on a great show!
  • Give points for participation in the contest
  • Reward those who achieved the objectives

Need help building membership?

Toastmasters International offers a variety of resources:


  • Membership Building Contests Flyer
  • Success 101 (aka Membership Building 101)
  • Welcome to Toastmasters DVD
  • Membership Building Kit
  • Because Communication Isn't Optional
  • Brochures, Etc.


We have the tools.

Let’s get out there and attract the new members AND keep them coming.


Ready?, Set?, Let’s GO!

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