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Aloha and E Komo Mai ...Welcome to my Web Page!

I started "The Aloha Kapa Hui O'Kumu Kalina" Hawaiian Quilting Club & Newsletter in 1995 with a deep and heartfelt desire to perpetuate the unique art of Hawaiian Quilting, traditional Kapa history, feature articles about Hawaiian Quilters, listings of Hawaiian Quilting Classes, Workshops, Events, Fabric Shops, Trips & Tours, Guild Listings, Polynesian Musical & Cultural Events ... OH BRUDDAH ... in Hawaii and on the Mainland! Now I have a Blog and Facebook page to share the word! You can follow me on my Blog too on the links section on the left.

For several years, when I was sidelined to stay home with my family due to serious illness and other family challenges. I had to lay aside my little business until the time was right to pick it up again, like a cherished quilt. I finally feel the time is right and my desire is to continue on where I left off. As in life, there is a season for everything and my time for expressing my heart in this little business has come once again. I was given the Hawaiian name of Auntie Kalina, although not of Hawaiian blood, when I lived on The Big Island of Hawaii. I like to tell people that I'm "Half Hawaiian"... the inside half! The picture of me on this page was taken several years ago, onboard The Spirit of Hawaii cruise ship, where I led Hawaiian Quilting Cruises. I am older now, more wrinkled and more pounds, but I wouldn't change a thing, because I know that my past has made me the person I am today.

Until 2001 when serious family illness sidelined my traveling away from home, along with my pattern & quilt kit business called Kalina's Hawaiian Quilting, I also coordinated and led Annual Hawaiian Quilting Cruises in association with American Hawaii Cruise Lines. I was invited throughout the country to give Quilt Guild Lectures and Workshop Presentations in this beloved art form. Now living with my husband in Rocklin, CA, near Sacramento, when able, I still try to remain active with Polynesian Events on the Mainland and several years ago was acknowledged by Lawrence Hall of Science, at U. C. Berkeley, for my efforts in perpetuating and preserving the Hawaiian Culture with the Ho’okulea Project.

The Aloha Kapa Hui O'Kumu Kalina Club logo is The Bird of Paradise pattern which I originally designed for an article I had written for a Hawaiian magazine. When I was inspired to design the pattern, I knew then that it would be a perfect symbol for those of us who have taken to the sky of life, away from Hawaii ... for one reason or another ... but still know where our hearts are nested. Along the middle of the sides of this pattern, in the quilting stitches, there are hearts and teardrops to remind us always to be true to what we have been taught and to remember the hardships of the Kupuna, our Elders. To remind us to be thankful for what we have and thankful too for the lessons we have learned by that which has been taken away. The piko, heart of the Kapa, represents the twisted lauhala fronds and the memory that I have of my first teacher, Malia Jackson, on the Big Island of Hawaii. The days I spent with her and the big lauhala mat she brought into my shop in Kona ... the stitches she took, the memories and stories she told as she taught me in the language of her heart. In our love for the unique and beloved art of Hawaiian Quilting, no matter where we live, we are all like the twisted fronds of that lauhala mat ... lovingly woven together and sharing a common language of the heart. This is the Hawaiian way ... the Aloha that is unspoken.

I have been blessed to have "talked story", been taught by and quilted with many other Hawaiian teachers ... Luika Kamaka, Konia Oberosler, Fran Kipling, Aunty Debbie Kakalia and many more. I consider this gift they gave me one of my most treasured gifts... One that cannot be taken away, only given away, like the true Spirit of Aloha.

Though I am not quite ready to schedule far way travel and participate in shows like before because of my husbands health issues, I will be teaching workshops locally in the Sacramento area and my long-term goal is to coordinate a Hawaiian Quilting Exhibit here on the Mainland, as well as continue to gather information about families of Quilters and their Kapa (Quilts) to return to Hawaiian archives. For now I am very active in my church, 4 grown children and 3 grandhchildren. My greatest joy is that of being a Tutu. My husband and I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

In 1996 I began publishing "The Aloha Kapa Hui O'Kumu Kalina" or Hawaiian Quilting Club & Newsletter. If you would like to JOIN THE CLUB, and get a FREE catalog, click on the links for my Facebook or Blog and just let me know you would like one. Or if you have information that you would like to pass on for The Aloha Kapa Hui O'Kumu Kalina Newsletter... about Hawaiian Quilting or Quilters and Hawaiian Events, either in Hawaii or on The Mainland, please contact me at the E-mail address to follow or send your comments, questions or suggestions to Kalina's Hawaiian Quilting, Colleen "Kalina" Johnson at Until then ... A Hui Hou, my precious friends,

Auntie Kalina

Kalina’s Hawaiian Quilting
~Formerly From The Big Island of Hawaii~
6601 Blue Oaks Blvd # 1903
Rocklin, CA 95677
Phone 916-803-2603


Hawaiian Quilt Collections
Quilt Collections

The Hannah Ku‘umililani Cummings Baker Quilt Legacy Workshops presented by the Native Hawaiian Library and the Bishop Museum make available to the Hawaiian community a selection of the Hannah Baker quilt patterns deposited at the Bishop Museum by the Baker family. These workshops provide quilters access to these exceptional patterns for personal enjoyment and use. The patterns are not to be used for commercial purposes. Click on the link to the left to see these beautiful designs.

The Native Hawaiian Library has the following patterns available for tracing. If you live in or are traveling to Hawaii and you are interested in any of the patterns, please call them at (808) 535-1360 or 1-800-682-0525 to schedule a time to come in and trace the pattern(s), although the patterns themselves cannot be checked out. Please contact them at if you have further queries.

Rocklin, CA
phone: 916-803-2603

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