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Scheduled Events

Guys & Dolls

Club meetings are held on the 2nd Sunday of each month from 2:30-4:30pm

Club Dance is every 3rd Friday at 7:00pm.
Ahmanson Senior Center, 3990 S. Menlo Ave. (MLK & Menlo) Los Angeles 90037.

Square Dance Class is every Thursday from 7:30-10:00pm, Location: Ahmanson Senior Center, 3990 S. Menlo Ave. (MLK & Menlo) Los Angeles, 90037. Instructor, Sylvester Nealon

Line Dance Workshop meets on the fifth Wed. of each month from 6:00-8:00pm at St Bernadette Church, 3825 Don Felipe Dr. Los Angeles, Cuers, James Caton & Renee Holiday ($Donations)

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Members List:

Lucy Eatmon
Boards Members
Sylvester Nealon
James Caton
Vice President:
Kirk Cavalier
Founder/Financial Secretary:
Cheryl Edgenton
Norma McQueen
Correspondence Secretary:
Gloria McAfee
Marie Dixon

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img s.gifInglewood Guys and Dolls Square & Round Dance Club
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President's Message
  • Caller Theme Schedule

  • Kirk Cavalier, President

    Nina Cavalier, Vice President

    Norma McQueen, Treasurer


  • Cheryl Edgenton, Financial Secretary

    Gloria McAfee, Correspondence Secretary

    Lucy Eatmon, Webmaster

    Presidential Ball & 68th Anniversary Dance

    Guys & Dolls' June 17, 2016 Dance at Darby Park

    Sylvester called the squares.

    Lucy with James who cued the lines

    Nina with door keepers, Cheryl & Norma

    Western Association's Summer Olvera St. Festival

    Annual Picnic At Gloria's Home

    Halloween Dance-October 31, 2014

    Sweetheart Ball At The Hawthorne Community Center

    Guys & Dolls Attend Daniels' Dudes & Dames'
    Christmas Dance, December 12, 2008

    James Caton cued the lines & Lloyd Lewis called the squares.

    Dudes & Dames Inc.
    Anniversary/Christmas Dance
    December 13, 2008

    Sylvester Nealon called the squares.

    James Caton cued the lines.

    Lucy on the right, who is visiting from Las Vegas gives Joan a hug.

    Allensworth State Park--October 11, 2008

    Sylvester called the squares.

    Club Dance--October 17, 2008

    Visitation to Daniel's Dudes & Dames
    August 22, 2008

    Sylvester called the squares.

    Daisy cued the rounds and Danny called a couple of squares.

    James cued the lines.

    The dancers enjoy a delicious meal served by Marie and the refreshment committee.

    Danny gives Lucy a twirl during his birthday dance.

    Seymour enjoys his birthday dance with June.

    On May 25, 2008, The City of Inglewood celebrated the first anniversary of the dedication of its Transportation Mural.

    Henry was the caller and cuer for the exhibition.

    22nd Anniversary Dance, May 17, 2008

    President, Mary and anniversary co-host, Miriam.

    These square dancers are having a great time dancing to Lee Schmidt's calls.

    James Caton cues one of our favorite line dances.

    Members, Anthony & Marie and Cal & Mary join in the fun, round dancing to Judy Keller's cues.

    Lucy and Square Dancers of the Year, James and Paula.

    Claudette, Myra and Lula were all smiles as they greeted the guests.

    Anne is celebrating her birthday. Mary wishes her happy birthday.

    Eva, anniversary co-host, Earnest and Dee

    Erma, Andrea, Bennie and Pat

    Julius and June smile for the camera.

    Kasandra, Seymour, Gloria and Norma line up for refreshments.

    Johnny and two guests were enrichment fund winners.

    Gloria, Bennie and Lilian were the raffle winners.

    Our square dance caller, Lee Schmidt and wife, Gloria.

    Chris, Ida, Robert and Jimmy

    Paula, Anthony and Mary

    Bill, Jimmy, Joyce, Pat and Anne

    Marion, a guest, Kasandra and Johnny


    Guys & Dolls Club's Annual Pizza Party

    G & D's President Mary

    Miriam, Gloria, Marie

    Andrea takes a break from dancing to enjoy some chicken & pizza.

    Karin's sister, Ann'Christine, Karin & Lilian.

    Ms. Emma & Lilian.


    Gerald & Virginia

    Members enjoy square dancing.

    Bob's mom, Iris & Bob.

    Sylvester & Cheryl


    Our 21st Anniversary, Chinese Style, June 16, 2007

    The anniversary committee;Bennie, Paula, JoAnn, Gail, Gloria, Claudette, Kirk, Miriam, Earnest, Mary, Cheryl, James, Myra & Nina not pictured.

    Mary introduces the Square Dancers of the Year, Anthony & Marie.

    Cheryl & Mary present past president Donn with a plaque.

    Martha, Lucy, Erma & Mayme celebrate birthdays.

    Mel rounds, James lines and Lee squares.

    Emma and Lula.

    At least nine squares danced to Lee's calls.

    Line dancing with James.

    The Western Jamboree, May 26, 2007

    Club Dance, May 18, 2007

    Club Dance, April 20, 2007

    Club members square up.

    The refreshment committee; Pat, Joyce, Jimmy & Jewel.

    Bakersfield Fiesta, March 17, 2007

    Some of the club members posed for a group shot.

    Cheryl, Sylvester & Mary showing off the club's new banner.

    The Grand March.

    Emma & Claudette watched the Grand March.

    Miriam & Earnest, Willie & Eddie in the Plus hall.

    Lunch break.

    Andrea and her friend showing off.

    Club & class members earned Purple Hearts, dancing in a square with three callers.

    Miriam & Earnest at HomeTown Buffet.

    Joyce & Alex our bus driver at HomeTown Buffet.

    Sharon & Henry take a break from Challenge dancing to join James & Paula in the Plus hall.

    MEMBERSHIP Roster 2012
    (click on a name to

    Kirk Cavalier,Vice President
    Nina Cavalier, Vice President (Past President)
    Norma McQueen, Treasurer
    Cheryl Edgenton, Financial Secretary/Class Chairperson/Founder/P. President
    Gloria McAfee, Corres. Secretary
    Marie Dixon, Parliamentarian/Refreshment Chair
    Sylvester Nealon, Board/Instructor
    Pat Botsheken
    John Bowden
    Virginia Carr (Telephone Tree /Exhibition)
    James Caton, Past President/ Historian/Newsletter)
    Rosie Chavez
    Lilian Cropper (Supply) Chairperson)
    Myra Davis
    Anthony Dixon (Refreshment Co-Chair)
    Lucy Eatmon, (Webmaster)Past Photographer/Newsletter)
    Cal Evans
    Lula Garner (Bus Fund)
    William Gaston
    Sharon Golden
    Henry Grissett
    Frances Hairston
    Andrea Harris (Membership Co-Chair)
    Ruth E. Hayes
    Shirley Hayes, Deceased (3-2-16)
    Earnest Holmes (Dance Chair)
    Kasandra L. Jasper
    Ellene Johnson, Deceased
    Martha Johnson, Deceased


    3990 S. Menlo Ave.  •  Los Angeles, CA 90037
    phone: 213 763-0118

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