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Gebirgs Trachten Erhaltungs Verein D'Oberlandler, Inc.

"Sitt und Tracht der Alten Wollen Wir Erhalten"

In the late 1950's a group of German and German-American people longing to uphold such traditions and customs as language, music, dance, and costumes met and discussed their ideas of forming a Bavarian Trachten Schuhplattler Verein.They agreed to form such a group under the name "D'Oberlandler Schuhplattler Verein." The twenty-four founding members held their first meeting on Janurary 10, 1960, at the Turner Inn Hofbrau in Los Angeles.

Among the founding members were Heinrich "Heinz" Metz, an Ehrenvorstand of Trachtenverein Unterberger Munchen; John and Theresa Fassel and family, originally from SGTV Edelweiss Buffalo; Christian Regenfuss; Nick and Betty Hemm ( Nick was from the BGTEV D'Holzhacker Baum Milwaukee); Louise Vesecky and Anita Engermann Kolatzny of Los Angeles.

Heinz Metz was voted 1. Vorstand at the first meeting. Members adopted the Miesbacher tracht as the Vereing'wand and the Turner Inn Hofbrau became the Vereinslokal. The first Vereintanz was held on September 17, 1960 in the Father Lani Hall of St. Stephens Catholic Church in Los Angeles.

In July of 1963, the Isartaler Tanz group merged with the D'Oberlandler. At that time Morry German became the clubs first Vorplattler.

In 1965 we took part in BGTEV D'Holzhacker Baum Milwaukee's Trachtenfest. Many other Trachtenvereine from the Midwest and East Coast also took part, and this is where the idea took root to form the gauverband Nordamerika. D'Oberlandler Verein is a charter member of the Gauverband.

The Verein's first standard was created in 1969, and blessed at St. stephen's Catholic Church. This banner travled to many events over the next few years.

The verein's flag, designed by Arno Kolatzny, was ordered from Bavaria in 1972. The flag blessing was celebrated in may 1973; our patenverein SVEV D'Oberlandler Milwaukee was in attendance amongdt other German trachten groups. The weekend consisted of a parade, banquet, and a picnic which cultivated friendships long to be remembered.

Being chosen to host the VII Gaufest in 1979 honored our club. The Gaufest consisted of several weekend activies including dances, meeting,picnics, workshops, and a Mass. There were approximately 1150 persons in attendance that represented 44 clubs from the U.S., Canada, and 3 clubs from Germany.

Among our many accomplishements and performances include Disneyland, Universal Studios, Rose Parade (Pasadena) , the 100th anniversary of the Bayerischen TRACHTLER IN Munich, AND ALT Roseheim's 90 "t" anniversary serving as German -American Ambassadors of the United States presenting a proclamation from President Ronald Reagan commemorating 300 years of Germans in America.

We have been provided with the honor of being the patenverein for both the elder Donauschwaben dance group and Die Gemutlichen Schuplattler of the Phoenix Club, Anaheim, California.

Our members not only perform schuhplattlers and volktanz. We include Alpenhorns, Cowbells, Hackbrett, Zither, and the Accordian as other forms of upholding German traditions and culture.

D'Oberlandler's have been proud to be a long time member verein of the German American league, with delgates serving on the Board of Directors.

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