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Saturday Sep 03
This is the biggest Tall Ship Festival on the West Coast. Or so they say. You can arrange to go aboard ships at the Embarcadero on the harbor of San Diego. These will be at an additional cost, at your own pleasure. My plan is to set up a couple of quick ups or similar shade and have a pot luck tea. Details to come by and by. We can put out our banners, and educate the public on our group and what makes a tea TEA etc. Dress in 18th Century garb. Think Outlander either season 1 or 2. Regency at the latest please. Before or after the tea you can meander the vendor booths & view the sailing vessels and generally show off your nice costuming, having many pictures taken, as this is a public event.

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Vista_Pirate_Faire_Guild.JPG.jpgSan Diego Costume Guild                           San Diego Costume Guild is a fun group of Costume Enthusiasts. We make costumes for many different eras. We encourage each other and are always looking for like minded people. The San Diego Costume Guild brings together costume enthusiasts for the purpose of networking, communication, idea sharing, costume construction support and advice, & sharing information regarding events to which costumes may be worn. In doing this, we hope to increase our knowledge and techniques related to costuming, and just have fun. Our costuming interests range from Medieval/Renaissance to the 1950s, as well as SciFi, Fantasy, Steampunk, & Cosplay. The Guild members enjoy meeting with other costumer groups and interacting with the general public. All skill levels are welcome to join us, as we costume in and around San Diego.

We are happy to announce our Annual Costume Sale is Oct 16 (2016), from 10am-3pm, at the Scottish Rite Event Center, 1895 Camino Del Rio South, San Diego CA 92108. Attendees over 11 years old are $3. 11yrs and younger are free. Looking forward to a great sale. There are always awesome costumes and accessories for sale and prices for every budget.

Coming to San Diego in 2018: Costume Con 36 Costume-Con is an international convention that has been devoted to costuming of all kinds since 1983. All skill levels, from beginners to masters, and all types of costumers are welcome, including cosplayers, historical reenactors, doll dressmakers, science fiction enthusiasts, fantasy fans, and more. Beyond informative panels and hands-on workshops, Costume-Con features -clothing Contest 2018 will mark the return of the convention to its home port of San Diego, 36 years after the first Costume-Con on Mission Bay. The theme will be "Ports of Call" and you can interpret that as broadly as you like. Maybe you're captain of a dirigible tethered in town. Or perhaps you work on an intergalactic cruiser currently in orbit. Maybe the year is 1942 and you're shipping out to the South Pacific. The possibilities are endless. Whatever you wear, we look forward to seeing it at CC36! For more information visit the website:

Join us in the fun We meet on the 4th Monday, of the even numbered months, at 7: 30pm. Our next meting is August 22, 2016, at Bully's East in Mission Valley
To all who may be interested in joining us at a meeting, please feel free to attend. It's an informal gathering to share upcoming costume events and ideas for future gatherings. Newbies bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm. Even if you've been costuming 'forever', we'd love to hear from you. Experience is valued, especially if you like to share that experience. If you're new to costuming, don't sew, don't costume, but are interested in meeting up with new people, you are welcome to join us.

NOTE: There are no fees or forms to fill out. The only costs are related to specific events and everyone pays their own way...and of course the cost of obtaining your costumes.

Buying a costume is NOT considered cheating. All costumes are welcome and admired, no matter how they are assembled or obtained. How you assemble your costume, if you chose to wear one, is your business, but be prepared. People will want to know, so they can obtain similar gear or make one from the pattern.

It's important to note the San Diego Costume Guild represents costumes from all eras and all genres, welcoming all ages and all skill levels

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