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And not only so, but we also joy in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom we have now received the atonement. (Rom 5:11 KJV)

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Nobody Loves Me Like Jesus Does!
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God will put His laws in their mind, and in their hearts. God is going to deal with the inner man for that is where a right relationship must be established. God cannot have an intimate relationship with flesh. For flesh is carnal, and cannot please God. The heart and mind work together. Therefore God is going to give man a new mind that holds the knowledge of Him. He will give man a new heart that desires after Him and not the things of the world. God is going to cause man to be balanced again. Before God sent His only begotten Son, humanity was dysfunctional because they were not in balance. The spirit of man was meant to rule man. Instead his flesh ruled causing his soul to desire after wrong things. The spirit was muffled and could not praise God. God promised to return man back to the state of balance through deliverance from sin.

As I just wrote that, I thought what kind of God is this that He would plan to come down through 42 generations to save us? He knew what He would have to suffer on the Cross of Calvary, and yet He still came! He could have changed His mind. He could have said, “No way am I going to suffer such an agonizing death for humanity when they don’t love me! Look how they treated me! Look at how they rejected my love and my protection. They have gone astray doing their own thing ignoring my reached out hand. They cannot see the path ahead of them, yet they refuse to admit they are blind and need my help. Their pride over the years has caused them to dig deeper holes for themselves. Yet I was there to help if they would have just called on me! Yet they did not! They chose to find a way to get out of their own vomit through their own meager ways. They had no idea where to turn, but they chose not to call upon me! Why should I die for such ungrateful people?

Then I heard Jesus say…“Because I love them.”

Then I knew that it was His love that held Him to the Cross. It was nothing I did, but His love. How then can I say that nobody loves me? I am truly foolish! For if God sent His only Begotten Son for me…how much more someone can love me!

I am blessed because the God of this universe loves me. The Creator and Sustainer of the Universe planned to die for my sins! What great love is this that I should be a partaker of this eternal life? Not of my own merit, but because God said He would do it. And God is not a liar. What great love has been bestowed upon me! I am truly grateful Lord. For nobody can love me like you do Lord! Nobody will take my pain and turn it into joy like you can! Nobody will take my sorrows, my emotional baggage, and my pain and give me peace and rest in my spirit like you Lord!

Thank you Lord!

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