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How to access SLC managed properties
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Hugh M. Alcorn and Howard Wells Alcorn Wildlife Preserves

Location: Two adjacent properties located on Mountain Road east of the junction of Phelps Road and Mountain Road.

Access: 24.92 acres. Entry to the property is from Mountain Road opposite Phelps Road. There is a small area for off road parking at the entrance. Two large conservancy signs created as part of an Eagle Scout project mark the entrance. Both preserves are open to the public.

Dildilian and Harmon Wood Lots

Location: Two adjacent properties on the ridge line along the southwestern section of Sunrise Park.

Access:21.90 acres. The property can be accessed in three ways: • From the Metacomet Trail, from the north entrance at the corner of Phelps Road or the southern approach from the route 20 entrance. • From the Deer Run Trail that originates in Sunrise Park. • From the right of way entrance on Phelps Road beginning at the power lines located across from the entrance to the Suffield Sportsman’s Club through lot 6D. This access connects with the Metacomet Trail going south and on to the Harmon and Dildilian Wood Lots.

Edna Ide Wildlife Preserve

Location: On the west side of Remington Street approximately 3/4 of a mile from Mountain Road (Rte. 168). The property is an east/west rectangle between private homes on Poole Road on the north side and a large Baker Nursery lot on the south side.

Access:18.0 acres. A 35 foot wide access from Remington Street opens up to a meadow and woodlands to the west.

Sydney F. Fuller Wildlife Preserve

Location: Located north of Mapleton Avenue and east of North Street with its westerly boundary beginning approximately 500 feet east of North Street and running north for about 1000 feet. The southerly boundary runs east on Mapleton Avenue for approximately 500 feet then proceeds inward and behind residences to include Bromes Pond.

Access:21.882 acres. The property can be accessed from Mapleton Avenue at the site of the sewage treatment pumping station.

Mountain Brook Nature Preserve

Location: The property frontage extends east and north from the corner of Phelps Road and Copper Hill Road in West Suffield. The property extends eastward from Copper Hill Road on both sides of Mountain Brook with the southerly section north of the properties on Old Farms Lane.

Access: 45.01 acres. Access to the property north of the Mountain Brook is from Copper Hill Road south of lot #21 along the brook, opening up to the wider section behind lots 21, 22 and 23. Access to the property south of Mountain Brook is through the parking area located on Copper Hill Road or through the narrow strip of land located between lots 26N and 28N on Old Farms Lane. The town of Suffield has drainage rights through this narrow portion.

Walter Rapp Property

Location: Located on the eastern side of the Metacomet ridge.

Access:3.3 acres. A right of way is provided through lot 42 from North Stone Street.

Phelps Trust & Parsons Wetland Preserve

Location: Two adjacent landlocked properties located between Newgate and Copper Hill Roads.

Access: 84.60 acres. A “renewable access easement” was negotiated by the conservancy through the Copper Hill Road property of John and Deborah Tyman (lot 39).

Phelon Property

Location: Two properties located on the north side of Ratley Road approximately ¼ mile South of Spruce Street. One parcel of 7.4 acres is located directly on Ratley Road. The second parcel of 2.1 acres is located east of this property approximately ¼ mile from the road.

Access:9.5 acres. There are no trails currently in place on the property, nor are any planned for the immediate future. Access can be gained to the property from Ratley Road.

Root-Colson and Prekop Properties

Location: Two adjacent properties located on the east side of Mountain Road north of the Alcorn preserves.

Access:8.61 acres. Access to the eastern edge of the property at the top of the mountain can be gained by the use of the old Metacomet Trail along the ridge, starting from Mountain Road across from Phelps Road. The shortest way to the ridge is at the south end, starting up the slope from the Mountain Road parking turnout on the Root-Colson property.


Location: The property is located on the ridge of West Suffield Mountain to the north of the East Granby line.

Access: 39.46 acres. Access through the right of way provided by the Metacomet Trail.

Silver Creek Crossing Property

Location: This property is on the eastern and western side of Clay Creek Drive within the Silver Creek Crossing subdivision. .Clay Creek Drive can be accessed from the north via Hickory Street or from the south from Cold Spring Lane off North Main Street.

Access: 80.83 acres. There are several access points within the subdivision off Clay Creek Drive. The western portion can be accessed through an open space corridor between lots 9 and 10 as well as an area south of lot 12. The eastern portion can be accessed through an open space corridor between lots 20 and 21 and also from an area south of lot 13. There is another corridor off Clay Creek Drive to the rear of lot 23.There is also a narrow passageway to the Hilltop farmland on the west side of Mapleton Avenue.

Spencer Woods Wildlife Preserve

Location: This property begins on the south side of Phelps Road near the junction of Mountain Road and extends south to the border of Sunrise Park. Bordered on the west by Mountain Road and lots 8 and 9 and on the west and by various property owner lots that front onto Phelps Road. The frontage on Phelps Road extends westward around the trap rock embankment to lot 7.

Access: 51.70 acres. The property can be accessed from both the northerly and southerly boundaries. From the north, access is via the Metacomet trail which starts at Phelps Road about 100 feet in from Mountain Road. A conservancy sign marks the entrance. The trail winds up a steep grade opening onto a flat area where the Metacomet trail continues southward. From the south, access is via the Deer Run trail which branches westward up the ridge off the north end of the Austin Brook trail that circles Whites Pond in Sunrise Park.

Mahoney Tract Property

Description: The Mahoney Tract, located on North Grand Street, was a gift of Natalie Mahoney and family. This 7.10 acre parcel is a strip of land separating North Grand St. from nursery area owned by Barker Nurseries. It is an atypical parcel for SLC to acquire in that it does not have a high quality habitat or view in town. However, with increasing development in town undeveloped forested or open lands along our roadsides are becoming less frequent. The acquisition of this type of parcel protects and preserves rural character of the Town of Suffield.

Congamond Bogs Property

Description: This 15.39 acres was donated to SLC by the owner as open space set aside for a small housing development being proposed in the area. Bogs are fascinating places that are quite rare in CT. There are only a handful of bogs in CT, and according to CT DEP, the Congamond Bogs are one of the best examples in the state. The Congamond Bogs are home to several state endangered species and many fascinating plants such as pitcher plants, leatherleaf, and sundews.

Overlook Ridge Property

Description:Acquired in 2007, this 42.38 acre property is located on Spruce Street. Excellent for easy hikes, cross country skiing or birding. Approximately 10 acres currently being used for agricultural purposes.

Nicholson Nature Preserve

Description:59.97 acres, accessible from South Grand St. between 1324 & 1466 on South Grand, east side.

Dickinson Property

Description:7.28 aces, accessible from Hickory St. or through Silver Creek Crossing Properties

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