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What is Schuhplatteln?
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The schuhplattler is a form of folk dancing in Bavaria, a province in southeast Germany. The act of performing the schuhplattler is called schuhplatteln. Schuhplatteln literally means "shoe-slapping" but also includes thigh-slapping, hand-clapping, twirling and waltzing.

Most dances involve man-woman partners. The male partners normally peform a series of hand-claps, foot-stomps, and slaps to the thighs and feet known as a 'plattler', while the female partners twirl, play an instrument or perform a figure. This is interrupted by periods of ballroom dancing, mainly waltz.

Many towns in Bavaria have different styles of schuhplattler. Some dances involve a polka or other dance beat instead of a waltz, and some dances are oriented primarily to figure dancing by both man and women partners.

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