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Who are the Angels?
Angels are beings created by God; they are his servants and do his bidding. They usually dwell in the invisible realm of God's creation but there are times when they show up in our visible realm. Even when they are invisible they are around us all the time. The word angel in Hebrew means; "one who is dispatched as a deputy or ambassador." In Greek the word "angelos" means "one who brings good tidings."

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Jan Martini
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Nellie Van Vleck
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CC Martine

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the_lost_message_of_Jesus.jpgWelcome to the Chapel of Angels / Look for our New Church Soon 2016                             

We believe that small things done with great love will change the world. We believe in miracles!

Words of wisdom from- Louisa May Alcott

We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to be weaving. And we all have some power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing.

Our Mission Statement:  We will empower the poor, strengthen the elderly, embrace the homeless and seek the lost. We may be different denominations but we serve together, we play together, we live life together. Our community will change because our God sent us.
What Do We Do?
*Assist in pastoral,spiritual, emotional support

*Try to provide to the unmet needs of Pasco and Hernando County residents.

*Operate a Food Bank and Thrift Store

 Why Interfaith/Interagency?
Working together as faith and community organizations dissolves the “us and them” mentality enables us to tap into all funding, and to cover all areas of need.
Health Benefits of Volunteering:
* Improves self-esteem
* Lowers pre-mature death rates
* Reduces your heart rate and blood pressure
* Hastens surgery recovery time
* Increases endorphin production
* Enhances your immune system
* Improves insomnia
* Buffers the impact of stress
* Combats social isolation


 With Statistics Like These, How Can You Afford Not To Volunteer?

Volunteers Are Always Needed!
Facts about Volunteering in the US:
* In 2005, more than $280 billion in volunteer hours were donated in thye US.
* The average cost of a volunteer hour in 2005 was $18.04 nationwide, and $15.43 for Florida.
* In 2000, there were approximately 83.9 million adults volunteering across the US, contributing more than 15 billion hours in service.

Facts about Poverty in the US:
* Domestic and Global poverty levels increase annually.
* Today, 3 billion people around the world will try to loive on less than two dollars.
* Tonight in the United States, more then 600,000 people will be homeless.
* Every three seconds a child dies as the result of abject poverty and contributing factors such as malnutrtion and disease.


Our 3 big events that can use extra volunteers;

Our group hosts 3 events during the year

1st. is Easter with Easter Bunny, children have their picture taken with Easter Bunny, Parents shop in his house while kids color and make crafts. Easter Bunny lets them go on a Easter egg hunt and when they bring back the egg he gives them candy.

2nd. is the Haunted House, what ever money is made buys Christmas gifts for children in need. This takes a lot of work and we always need volunteers to put on the show as well as set up and take down.

3rd. is Christmas with Santa, This opens the day after Thanksgiving and children can have their picture with Santa and Mrs. Claus, and their parents can shop in Santa and Mrs. Claus house. They also can color pictures make crafts and at his pajama party they sing songs, listen to the story of Christmas eat cookies and milk that Mrs. Claus provides and get a gift from Santa himself.

We are based out of the USA FLEA MARKET come and see us

New address coming  •  Port Richey, FL 34654
phone: 727-243-1367

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