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ALL_religions.jpg   About Us 

"We are a Non-Denominational, Inter-Faith, Inter-Agency Organization...
In short we are people just like you, your neighbors and your friends who
come together to show compassion and help those in need."

We know that there are alot of people that are going through some of the most difficult times
of their lives right now, so we got this list together to try and help...

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Are you ready? Check our printable hurricane checklist!


Charleys Angels

Charley’s Angels arrive after the 1st Responders, police, firemen and the like, have gone. They are trained and credentialed to enter restricted disaster sites to muck out houses, cut down trees, and generally help clean up the mess. They have been established and work in cooperation with the federal, state and local agency. There is a spiritual and emotional caregiver component so that the whole person can be assisted.

Fresh Start for Pasco

Fresh Start for Pasco (FSP) is Long Term Recovery. Working with other agencies, we help with unmet needs. We come out after your insurance and/or FEMA have paid you and you have done your repairs and kept all your receipts. Whatever your unmet needs are after that, we try to help in finishing those repairs. We use professional contractors and or volunteers.

Contact Information/Mailing Address

Jan Martine 727-243-1367

Fresh Start & Charley's Angels

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Health Benefits of Volunteering:
* Improves self-esteem
* Lowers pre-mature death rates
* Reduces your heart rate and blood pressure
* Hastens surgery recovery time
* Increases endorphin production
* Enhances your immune system
* Improves insomnia
* Buffers the impact of stress
* Combats social isolation

Volunteers Are Always Needed!
Facts about Volunteering in the US:
* In 2005, more than $280 billion in volunteer hours were donated in thye US.
* The average cost of a volunteer hour in 2005 was $18.04 nationwide, and $15.43 for Florida.
* In 2000, there were approximately 83.9 million adults volunteering across the US, contributing more than 15 billion hours in service.

Facts about Poverty in the US:
* Domestic and Global poverty levels increase annually.
* Today, 3 billion people around the world will try to loive on less than two dollars.
* Tonight in the United States, more then 600,000 people will be homeless.
* Every three seconds a child dies as the result of abject poverty and contributing factors such as malnutrution and disease.

With Statistics Like These, How Can You Afford Not To Volunteer?
Hurricanes and earthquakes are two of the most common Natural Disasters that occur in the world and damage the earth's surface. Each disaster leaves its own path of destruction behind. The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale is used to rate the intensity of a hurricane from categories 1-5. * 1- (weak) 75-95 MPH * 2- (moderate) 96-110 MPH * 3-(strong) 111-130 MPH * 4- (very strong) 131-155 MPH * 5- (DEVASTATING) 155 + MPH

Earthquake facts: The Richter scale measures the seismic waves of an earthquake. Numbers range from 0-9. An Earthquake whose magnitude is greater than 4.5 can cause damage to buildings and other structures; severe earthquakes have magnitudes greater than 7.


THE DEADLIEST EARTHQUAKE RECORDED, occurred in 1557 in Central China.

THE FAMOUS San Francisco earthquake of 1960 was 7.8 on the Richter scale.

Alaska is the most earthquake prone state.

TORNADOES,also referred to as "twisters", tornadoes are a naturally occurring act of nature. * Average number of Tornadoes a year are about 1000. * State with the highest number of Tornadoes is Texas, (avg. 139)

* Top 5 Tornado states are 1)TEXAS 2) OKLAHOMA 3) KANSAS 4) FLORIDA 5) NEBRASKA The deadliest Tornado outbreak in U.S. history was on March 18, 1925, killing 747 people on its 219 mile path of destruction through Missouri, Illinois and Indiana.


NHC: 7 of 9 costliest hurricanes to hit U.S. were in 2004/2005 and All Hit Florida!

The National Hurricane Center in Miami-Dade County revised its list of the costliest as well as deadliest hurricanes. According to the NHC, 2004/2005 produced seven of the nine costliest hurricanes to strike the U.S. coastline since 1900 and did $167 billion in total damage. And all seven struck Florida - Charley, Ivan, Frances and Jeanne in 2004; and Katrina, Wilma and Rita in 2005.

The report is available from the NHC Internet site through this link:

What others are saying about our website...

Thanks for the information. Your information looks good. I passed on the link to the food pantries to the CARES, Inc organization. It is a good consolidated list of resources, which may assist some of the elderly in your area.
~ Jason Martino, OAA Program Manager, Emergency Coordinating Officer, Area Agency on Aging of Pinellas & Pasco

This is a Fantastic website. I really find it efficiant to go to one website with all the information, then to go to three different ones. Thank-You, God Bless, ~ Lorraine Smith

Fresh Start for Pasco & Charley's Angels,USA

E-MAIL:  •  New Port Richey, FL 34654
phone: 727-243-1367

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