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* Bios 2017
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These are the Board Members and their Bio’s

Founder & Chairperson;Jan Martini has 6 years as President of Chapter 4582 Aid Association for Lutherans a non for profit organization. When they changed their name to Thrivent Financial she was the first President of Pasco County, elected two years in a row.

She has volunteered for 6 years for Lutheran Services of Florida and Lutheran disaster response under the guidance of Danielle Kearney.

Because of the disasters of 2004 she founded Charley’s Angels Team Florida Inc. an Early Response Organization. This organization travels all over the US reaching out and helping those in need after any disaster.

As requested by Thrivent, Lutheran Services, Church World Services and FEMA she started Pasco Counties only non for profit Long Term Recovery organization called FSP Fresh Start for Pasco Inc. And is still the Chairperson of this organization.

Jan Martini holds 8 certificates from FEMA and the Emergency Management Institute in Introduction to the “Incident Command System”, “Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents”, “National Incident Management System” “National Response Plan Intro,” “Intermediate Incident Command System,” “Advanced Incident Command System,” “Are You Ready” and “Special Events Contingency Planning for Public Safety Agencies”. Jan has been CERT and VIPS trained.

January 1st. 2008 Jan and her board with their volunteers opened Pasco County’s first Cold Night Emergency shelter. Jan has two years of Business College from McHenry County in 1979- 1981. She attended Pasco Hernando Community College for Grant writing and Advanced Grant writing in 2007. She is a Chaplain with a Doctor of Divinity

Vice Chairperson; Nils R. Lenz has served on the board of Thrivent Financial, he is an Accountant and Financial Analyst, Nils has a M.B.A. and 2 Bachelors of Science Degrees in Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology plus is three classes short of completing a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting which will enable him to go for his CPA. He has been a Field and an Electrical Engineer for 20 years and his own Accounting Firm since 1994. He has worked with Boy Scouts of America. He also works for Primerica. Nils has also served and President, Chair and Vice President of several AAL branches and in addition has served on several church councils in the past along with being very active with the Masons being a Past Master and in process of joining the Shiners in Zephyrhills. Nils joined the board in 2006

Secretary; OPEN

Treasurer; OPEN

Director Members;

1).David M Bear - Director; David came to Florida in 1993 to assit his grandparents. He walked into a fire department in October of the same year, and now works at Pasco County Fire Rescue, as a Firefighter/EMT. He also works part time at New Port Richey Fire Department since 2002 as a Firefighter/EMT. David is one of 3 CPR and first aid instructors that instruct Pasco County employees. One of several instructors for the CERT class ( everyone should take it ) as well as being the Post Chaplain at VFW Post 4412 in Hudson He also attended PHCC. And somehow finds time to spend with his 15 y/o son and family. David is always trying to find away to make our corner of the world a better place. David joined the board in 2014.

2) Rick Hill – Director; Owns several businesses in Pasco County and does charity work in his spare time.Rick joined the board in 2015.

3) Adam Summers – Director;Owner operator of AMS Computers, and is part of the TEC Soup program. Adam and his wife Anne have a foster home and have helped many children in need.Adam joined the board in 2011.

4)Todd Rogers – Director;Todd Rogers born on December 1st, 1964 in Chicago, IL, Rogers gained local notoriety in 1982 at Burbank IL Haunted Trails for his world record on the arcade game Gorf. On November 24, 1982, he scored 653,990 points, a world record that still stands today on the Twin Galaxies scoreboard. Another of Todd's amazing accomplishment was on a home console game by Activision called Dragster. Rogers is currently recognized world wide for being the only person in history to have beaten a time on this game where the computer was programmed to do a certain run of a quarter mile. The computers Dragster time was of a 5.54 and Todd beat the computers time by 300ths of a second establishing his time of a 5.51. Rogers has held the Dragster world record title since December 1st 1980 and this record has been unmatched ever since. Todd Rogers is an American video game competitor living in Brooksville, FL who gained fame in the early 1980s for his hundreds of world record high scores and for his expertise on Activision games. He appears in two recent feature films: Chasing Ghosts: Beyond the Arcade and The King of Kong. Rogers was one of the video game industry's earliest players to be hired for their playing skills. During the 1980-1992 era, Rogers appeared at the CES Show as well as other gaming Expositions in order to demonstrate games to the attendees. Rogers was featured in many well-publicized "Beat The Champ" contests that pitted his skills against those of the public. Rogers is recognized for being the first paid pro video gamer and has represented over 42 major software publishers. One of the first publications that Todd was featured in was a paper back book called "How To Master Home Video Games" by Tom Hirschfeld because of his Dragster skills. Rogers has been featured in an assortment of other prominent publications such as Money Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and Joystik Magazine. He went on to also promote and beta test several popular arcade games, Wacko was one of the games that he tested for the Marvin Glass company. Nintendo acquired his skills in 1986 to help shuttle the new line of Mario Brothers games. Shortly after that Sega too wanted Todd to promote several contests that they were running. It wasn't just world records that Rogers was making, he helped promote games with celebrities on the games that they were featured in. These celebrities included such names as Michael Jordan, Mike Tyson, Marina Sirtis, Robert Culp, Barbie Benton, & Bruce Jenner and in the midst of all this Rogers never once lost to a celebrity that he was playing against while promoting their products. Todd has been among the ten best Super Pac-Man players for some time. For perhaps the only time in history, 5 of the Nations most recognized gamers come together for one common cause, "Feed the homeless". In an attempt to do what matters most and fulfill an obligation as productive citizens of the United States of America; Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel, Billy Mitchell, Justin Wong, Todd Rogers and TriForce all will use their prolific gaming ability to host a National Food Drive at the E For All expo. Attendees will be able to challenge The 5 Kings in gaming on the E for All Gamers Stage. Challenges will be set by each of the 5 gamers in their respective game. In order to participate in the challenge, attendees will need at least 1 non-perishable food item as an entry fee to the challenge. Each participant will receive a raffle ticket which will be raffled on Sunday October 5th 2008 at 3pm to win a Nintendo Wii sponsored by GameExpress.com and autographed by all 5 gamers in the League of Legendary Gamers. Challenge the Masters and their Games * Fatal1ty: Quake 3 * TriForce: Tetris DS * Billy Mitchell: Donkey Kong * Todd Rogers: Gorf * Justin Wong: Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Remember these headlines? “On Tuesday morning, September 11, 2001, the U.S. is attacked by terrorists in New York City and Washington, and the world changes forever.” Todd Rogers was there for the clean up and rescue doing what ever he could to help. Hurricane Katrina, Todd Rogers and others were there too for the clean up and rescue.Todd joined the board in 2009.

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