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December 2007 - how time flies, I swear we just had our New Year's Eve Gala. From the men and women Board of Officers we wish all of our fellow Moose a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and hope you will come out and spend some of this Holiday time at your Lodge with your Moose Family.

Our District meeting will be at the Riverview Lodge on December 9 at 1:00 PM. This will be our Christmas theme so dress appropriately and join in the fun and fellowship of being with the members of the other Lodges.

Get ready for the WOTM Christmas Bazaar on December 14 at 6:00 PM and our Lodge Christmas Party on December 21. Also, get ready to doll yourself up and join the Lodge for New Year's Eve and welcome in 2008.

Don't forget the tailgate parties during the Bucs games on Sundays.

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Kenneth R Hastie

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img s.gifInterbay-Tampa Moose Family Center 912 & Chapter 1254
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IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Loyal Order of Moose is a private organization. All activities and events referred to on this Web site and in the Moose newsletter are available to members in good standing and their qualified guests only. This Web site is for informational purposes with proprietary information intended for members only. General information is available to the public at large, but should not be construed to be a solicitation for membership. This Web site is an initiative of Interbay-Tampa Lodge #912, and is not sanctioned by the Loyal Order of Moose, Moose International or any subsidiary thereof. All logos, trademarks and servicemarks pertaining to the Loyal Order of Moose and/or its programs or degrees are copyrighted by Moose International, Inc., Mooseheart, Illinois.
2007 - 2008 LOOM Officers

Governor: Tom Kilbane
Jr Past Governor: Timothy Bearden
Jr Governor: John Aksterowicz
Prelate: Bob Ostertag
Treasurer: Kenneth R Hastie
Administrator: Ed Lessard
One Year Trustee: Vacant
Two Year Trustee: Ed Byrne
Three Year Trustee: Dave Zirgibel

Sgt-at-Arms: Vacant
Asst. Sgt-at-Arms: Vacant
Inner Guard: Vacant
Outer Guard: Russell Preston

 2007 - 2008 WOTM Officers

Senior Regent: Lynn Ciccarello
Jr. Grad Regent: Tammara Good
Junior Regent: Betty Norris
Chaplain: Kathy Bearden
Sec/Treas: Winnie Hunt
Recorder: Jewell Northrup

Guide: Danielle Griffin
Asst. Guide: Myrna Toney
Sentinel: Julie Neuman
Argus: Beverly Baylis
Musician: Emiline Middaugh

What is a Moose and Who are We?
Have you ever asked yourself:
  • Am I enjoying my life?
  • Is there anything special about it?
  • Have I made a difference?
  • Is there a better way to find new friends and get together with them to do the things we enjoy?
  • Am I doing enough for my family?
  • Am I doing something for people who really need help?
  • Am I giving something back to society?
  • Am I making any difference in the world?

We Moose have been helping people answer those questions with a resounding "YES" ever since 1888.

A Moose is a man or woman belonging to either the Loyal Order of Moose or the Women of the Moose who make up the two components of the fraternal organization known as Moose International.

We are known as the Family Fraternity, over a century old and nearly two million strong.

We hold membership in any one of 2,000 Lodges and 1,600 Chapters throughout the United States, Canada, Bermuda and Great Britain. Moose International maintains its headquarters on the campus of Mooseheart approximately 45 miles west of Chicago, Illinois.

We were founded in 1888 in Louisville, Kentucky as a social order for men and continued as such until 1906 when we re-organized under the leadership of future US Senator James J. Davis. We added the Women of the Moose in 1913, as an auxiliary, now an integeral unit of the fratenity. In the 1990's we began to rethink what a fraternal facility and its programs need to be about. We are placing greater emphasis on programs, at the local level, designed to appeal to every segment of our members' families in Moose Family Centers while continuing the fellowship of the Social Quarters, although in a more open and brighter environment.

We may be changing our focus to better serve the family at the Lodge, but our committment to the Moose fraternity's mission remains as strong as ever. Across the fraternity, we contribute to the Moose sponsored programs; Mooseheart and Moosehaven and to the people in our own communities through all the Community Service projects initiated by our members.

We are men and women, young and old, urban, suburban and rural, working and retired, single and married, some with children at home and some with children grown and gone, and some now grandparents.

We make our living in business, industry, government, agriculture, medicine, law, education and more.

We especially cherish our families, our children, our seniors and our community.

We enjoy each others company and look forward to the activities we share and to supporting firmly the beliefs we hold.

We are a family in the way we come together, bond together and grow together.

We are people whose first thought isn't "What's in it for me?" Rather it's "What can I do to help?"

In the Moose we meet, work and socialize with some of the nicest people we'll ever call our friends.

 Why the Moose and Why We Join?
The first answer is fairly straightforward as the Moose is a large powerful animal who is a protector, not a predator.

Strong and Majestic the Moose is unique in all the animal kingdom. The woodland is his home. The green things of the forest are his food. He takes only what he needs, nothing more. He loves freedom and is the master of his domain. Yet for his great size and strength he lives in peace with other creatures. The Moose uses his size and power not to dominate but to protect, not to spoil but to preserve. He is a fierce protector, a loyal companion and a generous provider who brings comfort and security to those within his defending circle.

It is these characteristics of the Moose in the wild - the protective instinct for its young and for the old and infirm in its herd - that we members of the Moose fraternity have, for decades, modeled in the establishment and operation of Mooseheart, our community and school for children and teens in need and Moosehaven, the retirement community for our senior Moose men and women as well as service in our communities.

All of us who bear the name of this noble animal are called to follow his vision, to courageously seek the heights, strive for lofty goals and lead the way for others to follow. To live the vision of the Moose is to look at the world in a new way, a way that not only sees what is, but what can be. With courageous heart, generous spirit and lofty vision the Moose stands before us and with us to challenge the future, a challenge that calls us to leave the low meadows and small hills behind and ascend to the heights of life with mighty strides.

In the true spirit of the Moose we are called to live in peace and harmony in our communities using our energy to build, protect and preserve. Every Brother Moose owes a common debt to our community as the community is the birthplace of our Order. From it we renew ourselves and through it we are offered the opportunity to serve. Service is the gift given to us by our communities. It forms the very foundation of our Order and gives life to our ideals.

Across the length and breadth of our countries our communities, large and small form the foundation of a free society and as we serve our communities we affirm freedom as our way of life and bring honor to our Order.

WHERE families go to enjoy........

The heart of our activities pulsates within each Moose Family Center.

Men and women join our Order for a variety of reasons, including Family Activities - such as Holiday picnics and celebrations, weekly dinners and entertainment geared to all age groups, Children's parties and dress up Dinner Dances throughout the year - Community Service projects - such as Boy Scouts, Veterans Programs, Thanksgiving and Christmas food drives, Scholarships for local students and on-going projects to help those in need - and Member Sports programs - pool, darts, bowling, golf, horseshoes, softball, etc. While the leagues and tournaments are highly competetive, Moose sports are about fun and fellowship offering an opportunity to meet new people and to interact with our fellow Moose.

These are just a few reasons why we are a Moose. The Moose is all about fun and fellowship for our members, however, we never lose sight of our main endeavors - Mooseheart, the 1,000 acre Illinois home and school for children in need and Moosehaven, the 65 acre Florida retirement community for our senior members. These residents, entrusted to the care and support provided by our membership, are constant living reminders of the humanitarian efforts of we, the members of the Loyal Order of Moose.

3008 Gandy Boulevard  •  Tampa, FL 33611*2826
phone: 813-839-3145

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