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Community Service Opportunity
Annual Children's Christmas Party. Members can sponsor a child, donate leftover Halloween candy, participate in the silent auction, and buy Economizer cards. Contact Roxane Batyski at roxane.batyski@navy.
mil or 234-4595 for more information.

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grayton-beach-dunes.jpg Welcome to the ASMC Panama City Chapter Website             
ASMC Panama City Chapter Officers
President - Sandy Haines
Vice Presidents:
Program, Education, and Fundraising, Navy - Roxane Batyski
Program, Education, and Fundraising, Air Force - Capt Christopher Decker
Membership and Publicity - Rhonda Mansel
Secretary - Clarissa Pudleiner
Treasurer - Dana Hernandez
Web Page - Susan Anderson
Newsletter - Deborah Collins
General Membership Meeting Chapter Meeting
October 25, 2012, 1130
Olive Garden, Highway 77, Panama City

Guest Speaker - Major Christopher Carroll, 325th Fighter Wing Comptroller
Topic: Audit Readiness
A note from Major Carroll, 325th Fighter Wing Comptroller
So let me thank each and every one of you for a very successful FY12 End of Year Close-out!! From AETC's level they believe this was the best close-out they have seen in terms of capturing as much buying power from the available funds and keeping the books clean. Our friends at DFAS reported that AETC had the smallest ever total number of documents waiting for processing. The hard work by your teams throughout the fiscal year, especially making the "hard close out" on 20 Sep meaningful, ensured the success of this fiscal year. I know FY13 will bring new challenges and an even more constrained funding environment, but I am confident that as FM professionals we will rise to the challenge yet again.
 A note from Pam Rollins, Comptroller NSWC-PCD
Comptroller Team,
Well, we are almost finished with the roughest year I can remember. We converted our data to ERP, then caught up the backlog after weeks of dark time, while coming in first in completion rates and last in error rates over and over again, among all the Divisions. During this process, many of you stepped up and took on Enterprise or site level ERP duties while still performing your full time jobs. Almost every desk in Comptroller had to learn a new way to get the job done, while functioning in lock-step with nine other Divisions. Month end required (and still requires) working countless hours of overtime and weekends. We had to learn to pull data out of a new system and then taught the other departments how to pull and interpret it. We took on the ERP Site Integration Lead function and the PR creators joined our family. And, through all of this upheaval, we paid the bills, paid our employees and sent them on a whole lot of travel. We even had triplets! What a year! You have done everything I asked, usually before I asked it. You function as a team - always pulling together to get the job done - and that's not something most comptrollers can say. You are amazing and I thank you.
Community Service Event
The Naval Surface Warfare Center hosts an annual Children’s Christmas party each year. This event gives less fortunate children in the Bay County area a chance to have a wonderful Christmas. ASMC members have traditionally participated in this event as shoppers, gift-wrappers, and buddies to kids at the party. The party is December 12, but the shopping dates have been set just yet. However, we now have a Facebook page where folks can get information: Members can sponsor a child, donate leftover Halloween candy, participate in the silent auction, and buy Economizer cards. Contact Roxane Batyski at roxane.
 Professional Development Institutes
2013 - Denver, Colorado
2014 - Seattle, Washington
2015 – New Orleans, Louisiana
2016 - Orlando, Florida
2017 - San Diego, California

Panama City, FL

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