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Exotic animal laws are changing all over the state. Please check online to see how your state feels about exotic animals.

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img s.gifThe Chinchilla/Sugar Glider Rescue an Adoption Ranch in Pensacola Florida
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animals_002-1.jpgWelcome to The Chinchilla Rescue an Adoption Ranch  The Chinchilla Rescue Ranch is now also helping Sugar Gliders. The Rescue Ranch is a non profit Rescue. Home based in the Pensacola panhandle. We have been safely placing Chinchilla's and Suggie's in forever homes since 1999. We currently also offer sanctuary for all older chinchillas who a ready to retire in luxury.
Is a Chinchilla for me? 

Chichi & Chuppie

Well Chinchillas can be a handful- they require a lot of attention. They sleep mostly during the day, and party all night. They require a variety of snacks and a safe place to run and play and a stable cage to hang out in. Small children under the age of 10 should never be responsible or left to care for these sensitive pets. Diet: Chinchillas are herbivores. They are fed a pelleted alfalfa product. This should be supplemented with plenty of Timothy Hay. Grains like oat groats, rolled oats, and wheat can also be given in limited amounts. Small quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables like carrots, apples, pears and bananas offer a variety to the diet. A raisin or two once in a while is a great treat. Supplementing their diet with a daily multi-vitamin in their food is recommended Fresh water should always be available in a water bottle. Housing: Chinchillas can best be kept in cages. They can be very active so a large can is essential. They enjoy climbing and jumping so the cage should have multiple levels.If the cage has a wire bottom there should be a solid floor in part of the cage so that the animal isn't constantly standing on wire. A layer of bedding material should cover the bottom of the cage. A hiding space is essential. Handling & Care: Chinchillas are fairly quiet, gentle animals that require very little care. If handled when they are young, they remain tame and docile with regular handling. They have a rather delicate rib cage so they must be handled with care to avoid injury Slide your hand under the Chinchilla's chest and gently lift while supporting the hind end with the other hand. Cradle the animal next to your chest. Be careful not to grab the fur. One of the Chinchillas' defenses is throw off hair. If a predator tries to bite a Chinchilla, the Chinchilla will release fur leaving the attacker with a mouthful of fur while the Chinchilla escapes. Chinchillas need to dust bathe to maintain their luxurious coats. This is best accomplished by removing the animal from the cage and allowing them to dust bathe in a room that is easy to clean. Put the dust bath (volcanic ash) in an open container like a cat's litter pan. Fill the container about 1 inch deep with the dust. Place the chinchilla near the pan and watch the fun. (Placing the litter pan in a dry bath tub, or shower stall makes for easier clean up.) Let the animal dust bathe for 15 -20 minutes once or twice a week. Traditionally pine shavings have been used as bedding material for these animals, but recent studies indicate that the phenols in pine that cause their aroma, also can lead to health problems in animals that have direct exposure over an extended period of time. Aspen bedding is a much better and safer choice. Never use cedar shavings for Chinchillas, as the phenols are very strong and cause serious respiratory, skin, coat and liver problems.

How to Adopt a friend:
You can download our adoption application: You should be 18 years or older. Live in a stable place where there are no small pet restrictions. Will be able to provide them with hours of attention, and have a stable income in which to care for them- basic stuff. It seems silly- but I've taken in too many who came from these similar situations. you can email us at An request an application- * All pets currently in Florida location only-

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The Chinchilla Rescue an Adoption Ranch

Now serving all animals in need!

 NEED of adoption
Hey Everyone- we currently have SUGGIES in need of a forever home. They are a pair who are well cared for but need to find a new home. They are adults, people friendly... They are located in Wildwood FL. The owner is will to drive with in a 30 mile radius. They have been breed and she hopes who ever adopts them will be willing to get the male fixed. All interested parties can email me and I will forward all suitable email to her... Thank you so much everyone!

CHINCHILLA by the name of Chili needs a forever home! Chili is a adult Male Grey Chinchilla in Clearwater, FL all interested parties in adopting chili can respond to the ranch an we will forward all emails to her mom. Chili comes with cage and food... she just needs a chance at FOREVER!

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Now helping Sugar Gliders

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We are Located in: Pensacola Florida- serving all the greater Panhandle area. Or Email us at:


The Chinchilla and Small Animal Rescue Ranch
Join us in becoming animals rescuers- adopt a animal in need today.

THERE ARE CHINCHILLA IN NEED! If you having trouble adopting and animal in your area outside of where we are located- we can help. At The Chinchilla Rescue Ranch we help place surrendered animals in the hands of those willing to adopt a animal in need. We have placed over 15 chinchillas out of our area, an will continue to find every avenue to get these guys a comfort home. So even if you would like to surrender an animal and your not near us here in Pensacola- "WE CAN HELP" !

Pet Super Market 3081 SW 160th Avenue, Miramar, Fl 33027 In the Fountains of Miramar Shopping Center (Northwest corner of I-75 and Miramar Parkway) Phone: 954-431-0526
.. Thanks _ Michelle S The Chinchilla Rescue Ranch of Pensacola Florida

Gulf Breeze Ave.  •  Pensacola, FL 32507

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