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Centennial Plaza
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Be a Part of VFW's Centennial Plaza

VFW Centennial Plaza

The plaza, which commemorates 100 years of "veterans helping veterans," features a life-size, two-figured bronze sculpture depicting a soldier transitioning into civilian life. The statue, titled Citizen Soldier, was created by Jim Brothers, a Lawrence, Kansas, sculptor. The bronze statue, sculpted on a one-and-a-quarter life-size scale, is two figures attached at the hip.

"Citizen Soldier" features a life-size bronze sculpture depicting a soldier transitioning into civilian life. The statue was created by Jim Brothers of Lawrence, Kansas.

The plaza bronze tablets represent the VFW's origins; legislative, veterans and community service; and the organization's investment in youth.

The two figures are of the same individual: one is a soldier fighting for his country; the other figure depicts the soldier today as a veteran and as a member of the VFW.

Rounding out the Plaza are five bronze tablets, which represent the VFW's founding fathers; recognition and remembrance of military duty; assistance to disabled veterans; community service; and our alliance with the Ladies Auxiliary and our partnership with today's youth.

The Centennial Plaza was dedicated on October 5, 2001.

This plaque depicts the four major founding fathers: James Romanis, James C. Putnam, General Irving Hale and Herbert O. Kelly. Each is framed by their respective state: Ohio, Colorado and Pennsylvania. The founding date of 1899 and the Cross of Malta finish the design.
Legislative and Veteran Service
An exhausted soldier and veteran in commencement robe and cap flank the G.I. Bill in scroll form. The VFW Buddy Poppy is visible, along with the poem, "In Flanders Fields." A female VFW member volunteers her aid and encouragement to a wheelchair-bound veteran.

The image of the Tomb of the Unknown dominates this plaque. A widow, with her small son boy cradling a tri-folded flag, gazes at the Tomb. The upper portion depicts the last salute to a comrade and a flag at half-staff.

Recognition, Loyalty, and Ladies' Auxiliary
The Firefighter and Police Officer of the Year proudly receive their honors while Glory waves proudly behind the bust of Ms. Liberty. An Auxiliary member presents "one more" cancer aid and research check to one of many doctors dedicated to the eradication of this disease. Lower right, the Ladies Auxiliary logo broadcast images of the Auxiliary's numerous contributions and achievements.

Youth and the VFW's Future Vision
The VFW's commitment to our active-duty military is proudly acknowledged by a young seaman, just home from the sea, standing with his wife and child as a VFW member greets him. A young man with his ball glove and a young woman, Voice of Democracy speech in hand, are being coached and encouraged by a VFW member.

The VFW assists all veterans and their families obtain veterans' entitlements and other services. In addition, the organization works for the well being of those serving on active duty, in the National Guard and the Reserves. The VFW was founded in 1899. There are 2.7 million members of the VFW and its Ladies Auxiliary located in approximately 9,500 Posts worldwide.



VFW's Centennial Plaza Brick Program

Become part of the VFW's Centennial Plaza and show support for America's veterans by purchasing a personalized, engraved brick that will be forever embedded in the plaza's memorial walkway. Costs for the brick rangefrom $100 for up to two lines or $125 for three lines. Each line is a maximum of 17 characters.


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