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Dade County Republican Party

 "The Independent State of Dade"

Welcome to Our Website!

The Dade County Republican Party is committed to promoting Republican ideals and principles and recruiting and electing qualified candidates for public office.

We seek to identify individuals who are civic-minded, have shown themselves to possess integrity and believe in the principles that have made America strong. Our party supports encouraging individual initiative to bolster economic growth and prosperity.

We believe government must practice fiscal responsibility and allow individuals to keep more of the money they earn. We believe in equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity for all.

We believe that together we can make our country a better place, and we invite you to join in these efforts.

~ The Georgia Republican Party Platform ~

Preserving Our Values

The Georgia Republican Party has a long tradition of strong support for traditional family values including Right to Life for all Georgians from fertilization to natural death; Marriage as between only a man and a woman, and 2nd amendment rights for an individual’s right to self defense to name a few.

The Georgia Republican Party reaffirms support for families and values as presented in the National Republican Party Platform and call for support for a human life amendment to the Georgia Constitution and endorsees making clear that the protections under the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution apply to unborn children and that since the 14th Amendment guarantees all citizens equal protection under the law and that since hate crimes legislation elevates some victims of violent crimes over others, the Georgia Republican Party opposes the passage of any Hate Crimes legislation, and call upon the Congress of the United States to oppose such legislation.

Government Reform

The Georgia Republican Party affirms its opposition to the taxpayer funded bailout of US businesses, the unprecedented level of federal deficit spending, and the federal government’s unconstitutional assault on state sovereignty.

The Georgia Republican Party opposes government involvement in the private marketplace that is not specifically provided for in the US Constitution and supports full Congressional oversight of the Federal Reserve including passage of HR-1207, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009.

The Georgia Republican Party affirms that the United States of America is a constitutional Republic and that the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution clearly affirms that all powers not expressly given to the federal government in the US Constitution are reserved for the states or the people. We hereby call for the federal government to recognize the sovereignty of the states and commit ourselves to principles that maximize the freedom and liberty of all Georgians.

The Georgia Republican Party supports fundamental tax reform by the federal government that will maximize personal freedom and allow the engine of America’s private marketplace to thrive. We further believe that the most favorable opportunity to achieve these goals is to repeal the 16th Amendment to the US Constitution and enact the Fair Tax, HR-25/S-296.

Defending Our Freedoms

In recognition of the harsh reality that we are engaged in the defense of the United States and fighting men and women are presently engaged in armed conflict in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other countries assisting peoples of these nations to enjoy the freedom and opportunities we enjoy daily while forestalling attacks on our homeland. We thereby acknowledge the great sacrifices of our military and declare our heartfelt appreciation for their actions on our behalf.

The Georgia Republican Party believes that it is a fundamental right for a person to defend himself and his property and no military or law enforcement agency can ever guarantee total security. Therefore, we recognize the carrying of firearms openly or concealed for lawful purposes as a fundamental right that shall not be infringed; and traditionally and historically any national IDs are considered to be a hallmark of tyranny; and whereas the “Real ID” as proposed by the national 911 Commission is considered to be a national ID system; whereas this represents an unfunded mandate imposing an additional and unnecessary financial burden on the citizens of Georgia; now therefore be it resolved that the Georgia Republican Party strongly urges the Congress of the United States, Georgia General Assembly, and all Republican candidates to oppose the creation, implementation, funding, or operation of any form of a national ID system, and oppose the imposition of the “Real ID system” in Georgia or any state.


John Deffenbaugh, Chairman

Phone: 423-400-8128

Monthly Meetings every 4th Tuesday at 6 PM


Randy's Restaurant

S.R. 136 West
Trenton, Georgia 30752


Phone: 706-657-5330


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Dade County Republican Party  •  Lookout Mountain, GA 30750
phone: 423-400-8128

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