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Senior Badges
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The requirement booklets will be available for check out on a first come first serve basis at meetings. Listed below are the general requirements - see booklets for actual activities.
  • Senior Legacy Badges
    • Collage Artist
      1. Explore collage
      2. Focus on composition
      3. Create with color
      4. Use found objects
      5. Share a message
    • Cross-Training
      1. Set your cross-training goal
      2. Start a stretching and flexibility program
      3. Add a cardio element
      4. Add a toning or strengthening element
      5. Stay motivated to reach your goal
    • Behind the Ballot
      1. Find out more about elections
      2. Investigate the ins and outs of voting
      3. Get out the vote
      4. Plan a campaign
      5. Explore voting in other countries
    • Locavore
      1. Explore the benefits and challenges of going local
      2. Find your local sources
      3. Cook a simple dish showcasing local ingredients
      4. Make a recipe with local ingredients
      5. Try a local cooking challenge
    • Senior First Aid
      1. Find out how to perform triage
      2. Know how to help a head or neck injury
      3. Learn how to make splints
      4. Recognize the signs of drug overdose and alcohol poisoning
      5. Share your knowledge with others
    • Senior Girl Scout Way
      1. Explore Girl Scout music
      2. Help younger Girl Scouts celebrate a special day
      3. Spread sisterhood through the Girl Scout Law
      4. Leave your environment better than you found it
      5. Enjoy Girl Scout Traditions!
    • Sky
      1. Watch the skies
      2. Investigate the science of the skies
      3. Explore the connection between people and flight
      4. Help clear sky pollution
      5. Create sky art
  • Senior Financial Literacy Badges
    • Financing My Future
      1. Declare your dreams
      2. Decide what you need
      3. Go comparison shopping
      4. Explore your financial aid options
      5. Build a blueprint for your future
    • Buying Power
      1. Compare costs and options
      2. Conduct consumer research
      3. Calculate the long-term costs
      4. Investigate ways to find better deals
      5. Create a savings plan for a big purchase you'd like to make
  • Senior Cookie Business Badges
    • My Portfolio
      1. Create a cookie resume
      2. Put together a cookie portfolio
      3. Get feedback about how to market yourself
      4. Write an essay about what you've learned
      5. Learn how to ace an interiew
    • Customer Loyalty
      1. Show how cookie money helps girls
      2. Connect with former cookie sellers
      3. Build your customer list
      4. Create a customer appreciation program
      5. Keep your customer connection going all year
  • Senior Skill Builder Badges
    • GIRLtopia - It's Your World - Change It!
      • Troupe Performer
        1. Pick you performance style
        2. Find and develop material
        3. Rehearse!
        4. Launch your performance
        5. Put on your show
      • Women's Health
        1. Investigate the tests that help women stay healthy
        2. Find out how fads and beauty practices impact health
        3. Focus on techniques to help you stay emotionally healthy
        4. Take a closer look at a women's health issue
        5. Get the word out on a women's health topic
      • Website Designer
        1. Find a worthwhile subject for your website or blog
        2. Be the host with the most
        3. Build a blueprint
        4. Create must-see content
        5. Go live-then drive!
      • Novelist
        1. Deconstruct a novel
        2. Create great characters
        3. Develop a plot
        4. Write at least 20 pages
        5. Edit your pages
      • Science of Style
        1. Test skin care and makeup
        2. Examine the science behind fabrics and accessories
        3. Explore the science behind hair products and perfume
        4. Investigate the sociology of style
        5. Formulate future style
    • Sow What? - It's Your Planet - Love It!
      • Adventurer
        1. Enhance your adventure
        2. Get in the team spirit
        3. Know your gear
        4. Plan your service to the great outdoors
        5. Capture the adventure
      • Car Care
        1. Get a handle on basic car maintenance
        2. Investigate vehicle safety
        3. Research safe driving practices
        4. Find out what to do in case of emergency
        5. Drive for a greener world
      • Room Makeover
        1. Gather ideas and inspiration
        2. Paint something
        3. Sew or glue something
        4. Redo something
        5. Build something
      • Textile Artist
        1. Choose your textile art
        2. Find your tools and materials
        3. Learn the basics
        4. Make something for everyday use
        5. Create a gift or item for a special occasion
      • Truth Seeker
        1. Evaluate your sources
        2. Investigate what the experts say
        3. Be a wise consumer
        4. Find the truth in your everyday life
        5. Become a citizen journalist
    • MISSION: SISTERHOOD! - It's Your Story - Tell It!
      • Voice for Animals
        1. Find out about domestic animals
        2. Investigate animals used for science
        3. Explore animals in husbandry
        4. Take a look at animals used for sports and entertainment
        5. Look into animal issues
      • Business Etiquette
        1. Communicate with style and confidence
        2. Ace an interview
        3. Try your hand at negotiating
        4. Explore how to act on the job
        5. Network with flair
      • Traveler
        1. Research destinations
        2. Look into fun itineraries
        3. Find out how to creat a budget
        4. Gain travel expertise before you go
        5. Take your trip - and make a memory
      • Game Visionary
        1. Break the ice
        2. Imagine all the world's a board
        3. Create a physical challenge
        4. Get puzzled
        5. Make an ultra scavenger hunt
      • Social Innovator
        1. Explore the big picture
        2. Make connections
        3. Build empathy for people affected by your issue
        4. Develop a solution from a specific point of view
        5. Practice pitching ideas and getting feedback

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