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AR First Grade
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Accelerated Reader Quiz List - Reading Practice

Accelerated Reader Quiz List - Reading Practice

Quiz No.



Book Level


9302 ENAnimal BabiesHamsa, Bobbie1.00.5
9352 ENBall Book, TheHillert, Margaret1.00.5
900029 ENBat Helps Out (MH 2001 Edition)Dreyer, Ellen1.00.5
7207 ENBest Castle Ever, TheZiefert, Harriet1.00.5
9354 ENBoy and the Goats, TheHillert, Margaret1.00.5
7254 ENBunny Hop, TheSlater, Teddy1.00.5
900056 ENCave (MH Edition), TheAndrews, Sol1.00.5
34542 ENChickens (Animals: Life Cycles)Saunders-Smith, Gail1.00.5
9359 ENCome to School, Dear DragonHillert, Margaret1.00.5
45962 SP¡Corre, perro, corre!Eastman, P.D.1.00.5
7215 ENDozen Dogs, AZiefert, Harriet1.00.5
19221 ENHat for Minerva Louise, AStoeke, Janet Morgan1.00.5
9371 ENI Like ThingsHillert, Margaret1.00.5
9322 ENKatie Couldn'tMcDaniel, Becky1.00.5
40731 ENLittle Critter Sleeps OverMayer, Mercer1.00.5
900033 ENPet for Max (MH 2001 Edition), ABenjamin, Cynthia1.00.5
40503 ENQqDoudna, Kelly1.00.5
6648 ENSheep in a JeepShaw, Nancy1.00.5
9389 ENSnow Baby, TheHillert, Margaret1.00.5
9395 ENUp, Up, and AwayHillert, Margaret1.00.5
40509 ENVvDoudna, Kelly1.00.5
32076 ENWarm Clothes (Preparing for Winter)Saunders-Smith, Gail1.00.5
9398 ENWhy We Have ThanksgivingHillert, Margaret1.00.5
40513 ENZzDoudna, Kelly1.00.5
9301 ENAddition AnnieGisler, David1.10.5
9046 ENB. Bears and the Spooky Old Tree, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan1.10.5
900009 ENBig Brother Little Brother (MH Edition)Dale, Penny1.10.5
9304 ENBobby's ZooLunn, Carolyn1.10.5
40490 ENckMolter, Carey1.10.5
900054 ENDig for Clams (MH 2001 Edition)Oliver, Paula1.10.5
106284 ENDon't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!Willems, Mo1.10.5
26676 ENFirefighters Fight Fires (Community Helpers)Greene, Carol1.10.5
7267 ENFreddie's SpaghettiDoyle, Charlotte1.10.5
9312 ENGo-with WordsDobkin, Bonnie1.10.5
7219 ENHappy Birthday, Cookie Monster!Haus, Felice1.10.5
7220 ENHappy Birthday, Thomas!Awdry, W.1.10.5
14621 ENHiccups for ElephantPreller, James1.10.5
7223 ENI Hate BootsZiefert, Harriet1.10.5
7224 ENIce Cream SoupHerman, Gail1.10.5
9379 ENLittle Cowboy and the Big Cowboy, TheHillert, Margaret1.10.5
40732 ENLittle Critter's the Best PresentMayer, Mercer1.10.5
9381 ENLittle Red Riding HoodHillert, Margaret1.10.5
46363 ENLiving in a Rain ForestWinne, Joanne1.10.5
18314 ENMargaret and MargaritaReiser, Lynn1.10.5
9035 ENMarvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now!Seuss, Dr.1.10.5
9335 ENPurple Is Part of a RainbowKowalczyk, Carolyn1.10.5
31835 ENSisters (Families)Schaefer, Lola M.1.10.5
10542 ENSnug BugDubowski, Cathy East1.10.5
7243 ENSo Sick!Ziefert, Harriet1.10.5
40506 ENSsDoudna, Kelly1.10.5
16854 ENSurprise!Fine, Jane1.10.5
7295 ENThomas and the School TripAwdry, W.1.10.5
11191 ENToad Eats OutSchade/Buller1.10.5
31842 ENUncles (Families)Schaefer, Lola M.1.10.5
14647 ENWhat a Hungry Puppy!Herman, Gail1.10.5
11154 ENAnansi's Narrow WaistCabral, Len1.20.5
7239 ENB. Bears Ready, Get Set, Go!, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan1.20.5
7205 ENBabar's PicnicBrunhoff, Laurent De1.20.5
900052 ENBox of Bugs (MH 2001 Edition), AMaxwell, Clark1.20.5
31764 ENBrushing Well (Dental Health)Frost, Helen1.20.5
900085 ENBug Bath (MH), TheMiranda, Anne1.20.5
34543 ENCarrots (Plants: Life Cycles)Saunders-Smith, Gail1.20.5
7210 ENCave BoyDubowski, Cathy East1.20.5
41852 ENClifford's Word BookBridwell, Norman1.20.5
6059 ENClifford the Big Red DogBridwell, Norman1.20.5
9358 ENCome Play with MeHillert, Margaret1.20.5
16855 ENDigbyHazen, Barbara Shook1.20.5
9311 ENEverybody SaysDobkin, Bonnie1.20.5
31773 ENFireflies (Insects)Coughlan, Cheryl1.20.5
900032 ENIn the Lake (MH 2001 Edition)Apple, Gary1.20.5
9323 ENKatie Did ItMcDaniel, Becky1.20.5
900030 ENKent and Glen (MH Edition)Miranda, Anne1.20.5
31776 ENLadybugs (Insects)Coughlan, Cheryl1.20.5
9324 ENLarry and the CookieMcDaniel, Becky1.20.5
5522 ENLeo the Late BloomerKraus, Robert1.20.5
54459 ENLet's Get Ready for HanukkahWinne, Joanne1.20.5
46367 ENLiving on an IslandWinne, Joanne1.20.5
6129 ENMilton the Early RiserKraus, Robert1.20.5
11179 ENMore Spaghetti, I Say!Gelman, Rita Golden1.20.5
87585 ENMouse Went Out to Get a SnackMcFarland, Lyn Rossiter1.20.5
7584 ENNobody Asked Me If I Wanted a Baby SisterAlexander, Martha1.20.5
900028 ENPets (MH Edition)Clerk, Jessica1.20.5
9387 ENPinocchioHillert, Margaret1.20.5
10540 ENSheep out to EatShaw, Nancy1.20.5
9345 ENToo Many BalloonsMatthias, Catherine1.20.5
36927 ENtrMolter, Carey1.20.5
900053 ENTwo Tests (MH 2001 Edition)Gold, Becky1.20.5
7246 ENWake Up, SunHarrison, David1.20.5
32777 ENWe Need Water (Water)Frost, Helen1.20.5
900087 ENWhat Bug Is It? (MH)Cummings, Pat1.20.5
9100 ENWorking DogsMarquardt, Max1.20.5
7202 ENAll by MyselfMayer, Mercer1.30.5
32069 ENApple Trees (Plants: Life Cycles)Saunders-Smith, Gail1.30.5
36594 ENBark, GeorgeFeiffer, Jules1.30.5
900057 ENBig Secret (MH Edition), TheKane, Tim1.30.5
31747 ENBird Eggs (Birds)Frost, Helen1.30.5
40699 ENBug, a Bear, and a Boy, AMcPhail, David1.30.5
36924 ENchScheunemann, Pam1.30.5
31623 ENChick and the Duckling, TheGinsburg, Mirra1.30.5
9454 ENFarm NoisesMiller, Jane1.30.5
31770 ENFlies (Insects)Coughlan, Cheryl1.30.5
31763 ENFood for Healthy Teeth (Dental Health)Frost, Helen1.30.5
32067 ENFrogs (Animals: Life Cycles)Saunders-Smith, Gail1.30.5
31814 ENGrandfathers (Families)Schaefer, Lola M.1.30.5
900069 ENGreat Snakes! (MH Edition)Robinson, Fay1.30.5
31782 ENHoney Bees and Hives (Honey Bees)Schaefer, Lola M.1.30.5
36775 ENI Feel SadDoudna, Kelly1.30.5
9316 ENI Love CatsMatthias, Catherine1.30.5
7229 ENJust Me and My BabysitterMayer, Mercer1.30.5
900093 ENLet's Camp Out (MH)Time-for-Kids-Editors1.30.5
46362 ENLiving in a DesertKottke, Jan1.30.5
46364 ENLiving Near a RiverWinne, Joanne1.30.5
46365 ENLiving on a MountainWinne, Joanne1.30.5
900100 ENNight Animals (MH), TheTime-for-Kids-Editors1.30.5
31755 ENSea Stars (Ocean Life)Schaefer, Lola M.1.30.5
900086 ENSplash! (MH)Clerk, Jessica1.30.5
900034 ENSpot's Trick (MH Edition)Nayer, Judy1.30.5
36922 ENstScheunemann, Pam1.30.5
32897 ENTen, Nine, EightBang, Molly1.30.5
7294 ENThis Is My FriendMayer, Mercer1.30.5
46374 ENTrain RidesWalker, Pamela1.30.5
900046 ENVan and the Cab (MH Edition), TheCohen, Della1.30.5
36015 ENVery Busy Spider, TheCarle, Eric1.30.5
36802 ENWe Need Custodians (Helpers in Our School)Bauld, Jane Scoggins1.30.5
11194 ENWe're Going on a Bear HuntRosen, Michael J.1.30.5
82758 ENYellow BirdEggleton, Jill1.30.5
57580 ENB. Bears Say Good Night, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan1.40.5
42919 ENBear's Christmas Stard'Allancé, Mireille1.40.5
11161 ENBookstore CatWheeler, Cindy1.40.5
32074 ENButterflies (Animals: Life Cycles)Saunders-Smith, Gail1.40.5
9307 ENBuzz Is Part of a Bee, ALunn, Carolyn1.40.5
31612 ENBuzzzz Said the BeeLewison, Wendy Cheyette1.40.5
42143 ENClifford's RiddlesBridwell, Norman1.40.5
34538 ENCousins (Families)Schaefer, Lola M.1.40.5
16975 END.W. All WetBrown, Marc1.40.5
6114 ENFievel's Big ShowdownHerman, Gail1.40.5
7217 ENFollow the Monsters!Lerner, Sharon1.40.5
900035 ENFun Run (MH Edition)Patrick, Rachel1.40.5
900090 ENGreg's Mask (MH)McGovern, Ann1.40.5
7270 ENHappy Mother's Day!Hautzig, Deborah1.40.5
31784 ENHoney Bees and Honey (Honey Bees)Schaefer, Lola M.1.40.5
84979 ENI Love the RainBridges, Margaret Park1.40.5
108311 ENIsland Grows, AnSchaefer, Lola M.1.40.5
7276 ENJust Me and My DadMayer, Mercer1.40.5
5520 ENKiss for Little Bear, AMinarik, Else Holmelund1.40.5
10528 ENKit and KatPaola, Tomie De1.40.5
900065 ENKite's Island Trip (MH Edition)Meadows, Lily1.40.5
54457 ENLet's Get Ready for EasterWinne, Joanne1.40.5
54460 ENLet's Get Ready for KwanzaaWinne, Joanne1.40.5
10478 ENLittle Drummer Boy, Theal., Katherine Davis et1.40.5
46366 ENLiving on a PlainWinne, Joanne1.40.5
29299 ENLouella Mae, She's Run Away!Alarcón, Karen Beaumont1.40.5
31808 ENMaple Trees (Trees)Freeman, Marcia S.1.40.5
27205 ENMrs. Spider's Beautiful WebRandell, Beverley1.40.5
6080 ENOld Black FlyAylesworth, Jim1.40.5
32059 ENPicking Apples (Apples)Saunders-Smith, Gail1.40.5
54486 ENPresents for SantaZiefert, Harriet1.40.5
900022 ENSam and Jack (MH 2001 Edition)Taylor, Donna1.40.5
900091 ENSam's Song (MH)Capucilli, Alysa Satin1.40.5
6143 ENShortcutCrews, Donald1.40.5
34894 ENSleep, Little One, SleepBauer, Marion Dane1.40.5
9344 ENSweet DreamsNeasi, Barbara1.40.5
58599 ENWater Hole, TheBase, Graeme1.40.5
900031 ENWhat's New at the Zoo? (MH 2001 Edition)Nayer, Judy1.40.5
7249 ENWho Will Be My Friends?Hoff, Syd1.40.5
21260 ENArthur's Reading RaceBrown, Marc1.50.5
7204 ENBabar's Little Circus StarBrunhoff, Laurent De1.50.5
31778 ENBumble Bees (Insects)Coughlan, Cheryl1.50.5
31805 ENButterfly Eggs (Butterflies)Frost, Helen1.50.5
9054 ENCome to My PartyRichardson, Judith1.50.5
35047 ENCount on CliffordBridwell, Norman1.50.5
16976 END.W. FlipsBrown, Marc1.50.5
2306 ENDale Earnhardt, Jr. (Reading Power)Kirkpatrick, Rob1.50.5
7260 ENDavid and the GiantLittle, Emily1.50.5
7264 ENDouble-HeaderHerman, Gail1.50.5
11170 ENEngelbert Moves the HousePaxton, Tom1.50.5
7216 ENFive Silly FishermenEdwards, Roberta1.50.5
14169 ENFoal's Seasons, TheHartley, Linda1.50.5
16864 ENFollow Me!Ziefert, Harriet1.50.5
31721 ENFresh Fall LeavesFranco, Betsy1.50.5
9021 ENGreen Eggs and HamSeuss, Dr1.50.5
7271 ENHarry Goes to Day CampZiefert, James1.50.5
31590 ENHenny-PennyZiefert, Harriet1.50.5
101305 ENHi, Fly Guy!Arnold, Tedd1.50.5
9023 ENHop on PopSeuss, Dr.1.50.5
900037 ENHow Many Cubs? (MH 2001 Edition)Jones, Penelope1.50.5
36774 ENI Feel HappyDoudna, Kelly1.50.5
36772 ENI Feel ScaredDoudna, Kelly1.50.5
7274 ENJust a MessMayer, Mercer1.50.5
7284 ENMe Too!Mayer, Mercer1.50.5
11180 ENMr. Sun and Mr. SeaButler, Andrea1.50.5
15276 ENMy ShadowMitchell, Rachel1.50.5
31809 ENOak Trees (Trees)Freeman, Marcia S.1.50.5
31760 ENOctopuses (Ocean Life)Schaefer, Lola M.1.50.5
9332 ENPear by Itself, ABaker, Bonnie1.50.5
44653 ENPinkerton, Behave!Kellogg, Steven1.50.5
77960 ENPlayground Problem, TheMcNamara, Margaret1.50.5
7290 ENPrince's Tooth Is Loose, TheZiefert, Harriet1.50.5
16853 ENQuick, Quack, Quick!Arnold, Marsha1.50.5
900098 ENRing! Ring! Ring! (MH)Time-for-Kids-Editors1.50.5
31754 ENSea Urchins (Ocean Life)Schaefer, Lola M.1.50.5
11391 ENSheep Take a HikeShaw, Nancy1.50.5
9341 ENSometimes Things ChangeEastman, Patricia1.50.5
84094 ENTo the Beach!Ashman, Linda1.50.5
900008 ENWalking Through the Jungle (MH Edition)Harter, Debbie1.50.5
54455 ENWidgetMcFarland, Lyn Rossiter1.50.5
31765 ENAmbulances (Community Vehicles)Freeman, Marcia S.1.60.5
5456 ENAre You My Mother?Eastman, P.D.1.60.5
16970 ENArthur's NoseBrown, Marc1.60.5
9011 ENBike Lesson, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan1.60.5
31803 ENButterfly Colors (Butterflies)Frost, Helen1.60.5
36693 ENClifford to the RescueBridwell, Norman1.60.5
31629 ENClifford, We Love YouBridwell, Norman1.60.5
11165 ENCrazy Quilt, TheAvery, Kristin1.60.5
10516 ENDoll PartyAlbert, Shirley1.60.5
108314 ENEats, Shoots & Leaves: Why, Commas Really Do Make a Difference!Truss, Lynne1.60.5
9160 ENErnie's Big MessRoberts, Sarah1.60.5
900036 ENFall is Fun! (MH Edition)Archer, Ron1.60.5
9058 ENGet Set and GoFeldman, Eve1.60.5
31775 ENGrasshoppers (Insects)Coughlan, Cheryl1.60.5
10521 ENHello, Two-Wheeler!Mason, Jane B.1.60.5
9315 ENHungry Billy Goat, TheMilios, Rita1.60.5
10525 ENI Was So MadMayer, Mercer1.60.5
6071 ENIce-Cold BirthdayCocca-Leffler, Maryann1.60.5
7857 ENIn the Tall, Tall GrassFleming, Denise1.60.5
6121 ENIs Your Mama a Llama?Guarino, Deborah1.60.5
7277 ENJust Me and My PuppyMayer, Mercer1.60.5
54456 ENLet's Get Ready for ChristmasWinne, Joanne1.60.5
16852 ENLet's TradeZiefert, Harriet1.60.5
9325 ENListen to MeNeasi, Barbara1.60.5
900042 ENLittle Tree Grows Up (MH Edition)Levy, Julia1.60.5
7288 ENNoah's ArkHayward, Linda1.60.5
31806 ENPalm Trees (Trees)Freeman, Marcia S.1.60.5
900006 ENPicnic Farm (MH Edition)Morton, Christine1.60.5
31807 ENPine Trees (Trees)Freeman, Marcia S.1.60.5
14642 ENReady, Set, GO!Stadler, John1.60.5
31757 ENSea Horses (Ocean Life)Schaefer, Lola M.1.60.5
31798 ENSeeds (Growing Flowers)Saunders-Smith, Gail1.60.5
900058 ENShow and Tell Rose (MH Edition)Lee, Josie1.60.5
75804 ENSnow MusicPerkins, Lynne Rae1.60.5
7298 ENTim and Jim Take OffZiefert, Harriet1.60.5
11192 ENTom the TV CatHeilbroner, Joan1.60.5
26684 ENVeterinarians Help Animals (Community Helpers)Greene, Carol1.60.5
7250 ENWhy Can't I Fly?Gelman, Rita Golden1.60.5
7300 ENYou're the Scaredy-CatMayer, Mercer1.60.5
108879 ENZuzu's Wishing CakeMichelin, Linda1.60.5
7201 ENAcross the StreamGinsburg, Mirra1.70.5
6101 ENAddie Meets MaxRobins, Joan1.70.5
7208 ENBig Bird's Copycat DayLerner, Sharon1.70.5
6056 ENBig Dog...Little DogEastman, P.D.1.70.5
9010 ENBig Honey Hunt, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan1.70.5
7209 ENBig Mile Race, TheKessler, Leonard1.70.5
900059 ENBigger House for June (MH Edition), ASmyth, Anna1.70.5
900063 ENCan Jodie Find It? (MH Edition)Conrad, Ana1.70.5
41851 ENClifford's First Snow DayBridwell, Norman1.70.5
9360 ENCow That Got Her Wish, TheHillert, Margaret1.70.5
75093 ENFroggy's Baby SisterLondon, Jonathan1.70.5
7268 ENGeraldine's BlanketKeller, Holly1.70.5
900041 ENGood Life (MH Edition), TheWilliams, April1.70.5
900066 ENHome Sweet Anthill (MH Edition)Orr, Chloe1.70.5
7273 ENI Like Ketchup SandwichesConway, Lisa1.70.5
900002 ENJasper's Beanstalk (MH Edition)Butterworth/Inkpen1.70.5
35829 ENJoseph Had a Little OvercoatTaback, Simms1.70.5
9571 ENJust Camping OutMayer, Mercer1.70.5
7279 ENJust Shopping with MomMayer, Mercer1.70.5
1558 ENLadybug's Life, AHimmelman, John1.70.5
54461 ENLet's Get Ready for ThanksgivingWinne, Joanne1.70.5
17325 ENMath in the Bath (and Other Fun Places, Too!)Atherlay, Sara1.70.5
7580 ENMean SoupEveritt, Betsy1.70.5
9327 ENMessy Bessey's ClosetMcKissack, Patricia C.1.70.5
16145 ENMinerva Louise at SchoolStoeke, Janet Morgan1.70.5
5486 ENMother, Mother I Want AnotherPolushkin, Maria1.70.5
29237 ENMr. Gumpy's OutingBurningham, John1.70.5
16398 ENMy Brother, AntByars, Betsy1.70.5
7385 ENNo More Monsters for MeParish, Peggy1.70.5
9183 ENNobody Cares About Me!Roberts, Sarah1.70.5
14977 ENNuts to You!Ehlert, Lois1.70.5
9042 ENOne Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue FishSeuss, Dr.1.70.5
31753 ENParrotfish (Ocean Life)Schaefer, Lola M.1.70.5
9081 ENPete Pig Cleans UpHulbert, Jay1.70.5
31750 ENPolar Bears (Bears)Freeman, Marcia S.1.70.5
44654 ENRainStojic, Manya1.70.5
9044 ENShape of Me and Other StuffSeuss, Dr.1.70.5
900017 ENShrinking Mouse (MH)Hutchins, Pat1.70.5
7241 ENSir Small and the DragonflyO'Connor, Jane1.70.5
900092 ENSnakes (MH)Minters, Frances1.70.5
900089 ENStan's Stunt (MH)Plourde, Lynn1.70.5
14042 ENStars' Trip to Earth, TheEcole-Viscount-Alexander-Schoo1.70.5
45453 ENStray Dog, TheSassa/Simont1.70.5
104778 ENSuper Fly GuyArnold, Tedd1.70.5
25274 ENTo Market, To MarketMiranda, Anne1.70.5
9092 ENTom and Pippo on the BeachOxenbury, Helen1.70.5
32773 ENWater as a Gas (Water)Frost, Helen1.70.5
32774 ENWater as a Liquid (Water)Frost, Helen1.70.5
900011 ENWho Took the Farmer's Hat? (MH Edition)Nodset, Joan L.1.70.5
11153 ENAll Tutus Should Be PinkBrownrigg, Sheri1.80.5
10503 ENAmelia Bedelia Goes CampingParish, Peggy1.80.5
10505 ENBaby MosesHayward, Linda1.80.5
10506 ENBaby Sister Says NoMayer, Mercer1.80.5
7206 ENBeef StewBrenner, Barbara1.80.5
26753 ENBein' with You This WayNikola-Lisa, W.1.80.5
9009 ENBerenstain Bears and the Missing Dinosaur Bone, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan1.80.5
31748 ENBird Families (Birds)Frost, Helen1.80.5
31745 ENBird Nests (Birds)Frost, Helen1.80.5
13858 ENCamp Knock KnockDuffey, Betsy1.80.5
41848 ENClifford Gets a JobBridwell, Norman1.80.5
17515 ENClifford's First AutumnBridwell, Norman1.80.5
10460 ENClifford's HalloweenBridwell, Norman1.80.5
14613 ENClifford's Sports DayBridwell, Norman1.80.5
17518 ENClifford's TricksBridwell, Norman1.80.5
7553 ENDad's Dinosaur DayHearn, Diane1.80.5
16197 ENDay the Teacher Went Bananas, TheHowe, James1.80.5
900004 ENFive Little Ducks (MH Edition)Raffi1.80.5
10518 ENFox in LoveMarshall, Edward1.80.5
17526 ENFroggy Gets DressedLondon, Jonathan1.80.5
54804 ENGerms! Germs! Germs!Katz, Bobbi1.80.5
11172 ENGhost and PeteDodds, Dayle Ann1.80.5
7218 ENGoodnight MoonBrown, Margaret Wise1.80.5
9313 ENGreat Bug Hunt, TheDobkin, Bonnie1.80.5
900202 ENHenry and Mudge (MH)Rylant, Cynthia1.80.5
31673 ENHi, Cat!Keats, Ezra Jack1.80.5
31783 ENHoney Bees and Flowers (Honey Bees)Schaefer, Lola M.1.80.5
9064 ENHow Do Plants Get Food?Goldish, Meish1.80.5
13869 ENJoy Boys, TheByars, Betsy1.80.5
9573 ENJust Me and My CousinMayer, Mercer1.80.5
7231 ENJust Me and My Little SisterMayer, Mercer1.80.5
32772 ENKeeping Water Clean (Water)Frost, Helen1.80.5
16396 ENKnow-Nothings, TheSpirn, Michele Sobel1.80.5
12379 ENKnoxville, TennesseeGiovanni, Nikki1.80.5
9069 ENKomodo!Sis, Peter1.80.5
9071 ENLet's Take the BusEconomos, Chris1.80.5
9072 ENLife with MaxCarlson, Judy1.80.5
9037 ENMr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?Seuss, Dr.1.80.5
26621 ENMy One Book (My Number Books)Moncure, Jane Belk1.80.5
83484 ENMy Teacher for PresidentWinters, Kay1.80.5
26622 ENMy Two Book (My Number Books)Moncure, Jane Belk1.80.5
9077 ENNew Kid, TheEconomos, Chris1.80.5
9040 ENOh, the Thinks You Can Think!Seuss, Dr.1.80.5
9331 ENPaul the PitcherSharp, Paul1.80.5
7389 ENPenrod's PantsChristian, Mary Blount1.80.5
900020 ENPete's Chicken (MH Edition)Ziefert, Harriet1.80.5
16869 ENPeter's ChairKeats, Ezra Jack1.80.5
31615 ENPrincess and the Pea, TheZiefert, Harriet1.80.5
21421 ENRabbit and Hare Divide an AppleZiefert, Harriet1.80.5
10539 ENSamantha the SnobCristaldi, Kathryn1.80.5
31756 ENSea Anemones (Ocean Life)Schaefer, Lola M.1.80.5
10543 ENSpider's Lunch: All About Garden SpidersCole, Joanna1.80.5
9342 ENSpiders and WebsLunn, Carolyn1.80.5
31800 ENStems (Growing Flowers)Saunders-Smith, Gail1.80.5
7346 ENThree by the SeaMarshall, Edward1.80.5
900072 ENYou Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover (MH Edition)Lau, Chuck1.80.5
5457 ENAt the CrossroadsIsadora, Rachel1.90.5
900077 ENBarney Bird (MH Edition)Berical, Kate1.90.5
9006 ENBears' Christmas, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan1.90.5
9008 ENBears' Picnic, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan1.90.5
105275 ENBelowCrews, Nina1.90.5
29233 ENCarrot Seed, TheKrauss, Ruth1.90.5
7211 ENChesterHoff, Syd1.90.5
42139 ENClifford Grows UpBridwell, Norman1.90.5
7257 ENClifford's ChristmasBridwell, Norman1.90.5
9566 ENClifford's First ChristmasBridwell, Norman1.90.5
17516 ENClifford's First HalloweenBridwell, Norman1.90.5
10514 ENClifford's Happy EasterBridwell, Norman1.90.5
53062 ENClifford's Happy Mother's DayBridwell, Norman1.90.5
11164 ENClifford's KittenBridwell, Norman1.90.5
9567 ENClifford's MannersBridwell, Norman1.90.5
7258 ENClifford's Puppy DaysBridwell, Norman1.90.5
31758 ENCrabs (Ocean Life)Schaefer, Lola M.1.90.5
9157 ENDon't Cry, Big BirdRoberts, Sarah1.90.5
28791 ENDoorbell Rang, TheHutchins, Pat1.90.5
16856 ENFat Cat Sat on the Mat, TheKarlin, Nurit1.90.5
31768 ENFire Boats (Community Vehicles)Freeman, Marcia S.1.90.5
31767 ENFire Engines (Community Vehicles)Freeman, Marcia S.1.90.5
6067 ENGood-Bye Book, TheViorst, Judith1.90.5
19137 ENIt Could Still Be a BirdFowler, Allan1.90.5
36421 ENJust Grandma and MeMayer, Mercer1.90.5
7275 ENJust Grandpa and MeMayer, Mercer1.90.5
7278 ENJust My Friend and MeMayer, Mercer1.90.5
900096 ENKnee-High Man (MH), TheDreyer, Ellen1.90.5
16388 ENLet's Go, Froggy!London, Jonathan1.90.5
16400 ENMagic Porridge Pot, TheZiefert, Harriet1.90.5
80866 ENManana, IguanaPaul, Ann Whitford1.90.5
7381 ENMissing Tooth, TheCole, Joanna1.90.5
30846 ENMouse PracticeMcCully, Emily Arnold1.90.5
105023 ENMove!Jenkins, Steve1.90.5
26625 ENMy Five Book (My Number Books)Moncure, Jane Belk1.90.5
26624 ENMy Four Book (My Number Books)Moncure, Jane Belk1.90.5
26627 ENMy Seven Book (My Number Books)Moncure, Jane Belk1.90.5
14638 ENNina, Nina BallerinaO'Connor, Jane1.90.5
52402 ENOlivia Saves the CircusFalconer, Ian1.90.5
42161 ENOops, Clifford!Bridwell, Norman1.90.5
7587 ENPeace at LastMurphy, Jill1.90.5
26680 ENPolice Officers Protect People (Community Helpers)Greene, Carol1.90.5
63504 ENRap a Tap Tap: Here's Bojangles-Think of That!Dillon, Leo/Diane1.90.5
5538 ENRonald Morgan Goes to BatGiff, Patricia Reilly1.90.5
7342 ENScruffyParish, Peggy1.90.5
7592 ENSeven Blind MiceYoung, Ed1.90.5
8039 ENSimon and the WindTibo, Gilles1.90.5
76157 ENSparky and Eddie: The First Day of SchoolJohnston, Tony1.90.5
9343 ENStop-Go, Fast-SlowMcLenighan, Valjean1.90.5
25168 ENTasting ThingsFowler, Allan1.90.5
7647 ENTeach Us, Amelia BedeliaParish, Peggy1.90.5
7245 ENTwinkle, Twinkle, Little BugRoss, Katharine1.90.5
34890 ENVery ScaryJohnston, Tony1.90.5
42620 ENWhat Could Be Keeping Santa?Janovitz, Marilyn1.90.5
9347 ENWhat's in a Box?Boivin, Kelly1.90.5
900119 ENWho's New in Our School? (MH Edition)Lawrence, Anne1.90.5
81703 ENWinners Never Quit!Hamm, Mia1.90.5
101671 ENWobbly Wand, TheBevan, Clare1.90.5
79894 ENYou Read to Me, I'll Read to You...Stories to Read TogetherHoberman, Mary Ann1.90.5
31761 ENYour Teeth (Dental Health)Frost, Helen1.90.5

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