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General Blanket Guidelines
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Blanket Guidelines
All blankets must be new, handmade, washable, and dryable. Suitable materials are 100% cotton fabric, flannel, fleece, and acrylic yarn and should be colorful, cheerful, and cuddly. They can be knitted, crocheted, quilted or finished-edge fleece (instructions below). Suggested sizes for our chapter (please, none smaller) are: 36" x 36", 36" x 42", 40" x 58" and 58" x 72. Please do not embellish with pins, buttons, or bows and do not use holiday or religious-themed material.

We have lots of tried-and-true patterns, and you can find patterns on the PL national website. We've linked to the site (see "Links Section" on this page, left).

Because some of these blankets go to critically ill children, they must be fragrance free and smoke free, with no pet hair or dander.

NOTE: If you are new to Project Linus, please contact Marleen to go over your blanket info to make sure it meets the requirements of our hospitals and shelters.

Drop Off Contacts

please include your name and email information with your blankets

Northern Atlanta Suburbs

Contact: Marleen Manley - bymar123@bellsouth.net
5892 Bridgemont Place
Acworth, GA 30101
(770) 917-1771

Helen Dudick

Call to arrange place, date and time

Notes: Drop-off, pick up or meet. Call for more information.

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