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Making Fleece Blankets
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Fleece Blankets are very comforting for the children who receive them as well as fun and rewarding for the children and adults who make them. Because we work so closely with the hospitals and shelters where your blankets are donated, we have specific guidelines to better meet their requirements, as well as make your experience a pleasant one.

Fleece material is 60" wide and has a selvage on both sides that has to be cut off before you even decide how you are going to finish your blanket. The selvage is approximately 1" to 2" wide, sometimes it's very fuzzy and rolled, or it may be white with manufacturer information. To be on the safe side, please ask the person cutting the material to show you the selvage. Each blanket should be made from no less than 1.5 to 2 yards of fleece.

There are several ways to finish a fleece blanket - bunny ears, rotary scalloped edge, braided, surged, sewed, etc. - but the most popular is the no-sew method of making tied knots or cutting a fringe. These are not hard to make, however, if you aren't use to working with fleece, your blanket could end up puckered and/or lopsided, and one you would not want to give to anyone, much less a very sick child. Please follow these chapter guidelines to help you make a more perfect blanket and the process a lot easier. There is a link "Fleece Blanket Finishing" on the left side bar that will give you specific instructions on your border of choice.

1. Use masking tape to mark your cutting lines for a neater fringe

2. Use sharp scissors for a smooth cut. Dull scissors will chew the fabric.

3. Single layer only please. You can comfort twice as many children the for same cost.

4. Only fringe or knot on two or three sides of the blanket

5. Knots or fringe should be no longer than 5"

6. Be careful not to tie the knots too tight. If the material puckers, the knots are too tight.

7. Be careful not to pull the fringe as this will cause it to curl.

8. If you are a new Blanketeer or have questions, please contact Marleen before you begin

Fleece Braided

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Marleen - bymar123@bellsouth.net

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