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Updated April 7, 2011

2010 was a very good year for the NW Atlanta Chapter. It was a record breaking year in blanket donations and also the 10th anniversary of the Chapter.

In February our Chapter became 10 years old. WOW. That is just incredible. More incredible than that, with all of your help, we have been able to deliver over 23,000 blankets through 2010 year end. It is always sad to say that we have delivered such a huge number of blankets because that also means there were over 23,000 children in need. However, with that many children in need of a hug and all of your efforts, we have never had to turn a child away. All of those children thank you so very much.

The Disney Give A Day, Get A Day effort last year was also a part of the quick jump in our blanket totals. We were expecting to get around 50 or 60 blankets from the people in the area wanting to make a blanket to get a ticket to Disney. Well, very much to our surprise (and the dismay of a wonderful wonderful group of quilters) from January 1st to January 11th we were pledged to have over 3,000 blankets by the end of February. All of the blankets needed to be checked for quality, labeled and delivered. In a normal quarter, our Chapter delivers between 500 and 600 blankets. In the first quarter of 2010, we delivered 2,094. That is more blankets than we delivered in all of 2009. A great BIG Thank You to Gramís Quilters for all of their hard work.

One of our Blanketeers also had a record breaking year. Bea Ingram has been crocheting her beautiful preemie blankets since our chapter started. Because of her macular degeneration, she crochets by feel. On Dec. 25th, she completed her 2000th blanket. Our sincere appreciation goes out to this sweet lady for her continued support and love for these little babies. Her adorable little blankets calm the fears of their Mother's as they know their blanket was made with tender loving care. (Maybe we could insert Bea's picture here with her 2000th blanket)

For those of you that participated in the making of the scarves for the Special Olympics - our second year - we did fantastic. This of course is over and above (and outside of) Project Linus but still a wonderful effort. That is a great great effort of love and will continue each year. I have already been in touch with the Special Olympics of Cobb County and they do want to do it again next January. For those that want to make them, the colors have not been announced yet, but I have been asking often for them to make a decision. Write to me or call me if you have questions about them.

Thank you again for all that you do ... from Sandy and me ... and from all of the children that you comfort. Give yourself a hug.

Marleen POC: Marleen - bymar123@bellsouth.net

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