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Comfort to Children
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Project Linus comforts by providing handmade blankets to children in countries around the world who have survived the ravages of war and destruction. Post September 11, 2001, chapters all over the United States were providing blankets to children in New York and Washington to let them know someone cared. In January 2002, Marleen Manley, Coordinator of the Northwest Atlanta Chapter, believed this effort should be continued for every child who had lost a parent in the war on terror. She became the national coordinator in the effort to comfort the children of our fallen heroes with the gift of a handmade blanket. The task involves researching every soldier killed in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom to determine if they had children and if so, where they are currently living. Once determined, Marleen contacts the Project Linus coordinator closest to the family and provides them with information on the children in order for them to pick the perfect blanket. If there is no coordinator in that area, the Northwest Atlanta Chapter provides the blankets.

Update: February 2017

Afghanistan - 2,376 soldiers have died. Of the 1,916 children of these Heroes that we have identified, so far we have delivered blankets to 1,640 of them.

Iraq - 4,511 Soldiers have died. Of the 3,155 children of these heroes that have been identified, we have delivered blankets to 2,291 of them.

POC: Marleen - bymar123@bellsouth.net

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