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*Traffic Action
*.08 BAC Level
*Open Container Act
*Driver's License Renewal
*CNMI Mandatory Insurance Act
*Government Vehicle Act
*Traffic Organization Chart

Traffic Goals and Objectives

Zero out Traffic related injuries and fatalities

Improve and strengthen the existing Traffic Law and improve public safety

Improve and strengthen the Driver’s License System and Driver’s Education

Educate the community, especially foreigners, about the CNMI Traffic Laws

To stop the illegal “drag racing” activities around the island

Further emphasize and educate the community about the dangers of Driving Under the Influence

Work closely with community organizations to end the abuse of alcohol within our community

Create and ensure the passage of legislation to improve the safety of our community and visitors alike

Research and implement new programs to benefit the entire community

March 2019
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Members List:

Public Information Specialist:
Rose Ada-Hocog
Operations Supervisor:
Joseph A. Flores
Anthony I. Macaranas
Sylvan M. Rangamar
Police Officer III:
Josepha T. Guerrero
Police Officer II:
Juan C. Mendiola
Flor T. Estabillo
John C. Sablan
Victor Val B. Hocog
Police Officer I:
Daniel L Smith
Jarrod Manglona
Daniel Punimata
Regino M. Celis Jr.
Jerome A. Reyes

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CNMI DPS Traffic Section - Saipan
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Sgt. Joseph A Flores 

The Traffic Section, though managed by a Commander, is overseen by an Operations Supervisor. The current individual overseeing such a Specialized Unit is Sergeant Joseph A. Flores.

Graduating from the Guam Community College’s trade school in 1987, Sgt. Flores was employed as a Purchase Marketing Salesperson at the Saipan Farmers Market. In 1988, he entered into the Police Academy after a brief employment as a Bank Teller at the Union Bank—Saipan Branch.

Upon completion of the academy, Sgt. Flores was detailed to the Patrol Unit where he served for a year. From 1989-1991 he served a Police Officer II in the Traffic Division’s DUI and Traffic Enforcement Unit, after which he was promoted to Police Officer III and given the prestigious title of “Traffic Investigator”.

In 1995, Sgt. Flores was promoted to Police Sergeant and was detailed to the Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program and Motor Carrier Bureau under the Office of Highway and Federal Programs, now know as the Office of Grants and Federal Programs, until his departure in 1997. In 1998, Sgt. Flores was employed by as a Salesman at the Joeten Motors Company.

On April of 2001, he returned to serve the CNMI Community as a Police Sergeant assigned to the Criminal Intelligence Unit under the Command of the Former Commissioner Charles W. Ingram, Jr.

In March of 2002 he was assigned to the Traffic Section under the auspices of Commander Nick Leon Guerrero as the Traffic Operations Supervisor.

Through his years of service with the Department of Public Safety, Sgt. Flores attended conferences and underwent several trainings where he obtained pertinent certifications that include:

    Inspection and Investigation, Florida
    LTI 20/20 Laser Speed Detector, Guam
    Command Staff North American Standard Cargo Tank Inspection, Hawaii
    HazMat Roadside Inspection, Missouri
    Intoximeter Alco Sensor IV/Intoximeter RBT-IV
    Emergency Medical Technician I
    Basic Crime Scene Search, FBI
    Basic Fingerprint Classification, FBI
    HazMat Planning/Inspection
    Basic Traffic Accident Investigation
    Police Motorcycle Riders
    Alcotest 7110 Operators
    Defensive/Pursuit Driving
    Operation of Breathalyzer Instrument Model 2000
    Vehicle Safety Alliance Conference, W. Virgiria
    Motor Carrier State Enforcement Plan, Hawaii

Sgt. Flores was also involved in the Police Color Guard and the Law Enforcement Baseball League.

His service as a Police Officer accorded him with a High Performance Rating from the Office of Highway Safety and Federal Programs office in 1996 and was commended and received high recommendation for the position of Sergeant in 1994 which he ultimately received.

Sgt. Flores credits his achievements to his supporting wife and kids who have served as his backbone and inspiration throughout his career.


Sgt. Sylvan M. Rangamar

Always looking to provide better public service, the Saipan Traffic Section, last year added another type of certification to its list of

Traffic-related specialties. With great credit to the funds provided federally, this section was able to send one of its finest to Indiana to receive training on The Robert F. Borkenstein Course on Alcohol and Highway Safety with emphasis on Testing, Research and Litigation.

Sergeant Sylvan M. Rangamar returned from Indiana to after further enhancing his knowledge on the issue of Alcohol and Highway Safety at the Indiana University Center for Studies of Law in Action.

“The week-long training was quite interesting”, recalled Sgt.Rangamar. “I was in class with Scientists, and Forensic Chemists. I was the only attendant who was a Police Officer”.

The courses ranged from Historical Perspectives of Alcohol and Transportation and the Alcohol Tradition, Pharmacology of Alcohol, Mathematics of Breath and Alcohol Analysis, Pharmacology of Alcohol-Extrapolation, Psychomotor Effects of Alcohol and Driving, Statistics of Extrapolation and the Psychomotor Effects, Research on Forensic Alcohol Analysis, Theory and Practice of Breath Alcohol Analysis with emphasis on its Physiochemical Aspects, State of the Art Breath Alcohol Instrumentation, Legal Aspects-Constitutional Issues and Case Laws, and Analysis of Defense Challenges to Breath-Alcohol Testing.

“The Training has made a huge impact on how I perform as a Traffic Officer. I, now, approach the issue of Highway Safety and Drunk Driving with a better and “refreshed” understanding of the effects that alcoholic beverages have on the human system”, says Sgt.Rangamar.

“This training has truly enhanced my knowledge in the field of Traffic Law Enforcement, and most importantly as DUI Enforcement Officer, DUI Instructor and Standard Field Sobriety Test (SFST) Instructor. I find myself reporting to duty eager to put my training to use and to aid and teach my fellow colleagues.”

“The department should make more investments like this. It will not only benefit the department but most importantly the community we serve will have better confidence in our ability to perform our duties as Police Traffic Officers,” added Sgt. Rangamar.

The Robert F. Borkenstein Course on Alcohol and Highway Safety is one of the many trainings that Officer Rangamar has had the opportunity to attend.

Officer Rangamar extends his appreciation to the departmental officials who allowed him to attend such a prestigious training and most epecially to his family for their continuus support.


Sgt. Anthony I. Macaranas

Sgt. Anthony I. Macaranas has been with the Department of Public Safety for 18 years and currently has no plans to retire.

Sgt. Macaranas was introduced to the department and all the duties associated with becoming a police officer by his Mother.

Following in her footsteps, Sgt. Macaranas joined the Law Enforcement Explorer Program (LEEP) in Jr. High school and soon after went on to become a Police Officer.

Sgt. Macaranas, in his years as a Public Servant, has received numerous certifications to include the following:

Motorcycle Rider/Insructor
Laser Instructor/Oper.
Breathalyzer Oper.
Traffic Crash Invest.
Emergency Vehicle Operator Course Instructor
Drill Instructor
Weapons of Mass Destruction
MCSAP Inspector/Supervisor
Member, DPS Tactical Response Team.
U.S. Army Reservist scheduled to be deployed to Iraq on February of 2005.

Sgt. Macaranas left the department temporarily on Monday, August 16, 2004 to assume his active duty status with the United States Army.

"I am scheduled to be deployed to Iraq in February of 2005. I am going to miss the men and women of Traffic, but not as much as I am going to miss my BMW Police Motorcycle,"Sgt. Macaranas humorously shares.

Sgt. Macaranas is known in the CNMI to be one of the strictest Cops the department has ever hired. The sight of him has some residents scratching their heads because they know that there is only one in ten million chances that Sgt. Mac will let them off with a warning.

His commitment to his job and the law has inspired many young men and woment to become Police Officers. Some of the members of the Department where once or twice cited by Sgt. Macaranas for violations either before they entered and while serving in the department.

However, Sgt. Macaranas is most especially proud of his children who are doing well in school.

Sgt. Macaranas has two sons, Thad and Josh, and a daughter, Tanya.

Beaming with pride, Sgt. Macaranas announces to the Traffic Crew, "Check this out! My daughter wants to follow in my footsteps. She wants to be a member of the California Highway Patrol."

Sgt. Macaranas is the Officer In Charge of the Traffic Investigation Unit.


Daily Ops.

The Traffic Section, during the day conducts Selective Traffic Law Enforcement, Laser Tech operations, escorts, and Occupancy Protection and Child Restraint Checkpoints.

Night Operations

The Traffic Section's nightly operations consist of Sobriety/DUI Checkpoint,Aggressive Driver Interdiction,Illegal Drag Racing Operations, Highway Criminal Interdiction to name a few.

YOU Wreck 'em, We Check 'em

This unit is staffed with two Traffic Investigators and is overseen by Sgt. Anthony I. Macaranas. The Officers in this unit, POII Flor T. Estabillo and POI Jerome A. Reyes, respond to serious and fatal Traffic Crashes on the island of Saipan.

As the Supervisor, Sgt. Macaranas plans to have his investigators trained and certified in Traffic Reconstruction. He also wants to have all investigation equipments updated and upgraded to ensure more proficient service for the community.

It is also Sgt. Macaranas' plan to ensure that the Traffic Investigators are recognized Traffic Crash Experts locally and federaly.

Civic Center Susupe  •  Saipan, MP 96950
emergency#: 911 • phone: 670-664-9084 • fax: 670-664-9086

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