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What is a Fisher House?

Fisher Houses are comfortable homes that serve as a temporary residence near a military or VA medical facility where family members can eat, sleep, relax and find support from other families in similar situations.

Who is eligible to stay at the Tripler Fisher Houses?

We are here to serve our active duty, veterans, retirees and their families while being treated atTripler Army Medical Center (TAMC). If the patient is an out patient, then they will be required to have a non-medical attendant with them, no exceptions.

How do I make reservations?

Referrals to the Fisher House are generally done through a case worker, hospital staff or the soldier's unit. However, you can call the house manager directly to discuss your situation and to check on room availability. Rooms are available on a first-come basis. When the house is at full-occupancy, we will maintain a waiting list.

If you are making a referral, please contact us for a copy of the Referral form.

What does it cost?

As of October 2006, there is no charge to the families to stay at the Fisher House, the $10 a night charge is provided through a grant from the Fisher House Foundation. We try to provide just about everything you may need, including food and beverages through the donations collected through community support. If it is not donated then the residents are expected to provide it themselves.

Are there any rules in place for those staying at the Fisher House?

Yes. Because each house is shared by up to 11 families, we do have policies in place to ensure everyone has a comfortable stay. Click here for the short list. Each room has a binder with complete house guidelines and other important information. Guests should know that the Fisher House is a volunteer operation and while staying with us, you are a volunteer - please do your part by cleaning up after yourself.

I was told I needed a "Battle Buddy". Why?

Out-patients are welcome to stay in the Fisher House under certain conditions. One of those conditions is that they are not here alone. They must have someone to act as their caregiver during their stay. The caregiver can be anyone they choose - family member or friend. If the patient is an active-duty soldier who is not capable of caring for him/herself in the barracks, then the unit must provide a "battle buddy" if no family member or friend is available and they can not have an open wound. This policy is in place for the safety and welfare of the patient and can not be waived.

Does the Army provide the funding for Army Fisher Houses?

Yes, to an extent. We fall under Non-Appropriated Funds (NAF), which pays the utilities, the salaries, and the building maintenance. However, it's the charitable donations that make this house a "home", allowing us to provide our guests with food, shampoo, laundry detergent, toys, computers, phone cards, holiday decor, etc...

If I make a donation to a specific Army Fisher House, will the money actually be spent there?

Donations made to a specific Army Fisher House are spent on that house. The money is used to improve the facility, provide amenities for the guests, celebrate holidays, and enhance the range of services provided.

What types of donations are accepted at the Tripler Fisher Houses?

Due to limited storage space, we prefer monetary donations (including gift cards and gift certificates to local establishments). This enables us to purchase items as needed and to keep our inventory fresh and new.

For a list of other items accepted, please click here. *You are welcome to contact the house manager to discuss your specific donation.

If I want to make a donation, how do I do it?

There are several options, just pick the one right for you:

The direct approach - mail or deliver your donation to us at 317 Krukowski Rd Honolulu, HI 96819. Checks and money orders need to be payable to Tripler Fisher Houses.

You may also use the Online Donation Form. In the Program Area, please select Fisher House at Tripler- HI from the drop-down menu.

Each year we participate in the Combined Federal Campaign #71377. As of 2010, Guam, CNMI and American Samoa are now included as part of our local CFC Campaign.

There are also web services that allow charity shopping, such as igive.com or benevolink.com, where you shop for yourself and a portion of your purchase is donated to your selected organization. *we do not endorse any specific website, we are just providing information on other ways to donate.

Do you have any volunteer opportunities?

Fisher Houses are blessed with the best volunteers (Angels) in the world. If you want to be part of this special group, all you have to do is call your Fisher House Manager or Volunteer Coordinator. We would love to have you! Be sure to check out Our Angel Program for more information and a list of current opportunities.

Can I volunteer in the evening or on the weekend?

We would like to make sure everyone has an opportunity to get involved in supporting our homes. If you would like to do something on the weekend please contact management so we can make special arrangements and inform our residents. Since these are the families homes I can only guarntee they will get the information, attendance will completely up to the families.

Do you allow FRGs (or other groups) to use the house for meetings or coffees?

We would like to accommodate groups that are interested in finding out more about our homes and how they could possibly support us. Please contact management with your ideals and we will see if it is possible.

Our organization would love to visit with the families and have a BBQ on the patio. Can we do that?

Absolutely! We welcome fresh ideals and new people. Again this is the residents home and they may or not be home during that time. We never guarntee who will be able to participate in your events due to changing medical conditions.

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