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Weather Policy: Cedar Valley Chapter meetings are cancelled if Cedar Rapids Community Schools are closed.

August 2017
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9:30am-11:00am Christ Episcopal Church
7:00pm-8:30pm Christ Episcopal Church
11:00am-6:30pm Christ Episcopal Church

Wednesday Aug 23
10:00am-2:30pm Hostess: Elizabeth O'Neill

2016-2017 Officers:

Elizabeth O'Neill
Vice President:
Laura Kamienski
Linda Norris
Solveig Walstrom
Past President:
Connie Rosene
AM Hospitality:
Penny Zaruba
PM Hospitality:
Becky Huber
Newsletter Editor:
Julie Bellon
Group Correspondence:
Sheri Ekstrom
Librarian PM:
Cindy Ackerman
New Kid:
Penny Zaruba
Linda Lee Miller
Youth Membership:
Patricia Andrews
Sharon Lynch
Region Rep:
Jan King
Web Admin:
Sally Olsen

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Membership Renewal Form
Annual Membership dues are $48 and due to the Chapter Membership Chair by May 1, 2017. This includes $39 to EGA National, $2 to Heartland Region, and $7 to Cedar Valley Chapter. Life members pay $9. Plural members from Heartland Region pay $7. Plural members from other regions pay $9.
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Monthly Chapter Meeting Programs & Workshops 
Thursday June 22
8 to 4

Friday June 23
8 to 4

Saturday June 24
8 to 4
Needlework Garage Sale

1924 Hamilton Street SW, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Patterns, Books, Magazines
Kits, Fabric
Threads and Yarn
Needlework Tools
Quilting, Crocheting and Craft items
Miscellaneous Surprises!
Donations will be accepted only until June 10th so that there is time to sort and price everything.
Hope to see you there!

July 20, 2017
Colors and Canvas 101

August 17, 2017
Laying and Couching

September 15, 2016
Various Techniques
We will begin the First Step project by reviewing the basics of working on canvas, including how to prepare and mount your base fabric. We will also review some color theory and draw for the first two color families you’ll use. We can work on the first practice card to start filling in the plastic sheet. You will be responsible for selecting the fabric you want to stitch the main project on (canvas, linen, or other in any color you choose) and the other two color families to complete your piece. If you didn’t get signed up for this project at the picnic but still want to participate, contact Laura so we’re sure we have enough floss to get everyone started.
"First Step"

In August we will continue working on First Step. If you have completed your first 12 squares you can enter your name in the “Completed Progress” drawing. Then we will learn about various laying and couching techniques. How exactly do you use that lovely laying tool you picked up at the garage sale?
Correspondence Courses

The current correspondence course is "White Iris" designed by Mona Hill.

Click on the link in the lower left sidebar to see the description.

Sheri Ekstrom, GCC Chairman


Our chapter sponsors two correspondence courses every year which means there are many other courses that we will not be offering to our membership. Individuals or small groups of EGA members are always welcome to pay the $175 registration fee and work on any project currently offered by EGA.

There are also opportunities for individuals to sign up for select classes every month for the low registration fee of $30. Check out the recent Inside EGA newsletter or the EGA website for registration information.


Cedar Valley Chapter welcomes new members who are interested in participating in workshops sponsored by the chapter.


If you are an EGA member, you can join Cedar Valley Chapter for $7, and Heartland Region for $2 (if you aren't already a member of our region). If you are not an EGA member, you can join our chapter, region and EGA for $48.


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When you submit a bill to the Treasurer or give the Treasurer money to deposit, please complete a form with the details of the financial transaction. Click here to download THIS PDF file . Remember to give your receipts to the Treasurer with the form.

Click here to download THIS MS Word file. This file contains a form used to acknowledge donations to the Cedar Valley Chapter of the Embroiderers' Guild of America, Inc.

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