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Weather Policy: Cedar Valley Chapter meetings are cancelled if Cedar Rapids Community Schools are closed.

June 2018
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2017-2018 Officers:

Laura Kamienski
Vice President:
Marj Grimm
Linda Norris
Julia Ackerman
Past President:
Elizabeth O'Neill
AM Hospitality:
Penny Zaruba
PM Hospitality:
Judith Kaplan
Newsletter Editor:
Julie Bellon
AM Librarian:
Kay Plander
PM Librarian:
Jamie Randall
New Kid:
Penny Zaruba
Linda Lee Miller
Sharon Lynch
Region Rep:
Sheri Ekstrom
Web Admin:
Sally Olsen

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The Embroiderers' Guild of America, Inc.

20th National Exhibit

19th National Exhibit Photo Gallery

Marion Heritage Center

Heartland Region

Gems of Hope

Showcase of Needle Arts
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For 2018 you have the option of submitting paper or electronic entry forms for the pieces you will exhibit. Your EGA number will be used to identify your information so you will not have to fill out your name, address and telephone numbers on each form. We will use the information in the current CVCEGA directory if we need to contact you. Please check the directory and make sure that the information is correct. Contact Linda Lee Miller if you have any additions, corrections or changes.

This is the information needed for each entry:

  • your EGA number
  • title
  • designer
  • technique (select from a list)
  • number of items in set or 1 for a single item
  • embroidery hours
  • cost of materials
  • cost of finishing
  • check boxes if ornament/jewelry/larger than 18"/Rags to Riches
To waive EGA insurance, enter zero for the hours and costs. You will sign a waiver form when you bring your pieces on entry day.

If you do not know how many hours you spent making your entry, calculate the number of square inches you stitched. Take a scrap of fabric with the same count as in your entry. Time yourself while you stitch a square inch sample using leftover thread. Multiply the minutes required for the square inch sample by the number of stitched square inches in your entry. Divide by 60 to get the number of embroidery hours.

Your entry forms must be submitted at or before our monthly meeting in April. Tags for your entries will be available at the chapter meeting after your forms have been received. Please submit entry forms for the pieces that might be finished in time for Showcase. It is easy to delete an entry from the list on entry day.

To submit your forms electronically, you will complete a Google form for each entry (item or set of items). Information from all of the forms that are submitted this way are stored together in a spreadsheet. Click to go to the Showcase entry form.

Click here to download the Showcase entry form in an Adobe PDF file to print and complete manually. You may submit your forms on paper at our chapter meetings or mail them to: Marj Grimm, 222 McKinsie Ct NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402.

At the next chapter meeting, Marj Grimm will give you tags for the pieces that you have registered and you will be able to check the registration information.

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