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Region Board Members

Region Director:
Marietta Mason
Asst. Reg. Director:
Susan Ritter
Jamie Randall
Vickie Patchin
Nominating Committee:
Deborah Powell
Rose DaBillo
Nancy Crow
Kathy Morris
Marilee Sagat
Laura Kamienski
Finance Chair:
Marty Martin
Darla Bohn
Officers Notebook/Leadership:
Rita Weinberg
Program Planning:
Anita Wild
Nancy Crow


The Embroiderers' Guild of America, Inc.

Great Lakes Region of EGA

National Academy of Needle Arts

Callaway Gardens School of Needle Arts

Royal School of Needlework

Williamsburg School of Needlework
img s.gifHeartland Region of The Embroiderers' Guild of America, Inc.
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The mission of The Embroiderers' Guild of America is to inspire passion for the needle arts through education and the celebration of its heritage.

Whether through Chapter affiliation or as a Member-At-Large, this is your opportunity to make new friends with stitchers of all skill levels! For more information, look around this website, send us an email below or find us on Facebook by searching Heartland Region Embroidery. Heartland Region has numerous chapters in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

JOIN US ! Membership is open to all stitchers interested in the study of various embroideries, amateur or professional, beginner or advanced, regardless of age, gender, or national origin. Our youth membership is open to anyone 8-17 years of age.


Future Heartland Region Meetings

  • "Quinsippi Sew Down" 2018 Spring Region Meeting
    April 6-8, 2018

    Quality Inn & Suites, Quincy, IL
    Hosted by Quinsippi Needleworkers
    Registration is now open.
    Sew Down Booklet ** Sew Down Registration Form
    Registrations due by February 14, 2018.
    Additional Information

  • "Stitching Across Bridges" 2018 Fall Region Meeting
    October 12-14, 2018

    Holiday Inn, Rock Island, IL
    Hosted by Mississippi River Valley chapter

  • 2019 Spring Region Meeting
    Date to be determined.
    DesMoines, IA
    Hosted by Valley Junction chapter

  • "Gateway to Stitching" -2019 National Seminar
    October 30 - November 3, 2019

    Marriott St. Louis Grand, St. Louis, MO
    Hosted by Heartland Region of EGA

Chapter Events

  • Showcase of Needle Arts
    April 20, 21 & 22, 2018
    American Legion Hall
    625 31st St., Marion, IA
    Sponsored by Cedar Valley Chapter EGA
    For more Information visit the chapter website.

  • Chapters, please send your information to webmistess.

National and Other Region Events

  • "Diamond Jubilee" National Seminar - Louisville, KY - October 3-7, 2018

  • "Gateway to Stitching!" National Seminar- St. Louis, MO - October 30-November 3, 2019 Hosted by Heartland Region

Heartland Region Scholarship
Heartland Region is providing a $200 scholarship to any EGA member whose primary chapter is within the Heartland Region. The intent of the scholarship is to assist a member in broadening or continuing her study in an area related to needlework. The scholarship can be used for an Extended Study Program sponsored by EGA, personal research of some aspect of needlework or fiber arts conducted with the EGA Collection or at a museum or similar facility, toward cost or fees associated with travel to another country to study needle art, or other activities approved by the Education Chair and Region Director.

For details on the scholarship process review the complete Scholarship Guidelines. Click to download the Scholarship Application Form.

Newsletter Contact Information

If you would like to receive a copy of the EGA E-Newsletter from National, contact Tonya Parks , to have your name added to the list.

The Heartland Region newsletter, Heartbeats, is available electronically to any Heartland Region member. If you wish to receive an email with the link to the newsletter, contact Marilee Sagat, editor, and she will add your name to the yahoo group.

Any changes to a member's contact information should be directed to the member's membership chair AND to Tonya Parks at This includes name, address, email address and telephone numbers.

 EGA Scholarships, Grants & Awards

There are many awards and opportunities available from EGA. Detailed information is available in the Education Catalog or on the EGA website.

  • Mary-Dick Digges Scholarship – to study surface embroidery defined as crewel embroidery, Japanese embroidery, and stumpwork. Deadline is April 1.
  • Penny Evans Memorial Scholarship – for an embroidery-related class, study project or similar education offering by EGA, The Royal School of Needlework or the City and Guilds of London Institute, in the US or UK. Deadline is April 1.
  • Research Fellowship Grant – for in-depth research in all areas of embroidery and allied textile arts, and to create a basis for dialogue between EGA and other grand and research institutions. Deadline is June 1.
  • Bobby Pilling Memorial Award – for an original piece of needlework, titled, in any technique accompanied by a short description of what inspired the piece and inspired the stitcher “to go outside the line.” Deadline is May 5.
  • Marjorie Jones Scholarship – for the benefits of students of crewel embroidery taking a crewel class at EGA’s National Seminar or an EGA region seminar. Deadline is April 15.
  • Gold Thread Award – for a person in your chapter or region you think should be recognized for their efforts for EGA. The Gold Thread Award is given to a member of each region annually to recognize outstanding individuals who have given freely of their time and talents, and best exemplify the mission of EGA. Deadline is May 1.


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