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Rita Weinberg
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Chapters & Regions
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Contact your nearest Chapter for further information about becoming a member of The Embroiderers' Guild of America, Inc. or WRITE US by using the link at the bottom of this page. Visit the chapter web sites by clicking on the underlined names.

Heartland Region Chapters:

Contact your region for further information about becoming a member of The Embroiderers' Guild of America, Inc. Visit the region web sites by clicking on the underlined names.

The Embroiderers' Guild of America, Inc. Regions:

Chapter Membership

By Joyce Furry-Sievers

Hope all of you are having a great start to the New Year and your guild chapters are thriving! Membership in your local chapter is one area that involves EVERY member.

Every MEMBER can do the following:
Show off your needlework passion to others and invite needlework-interested people to your meetings. Emphasize that newbies are more than welcomed as we all started there once upon a time. Be friendly and try to involve new members/ guests. It is as easy as just remembering the Golden Rule in treating others as how you would want to be treated!

If you want to step-up a level, consider demonstrating/teaching at fairs, exhibits, libraries, schools and shops. The next level would involve conducting member surveys, being in charge of a Facebook page, and designing business cards/tri-fold brochures for distribution.

What a privilege we have in being a member of EGA share your love of needlepoint to ALL!

See you in Des Moines!

Recruiting Chapter Members:

  • Use business cards, tri-fold brochures, display boards and bookmarks with chapter information.
  • At state and county fairs, do demonstrations and/or a make-it and take-it project.
  • Teach simple projects to adults & youth at libraries and schools.
  • Try to obtain free promotions for chapter shows/exhibits in local newspapers and/or television.
  • Have shows & exhibit at colleges and retirement homes.
  • Ask local Welcome Wagon and/or Chamber of Commerce to include chapter newsletter with their information.

Retaining Chapter Members:
  • Programs could include both small and large projects.
  • Programs could have a stitching part one month and then add a finishing part a few months later.
  • Have social meetings and be friendly to all members.
  • Be sure to include newer members as officers and stagger membership on committees.
  • Conduct a program survey among your members to find out their interests.
  • Schedule a stitch in public day.

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