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HeartBeats Newsletter

Region Board Members

Region Director:
Marietta Mason
Asst. Reg. Director:
Susan Ritter
Jamie Randall
Vickie Patchin
Nominating Committee:
Deborah Powell
Rose DaBillo
Nancy Crow
Kathy Morris
Marilee Sagat
Laura Kamienski
Finance Chair:
Marty Martin
Darla Bohn
Officers Notebook/Leadership:
Rita Weinberg
Program Planning:
Anita Wild
Nancy Crow


The Embroiderers' Guild of America, Inc.

Great Lakes Region of EGA

National Academy of Needle Arts

Callaway Gardens School of Needle Arts

Royal School of Needlework

Williamsburg School of Needlework

Correspondence Courses
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Correspondence Courses

At the fall 2013 region meeting, Heartland Region decided to suspend sponsoring an EGA correspondence course for a year. Instead, Heartland Region will encourage members to take advantage of the “The GCC Lightning Rounds”. Quoting from the national website, The latest BIG news in the GCC Program is the introduction of “The GCC Lightning Rounds”! These are four rotating courses that are offered quarterly for all EGA members to register for without a group. This is particularly favorable for Members-At-Large and small EGA chapters that have difficulty filling a larger group in order to take a Group Correspondence Course. “The GCC Lightning Rounds” will include four courses every three months. The schedule for these quarterly courses is as follows: March to May, June to August, September to November, and December to February. The time to complete your course remains the same – just the window for registration is limited. Generally there will be four courses available each quarter, however look for "Bonus Rounds" to be added some quarters and the newest twist in the GCC Program - "Flashback Lightning Rounds"! Look for courses that you may have seen before coming back for a limited time.

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