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You are not alone. There are many of us, both men and women who are addicted to lust.

We, in SA, are a fellowship of men and women who have found a solution. If you think you have a problem with lust, you are welcome at our meetings.

Women are currently about 10% of our membership, but they are much more than 10% of sexaholics in general.

SA meetings are open to both sexes, though a few, mainly in the USA, are reserved for "women only."

In addition to regular attendance at face-to-face meetings, you may want to contact other women in SA recovery. Women in SA often support each other with telephone calls between meetings, form strong sponsor-sponsee relationships with each other and frequently arrange to attend meetings together.

The density of men in SA means that women sometimes find themselves at meetings where they are the only female in a room. This can be challenging at first. We have also found great recovery in mixed meetings.

It is important to remember that there are many sober women in SA, and that you will certainly meet many of us on your journey to recovery.

Women in SA 

Here are a few tips for getting into SA recovery and making connections with women in SA:

Attend face to face meetings.

The website gives details of the available meetings and links to national web sites.

Connect with Women.

These resources unite women in fellowship and recovery. You can:

Attend women-only SA Phone Meetings.

For directions on how to attend these meetings, call SAICO at +1 615-370-6062 or toll free at 866 424 8777. Ask for Kay or Laura.
They can connect women members of SA to the women only phone meetings.

International SA Sisters List (ISAS List)

This is a worldwide sisterhood where we can find SA sponsors, be an SA sponsor if we are already being SA sponsored or make SA outreach calls possibly any hour of the day or night.
For more information call SAICO at +1 615 370 6062 or toll free at 866 424 8777. Ask for Laura or Kay.

Attend mixed Telephone Meetings.

There are numerous calls throughout each day of the week attended by SA members from all over the world. Women are usually present. Visit for complete information about meeting times, phone numbers, type of meeting, and access codes.

Women in SA contact list.

These are SA women who have volunteered to take calls from other SA women. The purpose of the list is for SA women to connect with other SA women and to build relationships in order to grow and enhance recovery. To request a copy of the phone list call SAICO at +1 615 370 6062 or toll free at 866 424 8777. Ask for Laura or Kay

Attend VoIP based Meetings.

These are SA meetings based on Voice over Internet Protocol technology in which women participate. Email for more information.

Attend SA Conventions and events.

If you are able to attend the SA International Conventions, held every January and July, or regional events in the USA, you will meet a large number of sober, recovering women SA members. Events, announced at the SA website, are an excellent place to find sponsors, meet other women in recovery, participate in woman only meetings and share stories and contact information.

There are also regional events in many other countries, such as the UK, Ireland, Israel, Poland, Russia, and Germany. Information about events is also available on the SA website.

Female members often arrange to attend so that they can meet with their long distance sisters.

Buy SA literature.

Literature is available for sale at face-to-face meetings or at the SAICO Online Store. The quarterly publication Essay, "Members Stories", and the "Step Into Action" series contain numerous stories from women.

Keep Coming Back to Your Local Meeting.

Even if you are the only woman in your local meeting, you are not the only woman with the disease of sexaholism.

Women and men alike have found recovery in SA. Many of us have found it helpful to attend at least six to eight SA meetings and begin working the Twelve Steps with a sponsor in order to experience the benefits of a face-to-face meeting. So keep coming back!

SA works if you work it, and you are worth it! You are welcome here!

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