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    IllinoisRiver.jpgWelcome to the website of the

    Central Illinois Professional Wastewater Operators

    Mission Statement: Dedicated to the education and training of its members in order to ensure safe working conditions and protect the environmental quality of East Central Illinois. Region wide efficiency and effectiveness will be achieved through group interaction and support.

    CIPWO is also on Facebook!(here's the link):

    FACEBOOK Link Here!

    General Information : 

    2019 Annual Meeting Schedule

    I apologize for the limited information, and assure you we are working to put this together to give you as much time to plan as possible.
    This year the 2019 Annual Meeting (prev. aka Winter Meeting) is scheduled for April 24, 2019.

    The venue is changing as well the location for the meeting is planned for:
    Hudson Farm
    1341 County Road 1800 East
    Urbana, IL

    The following presenters and/or topics:
  • 1st Presenter: Bryen Woo; Ovivo
  • Topic: An Overview of Cutting Edge Digestion Technologies
  • 2nd Presenter: Wade Lagle; U-CSD
  • Topic: Biological Phosphorus Removal at U-CSD

    The cost of registration which includes lunch is $30.

    To make it easier for Dave to plan please RSVP via the link below. Thank you.

    2019 Annual Meeting RSVP

    Fall Officer's Meeting Notes 2018

    By Dave Collard

    The Fall Officer's Meeting took place at Bloomington on Nov. 2, 2018. Present for the meeting were Dave Miller, Ian Magerl, Mike Elsberry, and me. The topics discussed were the date and location of the 2019 Winter Meeting and potential Presenters and/or Topics.

    The meeting was held at Cracker Barrel on Brock Drive. This year Dave Miller notified us that the venue would be changing to Hudson Farms in Urbana IL. We discussed the matter and all present agreed that the service at the Garden Hotel was less than acceptable. A vote was taken and passed to move to the new venue.

    Dave Miller also suggested to the group to move the date of the meeting to April. The reasoning of this is that the timing of the IAWPCO Conference is very close to our usual meeting date. He thought it too much to ask of members and vendors to hold another meeting so close to the larger conference. The other officers agreed and we are planning to hold the meeting on April 17, 2019. This is approximately the date that IAWPCO would normally hold it's annual conference. The officer's voted to accept the date change and we are hopeful that this will not adversely affect our attendance.

    Due to the longer period now given the date change we decided that we would need to wait to schedule presenters until after the first of the year. As that information becomes available it will be uploaded to this website.

    If you have any comments or concerns about these changes please feel free to contact me via email at and I will pass those comments on to the other officers.

    2018 CIPWO Summer Meeting

    Summer Meeting 2018

    By: David Collard

    The 2018 CIPWO summer meeting took place on Wednesday, July, 25th. This year the Village of Mahomet hosted the event. Many thanks to the Village, Jason Heid and all of the Mahomet WWTP Staff.

    The meeting was held in the Mahomet Board Room. The two presenters were Don Kramer of Energenics who spoke about up-coming energy efficient upgrades at Arthur WWTP in general and more specifically about Energy savings and Ameren Illinois grants. And Matt Johnson with Fehr-Graham Engineering who spoke about the recent upgrades that have been installed at Mahomet WWTP. Both presentations were equally informative and helpful for all those present. I wish to thank both presenters on behalf of CIPWO for their time and consideration.

    After the presentations were completed we went directly to the lunch break; again this year we had burgers and brats with all the trimmings and sides supplied by Chief Chef Dave Miller and his cohorts.

    Following lunch we went to the Mahomet Wastewater Plant proper and inspected the new installations. The equipment looked as good as had been billed during the presentation. And the plant looked in general looked wonderful with very nice grounds Jason and his crew should be very proud.

    And finally thank you Jason and the Village of Mahomet for allowing us to visit, it was very much appreciated!

    Spring Officer's Meeting Notes 2018 & Summer Meeting 2018 Notification

    By Dave Collard

    The Spring Officer's Meeting took place at Champaign on May 18, 2018. Present for the meeting were Ian Magerl, Dave Miller, Mike Elsberry, and myself. The topics discussed were the date of the 2018 Summer Meeting and potential Presenters and/or Topics.

    The meeting was held at Chili's on North Prospect Ave as in the past year or so. While awaiting lunch we tied down what info we had. This year it was a bit thin but we did have the date of course and Dave Miller suggested the venue of Mahomet WWTP. There were a few ideas on topics and presenters however nothing was definite by the end of the meeting. We agreed to look into the ideas we had and finish the plans at a later date.

    Since the meeting we have been able to secure presenters as well. Please see below for the meeting particulars:

    The Summer Meeting is scheduled for July 25, 2018 at Mahomet WWTP in Mahomet IL. The meeting will take place at the Village Hall and then move to the Plant for the tours in the afternoon. The address is 503 East Main St. Registration will be from 9-10am the meeting will run from 10am-3pm approximately. Lunch will be served and the fee will be $0 again this year. Dave Miller says the menu will be brats, burgers and the fixings with sides!

    The following presenters and/or topics:
  • 1st Presenter: Don Kramer, Energenics
  • Topic: Upgrades and energy savings at Arthur WW and other local facilities
  • 2nd Presenter: Matt Johnson, Fehr-Graham Enginerring
  • Topic: Recent Upgrades at Mahomet WWTP

    To make it easier for Dave to Plan please RSVP via the link below. Thank you.

    2018 Summer Meeting RSVP

    CIPWO 2018 Winter Meeting Report

    Winter Meeting 2018

    By: Dave Collard

    CIPWO's Annual Winter Meeting was held on January, 31st at the Wyndham Gardens of Urbana with approximately 35-40 in attendance.

    The meeting began and was conducted by our President Jim Royer who introduced our new President Ian Magerl.

    He began with a business meeting for the Membership. The only topic that needed to be discussed was the election of a new Vice-President. Mike Elsberry of The City of Arthur was nominated by the Officers and elected by a unanimous vote. Thank you Mike for offering your time and consideration.

    Given that there was no other business to be discussed, we moved on to the first speaker of the day who was Dr. Robert Columbo, EIU, who spoke on the topic: Habitat Restoration Can Mitigate Nutrient Loading. Dr. Columbo's presentation pertained to the process of improving habitat for stream flora and fauna and thereby slowing down the movement of nutrients through the environment. Dr. Columbo presented evidence based on a project he conducted in cooperation with the USGS and IEPA on Kickapoo Creek downstream of the Mattoon WWTP. His presentation gives insight to the concept of beneficial use of nutrients within a water system as opposed to the concept of strict removal of nutrients as though they were not needed at all.

    I wish to thank Dr. Columbo for offering an alternate view to the serious concern of nutrient control.

    The second and third speakers were Corey Mitchell and Lowell Gentry, U of I, who presented information on the topic: Stream Monitoring and Nutrient Control Studies from Ag Runoff. This presentation was concerned with sampling of the Salt Fork drainage areas both from a historical view of data collection. They spoke about how the sampling,and test results could be utilized to justify the concept of cover crops for nutrient reduction from farming that is carried out within the watershed. I think that as an operator it helped me to understand the necessity for stream monitoring to best understand how our facilities and farming activities are impacting the environment. Thank you both for your time!

    Following the presentations we adjourned to a very filling lunch which was served in the Atrium. After lunch we returned to the Vendors Gallery for more discourse, and the distribution of several door prizes.

    CIPWO would like to again thank our wonderful Contributing Members and Vendors for all your generosity. (Please follow their links as well for your operational supplies and maintenance needs.) Let's support them as they have always supported our Organization.

    Winter Meeting Agenda 2018

    The following details are for the 2018 CIPWO Winter Meeting:

  • Date: January 31, 2018
  • Time: 10am - 2:30pm (Registration open at 9am)
  • Location: Wyndham Garden
  • Address: 1001 Killarney St. in Urbana IL
  • 1st Speaker: Robert Columbo, EIU
  • Topic: Habitat Restoration Can Mitigate Nutrient Loading
  • 2nd Speaker: Corey Mitchell and/or Lowell Gentry, U of I
  • Topic: (Tentative) Stream Monitoring and Nutrient Control Studies from Ag Runoff
  • Note: Lunch Fee will be $30. Make checks payable to Dave Miller, Cards can be used at the door.

    Please send RSVPs as early as possible so that Dave can better organize the Meeting. Please feel free to use the link below.

    2018 Winter Meeting RSVP

    Fall Officer's Meeting Notes 2017 & Winter Meeting 2018 Notification

    By Dave Collard

    The Spring Officer's Meeting took place at Champaign on June 7, 2017. Present for the meeting were Ian Magerl, Dave Miller, Jim Royer, and Brad Duncan. The topics discussed were the date of the 2018 Winter Meeting and potential Presenters and/or Topics.

    The meeting took place at Chili's on North Prospect Ave. I was unable to attend so Dave Miller gave me the information from the meeting to report. Therefore, I have little in the way of detail of the meeting itself so I will concentrate on reporting the decisions that were made at the meeting.

    The Winter Meeting is scheduled for Jan. 31, 2018 at Wyndham Suites in Urbana IL. Registration will be from 9-10am the meeting will run from 10am-3pm approximately. Lunch will be served and the fee will be $30 this year. Dave Miller asks that checks be made out to him. He also says that credit cards will be acceptable at the door.

    The officers decided on the following presenters and/or topics:
  • 1st Presenter: Dr. Robert Columbo, EIU
  • Topic: TBA
  • 2nd Presenter: TBS
  • Topic: TBA

    I will update this info as it becomes available.

    I would also like to wish all of you Happy Holidays!

    CIPWO's Officers :

    • President: Mike Elsberry, Arthur WWTP
    • Vice President: TBD
    • Coordinator: Ian Magerl, Blooming-Normal WRD
    • Coordinator: Jim Royer, Retired
    • Secretary-Treasurer: Dave Miller, Rantoul WWTP
    • Information Coordinator: Dave Collard, Sanitary District of Decatur

    Sites of Previous Summer Meetings

  • 2018: Mahomet WWTP
  • 2017: Rantoul WWTP
  • 2016: SD of Decatur
  • 2015: BNWRD West WWTP
  • 2014: Charleston WWTP
  • 2013: Robinson WWTF
  • 2012: Homer WWTP
  • 2011: Rantoul WWTP
  • 2010: Vandevanter Eng
  • 2009: Newton WWTP
  • 2008: UCSD
  • 2007: E.R.H. Westville
  • 2006: BNWRD
  • 2005: Mattoon WWTP
  • 2004: SD of Decatur
  • 2003: Gibson City
  • 2002: BNWRD West
  • 2001: Equistor
  • 2000: Paris WWTP
  • 1999: Marshall WWTP
  •  Past Presidents

    • Lawrence Quick, 1998
    • Greg Gress, 1999
    • Larry Dorn, 2000
    • Billie Kinnett, 2001
    • Dave Sullivan, 2002
    • Don Jordan, 2003
    • Frank MacPherson, 2004
    • Rick Pinnell, 2005
    • Gerald Lynch, 2006
    • David Collard, 2007
    • Kristin Platt, 2008
    • Don Jordan, 2009
    • Larry Dorn, 2010
    • Dave Hermes, 2011
    • Wade Lagle, 2012-2013
    • Ashley Bailey, 2014
    • Ethan Ervin, 2015
    • Brad Duncan, 2016
    • Jim Royer, 2017
    • Ian Magerl, 2018

    CIPWO would like to enlist its members' help. The organization has always managed to find interesting and informative speakers for our meetings, but there is always room for more.

    With this in mind CIPWO wishes to ask that if in your day-to-day experience of meeting wastewater industry Vendors, Engineers, and VooDoo Witchdoctors if you find one that has information that you think would be well shared with your fellow Operators; pass the word on to an officer. We are always looking for folks with information to share that will help our membership.

    Remember, if you find it interesting, then very likely all the other members will find it interesting too.

    Additionally, if you are ever inclined to volunteer some time and energy the organization is always looking for fresh blood and new ideas. So, don't hesitate to speak up, and thanks in advance!

    The Editor
     NEW! CIPWO Honor Rolls
    This New Section is a list of all CIPWO Members whom have received awards from the state-wide IAWPCO organization since the inception of CIPWO in 1998. Congratulations to all!

    Clarence Klassen Awards
  • 2010 Joe Koronkowski, IEPA Champaign
  • 2011 Dave Sullivan; Pontiac
  • 2013 Bruce Butler; UCSD
  • 2014 Lawrence Quick; Robinson
  • 2017 Rick Manner; U-CSD

    Operator of the Year
  • 1999 Lawrence Quick; Robinson

    Class 1 Plant of the Year
  • 2007 Robinson WWTF
  • 2010 U-CSD SW Plant

    Class 2 Plant of the Year
  • 2003 Fairbury WWTP
  • 2005 Gibson City WWTP
  • 2017 Mahomet WWTP

    Class 3 plant of the year
  • 2010 Village of Hutsonville WWTP

    Industrial Plant of the Year
  • 2013 Peoples Gas, Light & Coke Co.

    Editor's Note: If I have left anyone out or erred in any other way please send me an email and I will correct it immediately.

    Newletters & Other Info
    Newsletter 33, Winter 2008

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