Officers for 2018-19

Sonja Bubolz, Pres.
Pam Sturtevant, Vice-Pres.
Judy Milfs, Treas.
Theresa Jansen, Sec.

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Embroiderers' Guild of America

Heartland Region of EGA

Quincy Society of Fine Arts

Quinsippi Sew Down
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Class Offerings for Spring, 2018 Region Meeting of the Heartland Region of EGA

Fantasy Flower

Teachers: Solveig Walstrom & Sherry Ekstrom

Kit Cost: $25 (Includes fabric, silk threads, twisted cord, Kreinik threads, Japanese gold, and sharp needles).

Participants need to bring an 8", 9", or 10" screw type embroidery hoop; light and magnification, if needed; and, also, one of the following: floor stand or table stand or clamps to attach hoop to table (two hands are needed).

This is a beginning silk and metal embroidery project designed by Rachel Watkins for EGA in appreciation for receiving the Mary Dick Digges Scholarship for surface embroidery. Rachel’s design was published in in December 2012 and is taught here with permission from Rachel and EGA. This design uses Japanese flat silk, Kreinik metallic, and Japanese #5 gold. The student will learn how to lay flak silk and couch metallic threads.

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Teacher: Sharon Wasteney

Kit Cost: $30 (Includes hand-dyed linen, fusible interfacing, wool/silk felted leaves to be stitched and embellished, printed organza, one gold leaf medallion, plus supplies to choose from: paint, sponge, brushes, fabric squares, embroidery floss, perle cotton, and instructions).

Participants need to bring: 18 or 24 chenille needles, 10 or 11 straw needles, paper and thread cutting scissors, pins.

Participants will create a collage sampler of leaves on hand dyed vintage linens using at least three different techniques including felting with wool, silk and cotton; embroidered leaves with decorative threads and beads; and metallic painting on synthetic fiber, Tyvek. Art quilter Sharon Wasteney will ispire and instruct as students get in touch with the “artist within” while creating their personal design.

Tubular Peyote Pen "Follow Your Dreams"
See image to right of "Land of the Free" pen.

Teacher: Barbara Ford

Kit Cost: $25 (Includes original pattern, generous supply Delica size 11-0 beads, needles, beading string or fireline and pen)

Participants need to bring light, if needed. A magnetic stitching board to keep track of pattern location/placement might be helpful. Also, any beading tray or mat to catch beads!

This is an advanced beginner beading class. Each participant must have knowledge and be able to use peyote stitch. Students will choose one of two designs, “Follow Your Dreams” or “Land of the Free” (Right). Students will learn to make a tubular beading cylinder which can be slid onto a Pilot gel pen.

Tubular Peyote Pen "Land of the Free"

Download Quinsippi Sew Down Registration Booklet .

Download Quinsippi Sew Down Registration Form .

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