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Things about the Smith Family  As you can see on the home page, that's what I look like. The only thing that you can't see is, is that I have a prosethic on my left leg 6' below the knee. I work for the Department of Human Services, in Springfield, Il. I was born in Springfield, Il. in 1955, to the Rev. Wendell and Esther Smith. Lived in Springfield until 1972, attended Lanphier High School, graduated from Illiopolis High School in 1973. I have an Associates Degree from Lincoln Land Community College. I have been associated with Boy Scouts of America for the past 28 years. I have a certificate in Ministers In Training 1 & 2. Connie is originally from Petersburg, Il. Warren, Jr., now lives in Jacksonville, Il. and Beverly Marek ( our oldest daughter ) lives in Springfield, Il. Beverly has 4 children. We also have two other children, Lee Ann Smith,she has 3 children, lives in Auburn, Il. and James Wendell Smith, has 3 children, lives in Riverton, Il. We lived in Auburn for several years, before moving to Glenarm. We now live in Chatham, Il, we have moved to Springfield,Il. We enjoy singing for the Lord and letting everyone know what the Lord can do, by our testimony. I would like to let everyone know that we do have CD's of the group. I also have a solo Cd, that is called God's Miracle. If you would rather have cassette's, we also have two of these. Volume's 1 & 2. Please let me know. I can be reached at or
Favorite groups
Here's a list of some of my favorite music: My favorite music is Southern Gospel. Some of the groups that I like are the Cathedrals, Lesters, Gold City, Gaither Vocal Band. and too many more to mention.
 Singing Schedule
The Smith Family Singers are open for any singing events that you or your church are having. Please contact me: Warren Smith@ Please let me know when your events are held, we would enjoy coming and singing at your event. Thank you in advance. Also if you are interested. I am also doing solo sets. Along with telling my story of what the Lord did for me.
Favorite links
Holy Ground Coffee House, Chosen Generation Gospel Ministries Ray & Cindy Spellbrink - New Jerusalem Singers
 Contact information
Feel free to e-mail me for any singings that you would like the group or myself to do. For group appearances send an email to: or

Springfield, IL

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