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Thursday, Sept. 25th
St. Bernadette Retreat Center
7:15 PM (approx.)

Thursday, Oct. 9th
St. Bernadette Retreat Center
7:15 PM (approx.)


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Communication Director:
Tim Stanfield
Lay Director:
Jim Doyle
Spiritual Director:
Doug Barnes
Renetta Trissel
Keely Schlak
Men's Leadership Director:
Bill Dick
Women's Leadership Director:
Kathy Doyle
Weekend Director:
Christine Stanfield
Palanca Director:
Donna Dowd
Pre-Weekend Directorcations Director:
Brian Mansky
Mark Bradley







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New → The annual meeting of Indy Tres Días was held on Saturday, June 28th at St. Bernadette's Retreat Center.  Approximately 30 people from the community attended and voted on the six positions that were up for election on the Secretariat.  No additional nominations for the positions had been received from the community, and the slated candidates were affirmed unanimously.  Congratulations to our new officers!  They are:

Men's Leadership Director Bill Dick
Secretary Renetta Trissel
Treasurer Keely Schlak
Pre-Weekend Director Brian Mansky
Weekend Director Christine Stanfield
Post-Weekend Director Robin Edwards

L - R:  Christine Stanfield, Brian Mansky, Robin Edwards, Bill Dick, Keely Schlak.  Absent - Renetta Trissel

Jim Doyle unveiled a surprise at the meeting.  Seems he had been talking to someone in International Tres Días, and it was mentioned that during their annual meeting, when they have their Parade of Banners, that Indy Tres Días had never been represented.  So Jim contacted Janis Scheck in the community about creating one.  Apparently Janis is famous for making wonderful banners, and she agreed to do the job.  We all think she did a wonderful job of capturing the spirit of Tres Días, as well as the uniqueness of Indianapolis.  The banner will be mailed to International Tres Días and displayed at their annual meeting in Atlanta.

New → The Archdiocese of Indianapolis has announced that St. Bernadette Catholic Church will be closed, but the school will remain open. The facility will also continue to be available for special events such as Indy Tres Días, so this is a blessing that we will not have to look for alternate facilities!

The Secretariat of Indy Tres Días voted this year to raise the fee to attend a Weekend to $100.  The fee had been $70 since Indy Tres Días began, about 20 years ago.  The increase was necessary to cover the increasing cost of holding the Weekends.  I personally know that on several Weekends, donations were accepted by the Kitchen Chas from team members to help purchase additional food for the meals, because the allotted amount was insufficient.  The fee increase will take a lot of stress off the Kitchen Chas.  It should be pointed out that the fee for an Indianapolis Tres Días Weekend is still about the cheapest of all the Weekends held in all other cities.


The next Men's Weekends:
Weekend #39
Sept. 25-28, 2014
Jim Bacon, Rector

Weekend #40
March 5-8, 2015
Rector undetermined
The next Women's Weekends:
Weekend #39
Oct. 9-12, 2014
Christine Stanfield, Rectora

Weekend #40
March 19-22, 2015
Rectora undetermined

Notify the Tres Días Community

If you would like to communicate something to the entire Tres Días Community (at least those that have e-mail), send an e-mail to Tres Días Communications at, and your message will be broadcast to the Community.  There are guidelines for what is appropriate to send out, and what is not.  The following guidelines are reprinted from the Indy Tres Días Policies & Procedures adopted on 4/7/09.

  • Electronic communications may include news, announcements, prayer requests, or other items of interest to the entire Community.  However, announcements about specific ministry, church, social, and worthy community events not directly related to Tres Días will not be published, unless an exact copy of the announcement as desired for publication is approved by the Secretariat.

  • Personal sharing and testimonies by Pescadores for the encouragement of the Community are welcomed.

  • Please do not ask for prayer for someone by name in the Tres Días Community (or someone generally known in the Community) without asking their permission.  We must obviously respect other people's privacy.

  • We will not forward chain mails or other types of "impersonal" messages.  While there are many generic, informative and inspirational messages floating around the Internet, this is not the forum to share those.

  • You are encourage to include the Weekend number you attended at the conclusion of your e-mail.  This helps us to remember that we have all shared a very special experience.

  • Finally, this address may be used if you wish to notify us that you would like to be added or removed from the e-mail mailing list.

Note that this address is moderated by the Communications Director, and messages deemed inappropriate will not be forwarded.

(Note: The video below is a test. It has nothing to do with Tres Días!)

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: Last update 7/15/2014

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