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Thursday, Sept. 25th
St. Bernadette Retreat Center
7:15 PM (approx.)

Thursday, Oct. 9th
St. Bernadette Retreat Center
7:15 PM (approx.)


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Communication Director:
Tim Stanfield
Lay Director:
Jim Doyle
Spiritual Director:
Doug Barnes
Renetta Trissel
Keely Schlak
Men's Leadership Director:
Bill Dick
Women's Leadership Director:
Kathy Doyle
Weekend Director:
Christine Stanfield
Palanca Director:
Donna Dowd
Pre-Weekend Directorcations Director:
Brian Mansky
Mark Bradley







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From the Community
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Doug Barnes shared the following true story during one of the devotions at the Team meetings for Men's Weekend #28.  Doug, as you may know, is the Pastor of Wallace Street Church, where many Tres Días events have been held in the last few years.  The true account was put in writing by his wife Carol.

Potatoes, POTATOES!

At the Tres Días Christmas Party on December 13th, 2008, our Post-Weekend Director, Renetta Trissel passed out two quizzes for everyone to try their hand at.  If you click the "Christmas Party 2008" link to the left, there are links to the quizzes.  The answers to the quizzes are posted below.

Christmas Carol Quiz answers

Christmas Song Quiz answers

Rick Rudicill composed this beautiful poem after returning from his Weekend on Tres Días #27.  He presented a framed copy of it to Rector Mark Myers at the Victory Banquet.  (See photo under the link on this website to the Fall 2008 Victory Banquet.)

There Were Many

Many of you know Doug Barnes, the pastor of Wallace Street Church for more than 40 years, who made his Weekend a couple years ago.  Doug is well known for travelling to China, Vietnam, and countries in that region with other Christians to smuggle Bibles into those countries.  There are many Christians in those countries who desperately want them.  Doug filed this report after returning from his visit in 2007.  An amazing story!

The General Who Tried to Dictate to God

The following poem was written by Rob Wilson on Men's Weekend #22.  Those of you who know Rob know of his unique personality, and his talent for being quite the comedian, so that explains the tone of the poem.  Kelly Beck was the Rector of the Weekend, Hubie Lawson was his assistant, Rob was Head Kitchen, and I was his assistant.  Other references in the poem are to Bill Beck, Tony Rosemeyer, and Chuck Haner.  Rob wrote this poem for me to read to the Candidates as they assembled for breakfast on Friday morning.

The First Day of Tres Días

This is a kitchen menu that has appeared on several of the recent Men's Weekends.

Kitchen Menu

The following poem was written by David Sherron, a member of the men's Tres Días #23 Team. Dave recited the poem at the final Team meeting.  But first, let me share with you what inspired Dave to write the poem.  These are Dave's own words:

"November 18, 2005 was a day I will never forget.  It's the day when everything seemed to go wrong.  It got off on a bad note, and then got progressively worse.

"I own a couple of Subway franchises, and the day started with me finding out that one of the stores was being fined a large sum of money.

"The store was already put on probation that October because of uniform violations (employees not wearing the proper Subway uniform).  So I was adamant that everyone show up in the proper attire when the inspector showed up again.

"Earlier in November I learned that an employee split her pants on the way to work and called the manager.  The manager told her to just come to work anyway in her jeans.  Wouldn't you know that that would be the day the Subway inspector would show up again, unannounced as usual.

"On 11/18 I was told of the consequences of this violation: a $900 fine and probation to the point where if we were cited again in the next 6 months I would most likely lose my franchise license.

"Next, I had gotten a call the previous April from a guy that claimed he had bit into glass while eating a sandwich at one of my stores (there is no glass in a Subway store).  He told me that he didn't want to take me to court, and that he would accept a $750,000 settlement.  He cited a few recent examples of where individuals had won much more in court in suits against fast food franchises.

"I told him to contact my insurance company, which is standard protocol, even though the claim was clearly bogus.  It had been 7 months, so I assumed the guy had just gone away.  But on 11/18 I received a subpoena in the mail claiming that this guy was taking me to court.  Even though the claim was bogus, it would be my burden of proof to show that this never occurred.  Lots of red tape and re-generating multiple records, and always the chance that a jury could still rule in his favor.

"At this point, I decided not to answer my cell phone for a while.  Enough bad news for one day was enough.  Later that night, the cell phone rung about 6 times in about a 2 minute period.

"I decided I'd better check my messages, thinking that it might be something important.  The first message was from my mom.

"My mom had a really bad stroke 3 years ago.  Her health status has been unstable at best.  On this night she left me a message that was garbled and she was talking somewhat out of her head.  Clearly she was having a very bad night.  It really bothered me to hear her talking like that.

"The next 5 messages were very disturbing.  They were from the Manager at one of the Subways.  'David, David, please call me back right away, we were just robbed!'  All five messages would say the same thing, all with growing degrees of alarm, confusion, and anxiety.

"I called the store.  Sure enough, the store had been robbed, with two employees held at gunpoint.  One of the employees was the 16 year old son of a friend of mine.  My worst fear as a business owner had been realized (but, thank God, no one was hurt).

"I felt terrible, like I was totally responsible for the trauma that those employees had been put through.  To top it off, I later received yet another call.  This one was from the friend, and he was basically telling how I was, indeed, responsible for the trauma his son had experienced, and how I didn't seem to care.

"His judgment and timing left much to be desired, but I understood.  How would I feel if my son had just experienced something like that?

"That night I couldn't get to sleep.  I felt like the whole world was caving in on me.  I wanted to call someone for comfort, but I couldn't think of anyone to turn to.  I finally contacted a friend, and was basically told 'Ain't it a shame, now leave me alone while I go back to sleep.'  It was the longest, coldest night of my life.

"The next day I woke not feeling much better.  For a brief moment I thought, 'Where is God in all of this?  Why would he allow such pain and suffering?'

"Then I thought back on other times of trial and tribulation, how He has always brought me through, and how climbing the mountains of life had always made me stronger and better equipped to handle whatever came my way through life's journey.  At that moment I decided to no longer question, just trust.

"But I couldn't help but think about the occurrences of the previous day.  As I reflected on them I thought to myself, 'With everything converging in on me all at once, it was like the perfect storm.'  At that moment I was inspired to write the poem."

The Perfect Storm

The following song was written on Women's Weekend #13, to be performed as a skit.  It is sung to the tune of "If I Only Had a Brain" from The Wizard of Oz.

Team Skit

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