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  FAQS Frequently Asked Questions:  rcorner.gif
What is the difference between an OrgSite and a NewsBar?
With an OrgSite you get a home page, 10 additional pages, email, a calendar, a membership list, and the ability to upload files to your site and put download links and graphics anywhere you want in any section or page of your site.

A NewsBar is a way for you to get an internet presence without creating an entire site. Perhaps you are a subdivision or chapter of a larger organization that already has a website, and you'd like to "ride on the coattails," so to speak, of your parent organization. All you really want is a quick and easy way to communicate with your local members about specific things, and you don't necessarily need full-scale office management tools like membership, email, and graphics. A NewsBar might be perfect for you. This unobtrusive information bar is displayed on the bottom of a parent organization's site. Although this display appears only within OrgSites and not anywhere else, we think it is a good idea to seek permission to display a NewsBar on a parent site. The NewsBar has News, Events, and Links sections you can use to post information specific to your group. When readers visit your NewsBar they will see the main site as "background" and your group's News in a pop-up window. Your NewsBar will be at the bottom of the main site. (See example on OrgSites Home Page.) Readers can get information from your parent organization and from your NewsBar simultaneously.

I already have a website. Can I just list my organization in OrgSites' Directory?

Certainly! Just choose the option of listing your organization in our directory. You will receive a NewsBar with all NewsBar features, but the features will be turned off. Nothing will show to your reader except your site name and the OrgSites name in the NewsBar. The News Manager will not display automatically as with the active NewsBar, described above. You may access your NewsBar at any time and activate any or all of its features to use for a one-time event or to use on a permanent basis.

What if my parent website contains internal coding that prevents my NewsBar or Directory Listing (inactive NewsBar) from showing on the browser simultaneously with the parent site?

If you are trying to create an active NewsBar and it won't show because your parent site has coding built in to its site that prevents your display, we invite you to make an OrgSites website and use the Links Section to show a link to your parent site. If you are trying to create a Directory Listing only, be assured that even though your inactive NewsBar does not display (and you will not have access to its features) your organization will still be listed in The OrgSites Directory. If at any time you wish to remove your organization from our directory or change your description, please email us from the OrgSites home page at

Are you serious that I don't need special skills or a webmaster to create and maintain an OrgSite or an OrgSites NewsBar?

Absolutely. If you can type (even hunt and peck works!) you can create and maintain your OrgSite or NewsBar. And because you will be doing it yourself, you have instant update capability. Think of your OrgSite or NewsBar as an electronic newsletter that you can change as often as you want.

How much space do I get?

We don't assign a specific amount of space, opting instead for a more dynamic approach. While many other free hosting services limit the amount of space you can use, we'd rather give you the freedom to host a great site without worrying about space. If things get completely out of hand, we may have to let you know, but we hope that flexible space allocation will help you get your important message across.

Will I be able to have more than just a home page on my OrgSite?

Yes. You'll have ten extra pages in addition to your home page.

Will I be able to put graphics any place I want on my OrgSite?

Yes! However, if you have a lot of photos it is advisable that you look at photo specific sites shown in the Reference section below. This will give more options for your photos and allows for greater creativity

Can I keep a membership list and email all my members from my OrgSite?

With an OrgSite, you'll be able to keep a membership list containing name, address, email address, phone, and notes for every member of your organization. In addition, you will have a contact box on your site where readers can contact you and ask to be added to your email list. You will be able to email everyone on your email list all at once or just email certain people or subgroups. You'll also be able to print out your entire membership list, with contact information included, to keep as a handy reference. These features do not come with a NewsBar, however.

Can I show all my events and important dates on my OrgSite or NewsBar?

You will have an Events Manager where you can list events and link a map showing how to get to event locations. You'll also have a calendar graphic for the current month which will appear on your home page or in your NewsBar. Viewers will be able to click on the calendar to see what events your organization is planning.

Can I list links to other sites so my readers can click on lots of handy sites from my OrgSite or NewsBar?

Both the OrgSites and the NewsBars have a special Links Section where you can easily list as many links as you want. You can also list links in the News Manager of your NewsBar and on any page of your OrgSite using hypertext links. If the link does not work check to see of there is a parenthesis in the code you have entered, if so, remove them.

I already know HTML and have my own (FrontPage) code. Can I FTP my existing HTML to my OrgSite?

We're sorry, but not at this time. Your OrgSite has many tools integrated into the base index page that are dynamically called from databases. Further, your OrgSite is automatically integrated into our main directories for finding your site and finding events from our main site's search engine.

We know the templates may appear basic to higher-level HTML gurus, but they cover as many bases as possible for different organizations' needs while integrating the automatic tools such as calendars, links, contact form, and so on. Many of our users find these tools helpful and they are particularly useful to those who do not know (or want to know!) heavy duty HTML. We strive to make OrgSites really easy to create and use.

If there is no advertising on OrgSites, how is OrgSites funded?, a subsidiary of Global Neighborhood, is a privately-funded, community-oriented internet company whose goal is to create the nation's best free website service and most comprehensive internet directory for non-commercial organizations. However, times are changing and we MAY have to look at developing a modest site hosting site to help offset the almost $200.00/month for the server, storage, band-width usage and provider support. It is very important that we assure you that there aren't any PAID or SUBSIDIZED support/programming staff currently maintaining the services.


I just got an ERROR MESSAGE - what should I do?

This typically happens when corrupted code is entered which the program can not read. Try going to your site using the code below then change the small graphic in the upper left column and press done and close browser. Be sure to replace the state abbreviation and name as it appears in your URL. It is a backdoor into your site -- changing the small graphic resets the site.

I canít get my graphics to show in my library. I attempt to download but nothing appears.

The main reason this happens is because the file size for the graphic or picture is too large and will not load in a reasonable amount of time via the internet. Or, the filename was uploaded with illegal characters such as spaces, punctuation and other special characters. To fix this use a photo editing program to reduce the image attributes (not necessarily the size of the picture) and/or rename the file. We suggest the following to solve these issues:

  • Change the DPI to 75 (or less than 100)
  • Change the COLOR PALETTE to 256
  • Change the HEIGHT & WIDTH to 800x600
  • Install & use your digital camera's imaging software
  • Locate & download FREE digital imaging software (ie: Irfanview)
  • Rename the file to include only letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), dashes or underscores (- _)
Another option is to use photo specific sites such as and link to your OrgSite to give greater flexibility and larger photos. I canít seem to get hyperlinks to work on the home page of my website.
Try taking the quotation marks (ď ď) out of the code.


I can't upload my documents or graphics
Make sure there are no spaces in the file name. If there are save the file in the program that created it such as "Word" without any spaces in the file name or rename the file without spaces. See below for photo ideas.

Can I password protect my website or any information on the website so only members can view or make changes?
No and Yes, OrgSites does not have password protection other than for the administrator of the site. However, buy using Word or Excel you can password protect various documents and charts so only you and/or your members can make changes. Use OrgSites file upload to include the document on your website. From Word or Excel go to -- Tools>Options>Security.

Can I put thumbnail photos (small photos you click on to enlarge) or link to photo storage websites?
Yes, some of our site owners are using photo specific sites such as to store and show pictures on their OrgSite. This can provide a broad option base for enhancing a site with more and larger photos. You can create thumbnails within OrgSites but you will need to use HTML.


Disclaimer - OrgSites does not have any affiliation with and accepts no responsibility for problems that may occur from usage of sites or information shown below. These sites have been brought to our attention by other OrgSites users.


Photo/File Enhancement and Storage Resource -- Several OrgSites have had success using websites such as Use these services when larger amounts of data need storage then link or directly show the photos and files on your OrgSite. Instructions for Photobucket can be found at Photobucket Help

Important When you create a link to the main text area of your site you may need to take out any quotation marks("") from the code or the hyperlink may not work. Quotation marks can be left in the code on other pages

HTML Instruction
Barebones Guide to HTML
Learn HTML/CSS for Free
Learn HTML/CSS at Khan Academy
Be creative and make your site stand out. If you have a problem and you get an error message (due to messed up coding) use the back button on your browser or see the error code repair in Troubleshooting above.
PTO Today Magazine
Create Surveys @ SurveyMonkey

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