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April 2018

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Members List:

Executive Director:
Melanie Watkins
Office Assistant:
Dee Piepho
Advocate Coordinator:
Kris Timmermeyer-Rice

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CASA Volunteer Requirements
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CASA Mission:

The mission of the CASA volunteer is to monitor and follow a childís case through the juvenile court system; to provide an independent voice from the community who speaks up for the best interest of their assigned child; and to help ensure that the child is in a secure, supportive, permanent home.

Volunteer Requirements:

1. Must be at least 18 years of age.

2. Must have a high school diploma or GED equivalency.

3. Must complete a written application, sign consents for security clearance, and a motor vehicle recordís check. Applicants shall provide three references other than relatives.

4. Must pass screening eligibility according to Supreme Court Rule #110: reference check, security clearance, SRS Central Registry clearance and screening interview

5. Must participate in at least 30 hours of pre-service training. Must review information from missed training sessions with trainer prior to case assignment.

6. Must observe court sessions for a minimum of one court hearing.

7. Must indicate an ability to be objective, to function professionally and to act out of a concern for the welfare of the child as the primary motivation.

8. Must not discriminate or display attitudes of a discriminatory nature.

9. Must respect the right to privacy by keeping information that would identify parties involved in CASA cases confidential. Must abide by the programís policy of confidentiality.

10. Must be a citizen of the United States.

11. Must be able to commit to serving as a CASA volunteer for at least eighteen months.


1. Sign orders and take Oath of Appointment as soon as possible after accepting a case.

2. Take Oath of Confidentiality.

3. Read court social and legal files pertaining to case. Read other available records/files pertaining to case.

4. Advocate for the best interest of the child(ren) at all times.

5.Interview SRS social worker(s), parents, foster parents, court services officers, child and other interested parties.

6. Explain the CASA role to all parties unfamiliar with the CASA Program.

7. Conduct independent and objective analysis concerning abused and neglected children.

8. Maintain regular contact with the child a minimum of once per month.

9. Where appropriate, encourage the family to work toward permanency planning and/or orders set forth by the court.

10. Contact the SRS social worker (and the court services officer, if applicable) a minimum of once per month.

11. Make arrangements to attend all court hearings and other scheduled staffings pertaining to the child(ren).

12. Monitor whether courtís orders are being followed.

13. Keep accurate and complete documentation of all contacts and interviews as required by the CASA Program.

14. Consult with the CASA Advocate Coordinator at least once per month; submit a written or oral report to the CASA office once per month regarding case activity.

15. Attend a minimum of twelve (12) hours of continuing education in-service per calendar year.

16. Submit a written REPORT TO COURT to the CASA office at least ten (10) days in advance of a hearing.

17. Consult with the CASA Advocate Coordinator if problems, concerns or questions arise during the case.

18. Immediately report to SRS and the CASA Director any suspected child abuse or neglect.

19. Remain actively involved in the case until a permanent solution has been reached: successful return to the natural family, adoption, long-term foster care, court closes case and other


At the volunteerís discretion, with the exception of court hearings, SRS staffings and scheduled reviews, and other professional meetings. CASAs will be required to maintain flexibility with evening and weekend scheduling as needed. Generally, more time is spent in the beginning investigative stage of a case and will lessen once the CASA has a working knowledge of the case. However, certain situations can arise at any point in a case and require volunteers to be flexible and spend the time necessary to assure the child/ren they advocate for are receiving the necessary services and treatment.

Volunteer Accountability:

The volunteer is responsible to the CASA Executive Director, CASA Advocate Coordinator and ultimately to the appointing judge.

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