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Getting a Room
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We serve patients and their families1 while actively receiving medical care at BACH for serious injuries, wounds, and illnesses (other local hospitals on space available basis). Eligible Fisher House guests are:

  • immediate family members of in-patients (spouse, children, parents - including step and “in loco-parentis”, siblings)

  • extended family members of in-patients (grandparents, in-laws, aunts, uncles, cousins) when immediate family is not already occupying a room

  • reside more than 50 miles from the hospital

  • medically and mentally stable and able to care for themselves and/or their family members

  • out-patient stays are on a case by case basis (patient and guest safety is a top priority)

  • 1Patient must have a military connection - active duty, retiree, dependent, or VA eligible veteran


A Referral Form should be completed and submitted by hospital staff (a member of the treating medical team, case manager, social work or chaplain). All requests from WTB assigned service members must receive initial approval from the company command team. Self referrals can be accepted, however, approval for a stay cannot be granted until verified by hospital staff.

PDF Referral Form

Check-ins are done during regular business hours - Mon-Fri 9:00 - 4:00 (we are closed weekends and holidays). If guests are not able arrive during business hours, an after-hours check-in must be pre-arranged, however, no check-ins will be scheduled after 9pm. This is a courtesy to our other houseguests and in compliance with quiet hours.

We do not make reservations! If approved for a room, we are not able to confirm a room is available more than 48hrs in advance of your arrival. When we have more referrals than rooms, we prioritize on many factors, including medical severity, projected length of stay, financial need, etc... When the Fisher House is full, we will maintain a waiting list. Our policy is one room per patient family. Room types available include: Queen room - 1 queen bed, sleeps 3 with extra person on recliner, twin airbed or portacrib; Double Room - 2 full beds, sleeps 4; Twin Room - 2 twin beds, sleeps 3 with extra person on recliner, twin airbed or portacrib.


Currently, there is no cost to the family for a stay at the Fisher House. Lodging fees are covered through a grant from the Fisher House Foundation. Everything provided to the families while staying at the Fort Campbell Fisher House is made possible by our generous donors in the Fort Campbell community!


We provide the families of our patients with a comfortable stay in a home environment. Please understand that we are not a medical facility, nursing home, or hospice center and no medical treatment may be performed in the house, except that which is self administered. In order to elminate infectious risks to all our guests, some patients, and anyone currently ill or contagious, will be excluded from staying at the Fisher House.

Additionally, the Fisher House cannot be used for leisure visits, as a safe house, homeless shelter, or as transient lodging for TDY, PCS, ETS/retirement.


Adherence to the house rules will ensure a safe and peaceful experience for all Fisher House residents. Any resident who refuses to comply with the house rules or live in harmony with other residents, will be asked to find other accomodations.

Family members are responsible for abiding by all house rules & policies and ensuring their guests do the same. A responsible party is required to sign our Resident's Agreement upon check-in.

Some of our house rules are:

  • Our home is tobacco free, to include smokeless, vapor & e-cigarettes.

  • Weapons, illegal drugs, alcohol and pets are not permitted on the property.

  • Only authorized guests may spend the night and sleeping must take place in the room provided, not in the common areas.

  • Guests will not be given preferential treatment based on rank, awards, VIP status. Those demanding it will be invited to find other accommodations at their own expense.

  • All food & beverages (except water) are to be consumed in the kitchen, dining room or outside! 

  • Children are the sole responsibility of their parent or guardian!  Children under the age of 10 must be supervised at all times. 

  • Any family member, regardless of age, who is not able to care for themselves should never be left alone in the house.

  • We have quiet hours from 9:00pm - 8:00am daily.

  • Guests are welcome to have visitors, but they must remain in the common areas. Visiting hours are 9:00am - 8:00pm daily. Visits should be brief and limited to a few people.

  • Modest attire, shoes and/or slippers must be worn at all times in public areas.

  • Residents are responsible for cleaning up after themselves in all areas of the house, and maintaining the cleanliness of their assigned room on a daily basis. This includes doing a basic clean up prior to checking out.

  • Anyone with MRSA, chicken pox, measles, tuberculosis, flu or any other contagious diseases/illnesses or active infection is not eligible to stay in the Fisher House.

  • The furniture in the common rooms is shared by all - please keep feet off the furniture and do not allow children to play on it.

  • A complete list of house rules is provided at check-in.

Staying at Fisher House is a privilege!

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