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If you would like to make a paypal donation to help our blind dogs, please click on the link below. Even $1 helps!! With a donation of $5 or more, you get a cool fridge magnet with Freda's picture! Donate $50 or more and get the "I'm a seeing eye human" t-shirt.

NEW!!! Check out video of Basil doing his tricks!


Louis the Great Dane got really sick over the Christmas holiday. He came down with Pneumonia and had to stay several days at the vet's office. His vet bills are over $300. We are desperate for donations to help us pay for his hospitalization. If you can help, please email us at or click on the donation button above.

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Current Residents

Joey (partially blind)

We think Joey is a Schnauzer, but she looks like Toto from the Wizard of Oz. Whatever she is, she sure is a cutie!

Joey was dumped by her owners at a kill shelter is Los Angeles. Lucky for her, a nice fella in Malibu sponsored her so she could get out of jail and ride on a plane all the way to our little rescue in Louisiana.

Joey is so cute and spunky, playful and surprisingly brave for her small size! (12 pounds) As it turns out, she is not blind like the shelter people thought. She does have cataracts but they are not advanced, so she can see pretty well. She is in perfect health, has all shots, and is spayed.

Joey LOVES attention and cuddles. She gets so excited when her foster mom gets home from work, she wags her whole body and howls with joy. She would probably do flips if she knew how. When she gets a hug, she hugs back with both paws, it's the cutest thing!

Joey gets along very well with other dogs, cats, and children. She is the funnest dog, a ball of energy. You would never guess she is 6 years old, she acts like a little puppy. She will make her new family very, very happy. Could that family be yours? Email for more information about Joey.

Sassafrass (not blind)


Sassafrass is a gorgeous purebred pit bull. Her current owner has had her since the day she was born. Now she is 4 years old and her owner is having a baby, so Sassy needs to find a loving home.

Sassafrass need a home with NO CHILDREN and NO CATS. No exceptions. She is a very sweet, friendly, and well-behaved dog, but pit bulls should never be left unattended around small children or small animals.

Sassy's adoption fee is $50. If you are interested in adopting her please email You will be asked to fill out an application.

Are you interested in adopting Sassafrass? Email us at

Current Residents

Big Lou (not blind)

Big Lou was dumped in a rural area of Baton Rouge. He was found by a kind lady who called us. When we picked him up, he was half-starved and covered with fleas and ticks. Lou is not blind but he does have special needs. He is heartworm positive and has an enlarged heart. He is in need of a loving forever home or a temporary foster home while he goes through the heartworm treatment.

Can you foster or adopt Big Lou? Email!

Beignet (partially blind)

Take a look at this little cutie! Her name is Beignet (pronounced ben-YAY). A Beignet is a French donut all covered in powdered sugar, and that describes this little girl perfectly!
Beignet was dumped at a kill shelter with a note that said she is a purebred blue heeler. She looks in every way like a perfect example of a blue heeler. BUT-- she only weighs 17 pounds, and she is fully grown! So she must be a mini-blue-heeler.
Beignet has limited vision. She can see pretty well when she is outside in the sunshine. When she is indoors, she bumps into things, but seems to be able to see out of her peripheral vision.
Something very bad happened to Beignet when she was a puppy. She has a huge scar across her front paw that looks like it was cut. Her "bad" paw is a bit crooked so it may have been broken. She is also very shy so we think that she may have been injured or abused, and maybe that has something to do with her vision loss, too.
Despite all that she has been through, little Beignet is such a sweetie. She can be a little bit shy when she is in a new place, but she is just so loving and very loyal to her foster mama. She wiggles all around and gives lots of kisses. She is just waiting for her new forever family to lavish her with love. She gets along great with other dogs, cats, and children. She is spayed and has all of her shots.
If you are interested in adopting Beignet, please email


Adoption Success Stories

Ms. Pearl

This little girl was at a kill shelter in Sorrento, LA. They said she was a senior, and that she could see a little. She was found wandering the streets, and was scheduled to be gassed two days before Christmas. Turns out she is only about 5 years old, and she is almost completely blind due to cataracts. After three baths (boy did she stink!) we cut off her massive dreadlocks and gave her the typical schnauzer haircut. Now she looks like a fabulous showdog!

At the vet, she tested negative for heartworms and for intestinal worms, and she was already spayed (what good luck she has!). So besides the cataracts, she was in wonderful health, and ready to be adopted by her new family.

Ms. Pearl was adopted by a very nice family with an autistic son whose favorite dog was the schnauzer. They fell in love with each other right away. Now she has a nice home, a little sister named biscuit, and a fabulous red sweater!


Doucette is a fine example of a purebred black lab. She was pulled at the last minute from being gassed in Cartersville, GA. When she arrived at our rescue, she was emaciated and frightened. She refused to eat and did not react to voices so we thought she might be deaf too. But with lots of love and liver soup, she made it through just fine.

Doucette has cataracts and glaucoma and is completely blind, but she gets along really well by following her master's voice (she can hear after all). She even went for a swim in the Amite River! Doucette's favorite way to spend time is sleeping on the couch, getting belly rubs, and sprawling out on the cool kitchen floor.

Doucette was adopted by a wonderful young lady. She has gotten fat, and she loves all of her new puppy and kitty friends.


Morimoto came from the same shelter as Ms. Pearl. No one wanted him because he is "too old." But the little guy is only 5!! Of course, he is a pekingese so he has the typical pekingese bad attitude, but that's not his fault. Morimoto had to be shaved completely because his fur was so matted. Then, when he went in to be neutered, the vet told us she had to pull ALL of his teeth out! Luckily, once she cleaned his teeth, she was able to save a few, so he can still eat hard food, although he would much prefer mama's homemade liver soup! Morimoto loves to cuddle and lounge around on the couch like the king that he is! Morimoto was FINALLY adopted, and he has not been returned yet! Congratulations, Mori!!!


This is Sid. His previous owners said he was a Miniature Pinscher, but we think he looks more like a Jack Russell or Rat Terrier mix. Sid is a young spunky little fella and he loves to play and jump around. Sid has very high energy so he needs someone to give him lots of exercise, and of course lots of love! Sid is not blind, he is neutered and has all of his shots. Sid has been adopted. Way to go, Sid!


This is Stella. She is a 5 week old catahoula puppy. She was born deaf and blind. She has microphthalmia, which means "little eyes." She can see just a tiny bit out of her left eye.

Other than being blind and deaf, Stella is a normal puppy like any other. She loves to cuddle and get her belly rubbed, especially after a huge meal! She is looking for a very special home to take good care of her and love her forever.

Stella has been adopted, and she got to ride on a plane to her new home in New Jersey, where she is spoiled rotten by everyone who meets her. Congratulations, Stella!

Rocky (not blind)

Rocky is one of the Australian Shepherd Puppies. Luckily for him, he is not blind or deaf, he is just fine and cute and ready to go home to his new family! Are you interested in adopting Rocky? Email us at


Adoption Success Stories


Dixie is a purebred Catahoula. She is double merle and she has microphthalmia, which means her eyes are tiny and under developed. She can see very bright lights but not much else. She is also completely deaf. Despite her handicaps, Dixie runs around the house and the pasture and plays just like any normal 4 month old puppy.

Dixie was adopted by a lovely family involved with the Louisiana School for the Deaf. They plan to not only love and care for her, but also to bring her to meet the children at the School for the Deaf and the School for the Blind! Dixie sure is one lucky puppy!

Freida Frecklefoot

Freida Frecklefoot, or "Free-duh" is an australian shepherd mix. She came from Houston, TX. Freida has a damaged eye that needs to be removed. Her "good" eye is not so good, it is tiny and greyish-blue, and cross-eyed (but pretty!) Freida is like my shadow, she follows me everywhere I walk. She loves to be picked up and held and hugged. Freida has been adopted by a wonderful and loving family!


Rico is our newest foster doggie. He is a male (neutered) purebred Chihuahua. Rico only weighs 7 pounds, and he is all white. He is not blind, he's another dog that we took in from a family who could no longer keep him.

Rico is VERY affectionate. He loves to be in someone's lap all the time. He likes to play fetch and snuggle and give lots of kisses.

Rico has been adopted!


Angel is the smallest of the Australian Shepherd Puppies. She was also very sick when we first got her, but she is doing much better now and she is gaining weight. Angel is partially blind. Her pupils are abnormal and her eyes are reduced in size. She is the sweetest little thing, very dainty and gentle. Angel has been adopted! Hooray for Angel!


Basil is a purebred Australian Shepherd, and he is deaf and mostly blind. He just wandered into a lady's back yard in Satsuma, LA one day. His little feet were so worn and sore, he must have walked a long way! Basil has been in our rescue for about a month, and he is really improving. He has learned to sit and lay down using touch commands. After being in rescue for 6 months, Basil was FINALLY adopted. Three cheers for Basil!


Louie is an 8-year-old yorkie. His owners dropped him off at the pound because they didn't have time for him. His nails had not been cut in years; they were so long they had turned sideways. His hair had matted into doggie dreadlocks. He was covered in fleas, and he was quite stinky!

Now Louie is all cleaned up and back to his old ways, sleeping on his very own pillow. He has cataracts in both eyes and is pretty much blind. He has a very slight bit of vision in his left eye. Other than his vision, he is surprisingly healthy. His owners may not have bathed him, but they kept him up to date on his shots and heartworm prevention.

Louie weighs 8 pounds. He gets along with other dogs and children, but he does not like cats. He is house trained, he knows how to go outside all by himself. Louie has found his new family, and they are so nice. He has his very own LSU sweater and puffy jacket. Good boy, Louie!

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear is a little puppy who was found in Prairieville, skinny and blind in one eye. The kids named him Teddy Bear because he is so cuddly. He loves kids and adults and doggies and kitties and everyone around him. He needs a loving home and a loving family to hug and pet him and love him forever. Can Teddy come home with you? Email


Teddy's eyes are getting better! He is on special antibiotic eyedrops and the infection in his cornea is clearing up. He has already regained most of his vision, and we are optimistic that his eyesight will be fully restored. So lucky little Teddy is learning how to see again, and he will be a normal dog!


Teddy's eyes have cleared up completely. He is now a normal puppy. He is the first dog in our rescue to have regained his sight. He's the luckiest dog in the world and a MIRACLE MUTT!

CONGRATULATIONS, TEDDY!!!!!! Teddy has been adopted! Yippee!


Thank You Angie!

Angie is a student at LSU's vet school. She has donated three 6-month boxes of K9 Advantix to our rescue. THANKS A MILLION ANGIE!!!

Baton Rouge, LA

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