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Activity/Crafts/Game & Story Books, Bible Stories that are online, FREE Downloads of Books
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Activity Books

The following books come highly recommended:

*The Great Bible Big Fun Activity Book by Toni Lind. Tons of great mazes, dot-to-dot, color by number, picture puzzles and more for children to do and learn about the Old and New Testament.

*Bible Wheels To Make and Enjoy by Carmen Sorvillo. Bible Wheels are Bible stories on wheels that help reinforce Bible stories. Children ages 4 to 7 can make the Bible Wheels easily by cutting them out, coloring, and assembling. Each wheel is made from two reproducible patterns that you can print out on cardstock and are secured with a brass fastener. A window in the wheel reveals what happens in the Bible story and the children can turn the wheel dial to retell the Bible story they just learned over and over again. Bible Wheels are a great way to supplement your Bible stories and help your students to remember the lesson. Children are fascinated by how they work and the Bible Wheels in this book will surely keep the childrenís attention and spark their imagination. The book contains 30 (14 Old and 16 New Testament) Bible Wheels that have limited text with the title of the story, the Bible reference and pictures telling the Bible story on each one. Cutting is simple but for younger students you might want to cut out all or some of the craft prior to class. Bible Wheels are a great take home activity for children to do with their parents and they are an excellent way to help the children remember the Bible story.

*Hidden Pictures Explore Hidden Treasures in Godís Word: (several grade levels to choose from) Fun Faith-Builders by Linda Standke. Children will absolutely love the fun and creative Bible story based hidden picture puzzles in this book! My students are just wild about hidden picture puzzles and ask for them every week. The students start these puzzles by looking up the scripture reference to answer the question about each story. Then they find and circle the story related items hidden in the picture. Each puzzle has a list of 8 items to find. To make it easier for the students, drawings of the 8 items are next to each word and these look exactly like the ones in the puzzle. The book has 27 (13 Old and 14 New Testament) hidden picture puzzles and also an answer key for each. These hidden puzzles are a fantastic fill in activity for Sunday School/CCD or great to do just before the parents come to pick up their children.

*Bible Stories from A to Z- A neat book with activities to teach the Bible using the alphabet.

The book is divided into 26 mini units, each featuring a letter of the alphabet. Each mini unit contains the following:

  • A Bible story and questions for discussion
  • A craft
  • A prayer
  • A snack idea
  • A take home mini story booklet that the children color
  • An alphabet page
  • An activity page

    Perfect for Pre K - K!

    *Bible Story Puzzles (Grades: PK-K) by Linda Standke. 29 fun and creative activities consisting of: dot to dot, easy picture crossword puzzles, cut and paste, trace along the dotted lines, etc. of Old and New Testament Bible stories. Each puzzle page has a scripture reference and mini lesson. The book also contains a Table of Contents that lists each Bible story and Scripture for you to easily match your curriculum to the activities.

    *The Big Book of Kindergarten Puzzles #2- Published by Gospel Light. A great variety of puzzles & mazes, dot to dot, matching, and much more. 104 puzzles of Old and New Testament Bible stories with Bible Story Index, Bible Verse Index, Skill Index, and Topical Index. Conversation Starters on each page with Bonus Ideas for each puzzle. A great supplement for any curriculum!

    *Big Puzzles for Little Hands by Carla R. Williams and Chuck Galey.

    I found both books to be very helpful and full of great ideas.

    Each book contains 82 reproducible puzzles... including color by number, dot to dot, mazes, finish the picture, and hidden puzzles, just to name a few. Each puzzle (or lesson) includes a memory verse, Bible story reference, teacher talk tips and easy instructions. Both books also contain a Scripture Index for easy reference and answer section in the back.

    Jesus' Life and Lessons has 23 topics with at least 2 puzzles for each topic. This book covers His entire life... Birth to Ascension.

    People Who Obeyed God contains topics from both the Old Testament and New Testament... 19 OT topics and 10 NT topics, with a review at the end of each. Again, at least 2 puzzles for each topic.

    These books are for children ages 3-8 years. (Review by Sherry Cremer).

    *Dot-to-Dot Bible Pictures Grade Pre K - K by Linda Standke. 28 Old and New Testament dot to dot puzzles that the students can do themselves and color. Each page includes a Scripture reference and mini lesson about the Bible story. Great supplement for your Bible story lessons.

    *Children Discover the Mass: Lessons, Crafts, Cutouts, and More by Mary Doerfler Dall. A fantastic book to help you teach young ones all about Mass! 28 full lessons broken into 5 categories (Before We Begin Mass, Introductory Rites, Liturgy of the Word, Liturgy of the Eucharist, and Concluding Rite) explaining to the students the parts of Mass and what happens. This book helps children understand what we say and do during Mass and why. Each lesson is thoroughly thought out with background, what to say to the students, a craft with easy step by step directions with illustrations and patterns, and review questions. The lessons are written so that the students will understand and comprehend what the roles of the priest, the other liturgical ministers, and the community are during Mass. The students will also learn the responses as well as all of the other rituals and actions that take place during the liturgy. The book also includes a 32 page missal, "My Mass Book" for the students to color, fold, and take with them to Mass. Also in "My Mass Book" are the written responses to help the children participate in Mass. (Children Discover the Mass is spiral bound to make copying easier).

    *Faith Facts for Young Catholics: Drills, Games & Activities for Middle School Students by Sawyer Kieran. An incredible activity book for grades six to nine. In the back of the book are pages and pages of review cards, key word cards, flash cards, Gospel trivia cards, Scripture passage cards, etc. to go with all the games, drills, and activities. Answers are also included. The drills, games and activities include: Sacraments, Ten Commandments, Parts of the Mass, Review Games, Seven Gifts, Scriptures, Gospel Trivia, etc. A must have for CCD teachers!

    *Lively Bible Lessons for Kindergarten by Group Publishing. 20 imaginative and fun filled lessons that all kindergarten children will enjoy! Each lesson emphasizes certain topics that are divided into the following elements: introduction, a powerful purpose, a look at the lesson, supplies needed, lesson with step-by-step directions that include fun activities, creative games, easy crafts, imaginative snacks, and songs that will help children remember what they have learned.

    Topics include:

  • God Made Everything
  • Godís Special Book (how the Bible was written)
  • My Forever Friend (Jesus will be a friend no matter what happens)
  • Godís Family (people are the building blocks of the church)
  • I Can Talk to God (we can pray about anything at any time)
  • God Cares When Iím Scared
  • When Iím Lonely
  • Way to Obey (why itís important to obey God, parents, and teachers)
  • Iím Glad Youíre You (each person has unique talents and is special)
  • Iím a Star (an alternative lesson for Halloween)
  • Working Together (cooperation)
  • Saying ďIím SorryĒ
  • Sharing is Fun
  • Godís Family Around the World (differences are good and God planned for us to be different)
  • Friends are Kind
  • Birthday Party (growing)
  • Jesus is my Valentine
  • Celebrate Jesus (Resurrection)
  • Thanks, God (Thanksgiving)
  • Itís Christmas

    All lessons can easily be modified for preschool or toddlers.

    *100 Activities Based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church: For Grades 1 to 8 by Ellen Rossini. This book was designed as a supplement for any Catholic catechetical program, it draws its format and content from the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The classroom activities in this book are numbered 1 through 100 and are arranged into three skill levels: primary (grades 1 - 3), intermediate (grades 3 - 5), and advanced (grades 6 - 8). Games and discussions include step-by-step instructions for the teacher and individual student activities consist of a brief introductory lesson or explanation for the student and an exercise to be completed by the student on his own. The student activities range from simple matching, fill-in-the-blanks, and multiple-choice questions to more involved Bible research, short answers, and essays. Some exercises may be suitable as tests or review assignments, others as homework or research projects. At the top of the page of each activity are the citations of the paragraphs in the Catechism (abbreviated CCC) that apply to the lesson. This valuable reference enables teachers to review key doctrinal points as a background for each activity. Answers to all worksheets are in the back of the book. Tons of fantastic worksheets and games that are fun to do and educational. (This is exceptionally good for older students).

    *Red Hot Bible Puzzles and W-a-a-ay Cool Bible Puzzles by Nancy I. Sanders. These books are broken down into favorite Bible stories from the Old Testament and New Testament. Puzzles consist of word searches, crossword puzzles, mazes, secret words, codes, and more. Complete answers to all puzzles are in the answer section in the back of the books. Each book contains 26 Old Testament puzzles and 20 New Testament puzzles that are geared for students age 8 to 12. Each puzzle is about a well-known Bible story with a scripture reference and introduction. The only thing the books lack are a table of contents with scripture references to locate the puzzles quickly by their Bible story. The puzzles are only grouped by Old and New Testament. I do think that these puzzles reinforce the Bible stories and are also good time fillers during Sunday School and Vacation Bible School. The students will definitely enjoy trying to decode the secret messages and decipher each puzzling puzzle.

    Craft Books

    *Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Crafts Kids Can Make. Great ideas and crafts to create for the holidays that kids can make. All crafts are made from inexpensive materials and patterns are included. Crafts and ideas are for Christmas, Valentine's Day, May Day, Mother's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, etc. There are even several crafts made out of seeds, leaves, and vegetables. Lots of fantastic ideas and beautiful crafts to pick from for any occasion.

    *Crafts and More for Children's Ministry by Karen Henley & Lois Keffer. This book is packed with 86 fun things to do and make for Bible stories. 41 Old and 45 New Testament Bible story lessons with questions to ask the children, activities, and crafts. Each imaginative lesson is thoroughly thought out with what to say to the students, what to do, and how to present it. Every lesson is made from inexpensive materials and illustrated with easy step by step directions, what you need, and patterns. There are even creative snacks that the students can make that corresponds with the Bible story. An invaluable resource for your classroom that you will use every Sunday!

    *Crafts from your favorite Bible Stories by Kathy Ross. There are 27 creative crafts representing stories from the Bible with Bible chapters listed for each. All crafts are shown in colorful illustrations with clear step by step directions. Crafts include: Creation Wheel, The Tree of Knowledge, Noah's Ark, Sarah and Baby Isaac Puppet, Jacob's Ladder, Joseph Magnet, Moses in the Bulrushes Glove Puppet, The Parting of the Red Sea, Ram Horn Trumpet, Hair-Gowing Samson, Hand Lamb, Elijah and the Ravens Puppets, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the Fiery Furnace, The Handwriting Appears on the Wall, Jonah in the Big Fish Puppet, Cardboard Tube Manger, Three Kings Hats, Turning Water Into Wine, Stand Up and Walk, A Basket With Five Loaves and Two Fishes, Jairus's Daughter Puppet, Jesus Walks on Water, A Story About Gratitude, Waving Palms, The Empty Tomb, Jesus Ascends, and Paul Over the Wall. I love Kathy Ross' craft books and her craft ideas are always the best. Each craft is thoroughly thought out and made from inexpensive materials and paper that emphasize Bible stories. Her crafts make the Bible stories more concrete and easier for the students to understand and also a lot of fun. I do wish that the book contained patterns for the crafts, but I still think this is a fantastic Bible craft book and a must to have!

    *Crafts to Celebrate God's Creation by Kathy Ross. This book is packed with 28 creative crafts emphasizing God's creations. These crafts and activities make Godís creations come alive and are more rememberable for the children. All crafts are made from inexpensive materials that are presented in colorful illustrations with easy step by step directions. Tons of super extraordinary and superb ideas for your class to enjoy and do. Not only will your class have fun doing these crafts, they are also educational too. Some notable crafts are: Glue and Tissue Earth, Night to Day Wheel, Sunrise Cup Puppet, The Changing Moon, Water Covering the Earth, Dry Land Appearing, Grass Hat, Tree With Squirrel Puppet, Growing Plant, Growing Flower Puppet, Different People Envelopes Puzzle, Label Necklace, etc.

    *Crafts to make in the Winter by Kathy Ross. Stumped for craft activities for the winter? Look no further because this book is packed with 29 creative crafts to do during the winter. All crafts are made from inexpensive materials that are presented in colorful illustrations with easy step by step directions. Not only are there a few Christmas crafts listed, but other holidays as well. There are crafts for Kwanzaa, New Yearís, Martin Luther King Day, Groundhog Day, Valentineís Day, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Purim. The other winter crafts consist of a delightful Jar Snowman, an Ice Skater that really skates, Baggy Snowman, Bird in the Snow Table Decoration, Large Tracks (Big Foot craft), Lace Snowflake, Hungry Bird Puppet, Hanging Potpourri, Candy Magnet, Icy Sun Catcher, and Happy Teeth Finger Puppets. As you can tell, there are tons of very imaginative and educational crafts for your children to do and these crafts will keep them busy and entertained all winter long!

    *From the Hands of a Child by Anthony Flores. All 40 crafts are broken down into monthly activities (usually 4 crafts per month) that are fun and easy and the children enjoy making. Each craft uses the child's handprints and are made from regular paper that you can color or you can make them on colored construction paper. Every craft is illustrated with materials listed and patterns provided. Very easy step by step directions that even a 2nd grader can read and follow and make the craft by himself.

    *The Grolier Kids Crafts Papercraft Book by David Hancock. A very colorful and fun general craft book of 15 crafts made out of different types of paper (thin newspaper and crinkly crepe paper to thick cardboard and cereal cartons, etc.). Easy to follow step by step crafts with patterns included. Crafts include: Plodding Dino that really moves, Doll's Carry Case, Paper Jewelry, Creepy Castle, Party Hats, Halloween Masks, Layers on Layers (jigsaw puzzle that has 3 layers instead of one), Pinwheels, Wriggling Snake, Flying Bugs, Curtain Up! (clever flashlight theater), Paper Mache Bowls, Paper Lanterns, Handmade Giftwrap, and Snapping Crocodile.

    *The Kids Can Press Jumbo Book of Easy Crafts by Judy Sadler. A general craft book packed with 175 easy and fun crafts for kids to enjoy. Crafts are broken down into materials the crafts are made out of or you can use the index in the back of the book for subjects. Black and white illustrations of all crafts which are made out of inexpensive materials and have easy step by step directions.

    *The Picture Book of Kids' Crafts and Activities by Roxanne Henderson. More than 200 terrific projects that are fully illustrated with easy step by step directions. Projects are broken down into 5 categories

    I. Art Aplenty:

    Drawing and Painting Basics
    Rubbing, Printing, Stenciling, Photocopying, and More
    Photocopy Creations
    Cut, Glue, Press, Collage, Decoupage, and Bind

    II. 3-D Art and More:

    Paper folding-Origami and More
    Gadgets, Toys, Music, and Jewelry
    Sculpt! Dough, Plaster, Paper-Mache, and More

    III. Nature's Way:

    Plants, Leaves, Seeds, and Fruits
    Great Outdoors

    IV. In the Kitchen:

    Cook-but Don't Eat It!
    Art to Eat

    V. Fabric, Yarn, Ribbon, and String

    Tons of unique projects to do that are fun and educational too!

    *Preschool Christian Crafts by Linda Standke. Fun and educational Bible crafts that preschool to first graders would enjoy making. I teach first grade CCD and my students love doing the crafts in this book. Crafts include: Day and Night Sky, Creation Mobile, Animal Cracker Ark, The Ark in the Rain, Rainbow of Love, Josephís Coat of Many Colors (children make a colorful coat to wear), The Plague of Frogs, Crossing the Sea, The Ten Commandments, Jerichoís Trumpet Blast, Davidís Harp, Davidís Crown, Josiahís Lost Scroll, The Silent Lion, The Big Fish (Jonah disappears into the big fish), Praise the Lord (several musical instruments that the children can make and play), Picture Story Wheel (children turn their story wheel dials to retell the Bible story they learned), Baby Jesus in a Manger, Paper Bag Manger Scene, Potato Stars, Walking on Water, Fish and Bread, The Empty Tomb, The Spiritís Flame, The Brightest Sun, and My Little Bible (children make their own little Bibles with a message inside). Each craft comes with easy to follow directions with materials needed, pictures of the finished craft, and all patterns. These creative projects to reinforce Bible stories are perfect for Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, and home.

    Game Books

    *The Encyclopedia of Bible Games for Childrenís Ministry by Group Publishing. 175 creative and entertaining games are packed into this 270 page book. The book is broken down into 9 categories: Bible Story Games (75), Jesus IsÖ Games (10) that connect your students to Christ, The Bible IsÖ Games (10) to teach the truths, Holiday Games (10), Wild Ďní Wacky Games (10) to get your students up and moving, Total Silence Games (10), Travel Games (10) to try when you are going from here to there, Icebreaker Games (20), and Group Builder Games (20). Each game specifies the energy level with complete directions, supply list, what to say, and post game discussions. All supplies that are needed for each game are found easily around the home or church. You can also search the indexes by type of game, Bible point or passage, and energy level. A must have in any youth ministry!

    *The Humongous Book of Games For Childrenís Ministry by Karl Bastian. 220 games listed and they are arranged by age (preschool, early elementary, and upper elementary) and by topics such as: Bible stories, cooperation, faith, family, joy, obedience, praising God, sharing, thankfulness, trust, and many others. There is also an Energy Level Index and Scripture Index for all games. Each game includes: topic, scripture, game overview, supplies, preparation, directions, and also provided are several end of game questions to help students connect to real life issues. These activities will help your students remember key topics and Bible stories and as they are playing, they are having fun while they are learning. This is a great resource for Group Night or for a Weekend Retreat.

    *101 Great Games for Infants, Toddlers & Preschoolers. Active, Bible-Based Fun for Christian Education by Jolene L. Roehlkepartain. If you need Bible games and activities for ages 0 Ė 5, look no further. This 166 page book has all the ideas that you need for a fantastic Christian education program. Each game includes a Scripture passage, a teaching point, a supervision tip, materials needed, and game instructions. All games and activities are done with inexpensive materials or things around the house. Many of the activities also include a bonus idea or a bonus tip for how to play the game in a different way. Even if you do not like a certain aspect of the game, you can easily adapt it. There is also a Scripture Index and a Topical Index to provide information on locating games that tie into specific Scriptures and teaching points. There are 51 Old Testament and 50 New Testament games that can go with any Bible story or theme. For your class you can read a Bible story and then play one of the corresponding games from this book. All you need is a coloring/activity sheet and or craft and you have a whole lesson plan! I find that the younger the student, the harder it is to find creative ideas to do with them, but this book has tons of fun activities for the children to do that are educational too! I must to have for any Christian education program!

    *Super Bible Game Book by Linda Standke. A collection of 25 fun and educational Bible games for children from preschool to teens. All games include what you need, what you do, how to play, game boards, game cards, patterns, etc. Games consist of: Ten Talents Game, Bible Word Cube Game, Walk the Plank, Memory Verse Balloon Toss, Bible Ticktacktoe, Pin Jesus' Love in Your Heart, Pin the Star on the Stable, Preschool Spinner Games, Don't Miss the Ark, Bible Password, Books of the Bible Relay, The Prodigal Son Comes Home, Bible Scrabble, "How to Love" Ball Toss, Bible Bowl, Preschool Bible Bingo, The Lost Coin Hide and Seek, Parable Puzzle Game, and Joseph's Coat. These creative games make learning about the Bible fun and exciting. This book is a must for Christian educators. It's perfect for the classroom, group night, retreats, Vacation Bible School, etc.

    Story Books

    *The Usborne Children's Bible by Heather Amery. A collection of 44 favorite Bible stories, all very accurate retellings from Scripture that are easy for children to understand and enjoy. Very colorful and beautiful illustrations.

    Bible Stories that are online:

    Antelop-ebooks.com- Old Testament Bible Stories and New Testament Bible Stories on this site may be read free of charge on-line.

    backdoorbible.org- This site is dedicated to providing thought provoking active Bible lessons that teach important Biblical concepts to children, youth and young adults. It is provided for the purpose of building up the Body of Jesus Christ. The lessons are available to download and are offered free of charge. In addition to Bible Lessons there is a series of children's stories, a few articles for starting discussions, and a few poems. A new series of mini drama's is under development.

    biblicalstudies.qldwide.net.au- Children's Stories from God's Amazing Book. Old and New Testament with coloring pages.

    bible-stories.org- Free illustrated and animated Bible Stories for kids of all ages are placed in a different categories, so your search could be easier. All the Stories are based on the King's James Bible. They are richly illustrated and include Bible verses. The Bible Study section includes illustrated Psalms as well as Bible Lessons. The Printable Bible Coloring Pages are pictures that illustrate Bible verses.

    Children's Ministries Archive of "For Kids Only (FKO)"- Tons of lessons with stories, discussions, crafts, activities, puzzles, coloring pages, etc. Excellent ideas!

    drewsanimals.com- eBooks, Online KJV Bible, and Printable Childrenís Bible Stories, etc.

    essex1.com- Old and New Testament Stories.

    gardenofpraise.com- Bible lessons with story, memory verse, questions, tests, etc.

    Jesusandkidz.com- God's Word for today's children, including Bible Stories, coloring pages and questions, and appearances by Chris the Christian Dog.

    Jesusanswers.com- The Bible stories section is designed to help your children better understand the Bible. Bible stories for children are written in simple language, short and contain colorful illustrations.

    Kidsclub4jesus.com- "Walking with Jesus", a 60 lesson chronological study of the life of Jesus, with Bible story, Pictures, Maps, Coloring Page, Word Search, Crossword Puzzle, Bible Quiz, and much more educational fun.

    misslink.org- Each of these stories contains a retelling of the Bible story, questions to think about (great for introducing the story), a special lesson to remember, a Scripture memory verse, a prayer, where the story can be found in the Bible, and sometimes activities, crafts, and songs to go along with the story. More to come! Your helpful suggestions for resources are welcome!

    OCA.org- The simplified Bible stories available in this section are revised and expanded adaptations inspired by Sophie Koulomzin's original book GOD IS WITH US. Additional stories are being written to make more biblical texts available for children.

    sewhttkr.com.comcast.net- Children's Bible Stories from the Old and New Testament.

    wordofloveforyou.com- Bible lessons, Bible verses, and Bible studies. All of the online children's Bible stories are nicely illustrated or animated. Choose any e-book for your child & request to have it personalized. Most of the books are available here for free, but please respect the copyright rules.

    FREE Downloads of Books:

    Baltimore Catechism No. 1
    Free download or read online.

    Baltimore Catechism No. 2
    Free download or read online.

    Baltimore Catechism No. 3
    Free download or read online.

    Baltimore Catechism No. 4
    Free download or read online.

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