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Saluting Our Military


Club Officers

Leroy Payne
Secretary/Treasurer Web Skipper:
Russ Bergendahl

Members Yachts
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Soling 1 Meter

Russ Bergendahl

Leroy Payne

Ken Greywall

Ray Jolly

Paul Barrett

Jeff Weaver

John Brzys

Al Straub

Club Boat
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Members Other Yachts

Jeff Weaver - Sunfish

Russ Bergendahl - FJ
Leroy Payne - Pea Pod
leroy payne
Leroy Payne - Fairwind

Al Straub - US1M

Al Straub - Pea Pod

Al Straub - Footy

Al Straub - Footy

Al Straub - Queen Mab

Al Straub - El Toro

Al Straub - Mirror

Ken Greywall - Fairwind

Jerry Leonard - IOM

Jerry Leonard - DF65

Phil Semenuk - DF65

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